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SAE 660 Bronze - technical information https://www.metals4u.co.uk/sae-660-bronze.


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SAE 660 Bronze

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SAE 660 Bronze or C93200 as it also commonly known is a high leaded tin/ bearing Bronze.

SAE 660 is one of the most widely used alloys on the Bronze range, mainly due to its versatility as a medium range Bronze
that make it suitable for many applications.

This Bronze has good hardness and strength qualities as well as good wear resistance, it also has excellent machining
properties and antifriction qualities.

SAE 660 will not be subject to dezincification and provides a reasonable amount of resistance to sea water and brine that
make is suitable for pump and valve components but not as must as PB1 Phosphor Bronze.

It is also suitable for application such as bearings as well as bushings that are under medium loads and speed while using
adequate lubrication.

Chemical Composition of SAE 660

CU Pb Sn Ni Zn P
Min 81.0 6.0 6.3 2.0
Max 85.0 8.0 7.5 1.00 4.0 trace

Mechanical Properties of SAE 660

Manufacturing Tensile Yield Strength Elongation Hardness

Process Strength 0.2% % range


Continuous 240 140 10 65


Centrifugal 205 95 15 65

Physical Properties of SAE 660

Thermal Conductivity Specific Heat Thermal Expansion Per Density lb/cu Electrical Conductivity* Modulus of
BTU/ (sq ft-ft-hr-°C) BTU/lb/ºF @ °C from 20°C to 200°C in @ 20°C (Annealed) % IACS @ Elasticity KSI
20°C 20°C
33.6 .09 .000010 .322 12 14,500

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SAE 660 Bronze - technical information https://www.metals4u.co.uk/sae-660-bronze.asp

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