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Faculty of Science

Private Bag 3 Wits, 2050

Tel: 02711 7176006

Reference: Ms Mpumi Mnqapu

E-mail: #Fac-Science-PG@wits.ac.za

Mr T Shahzad 29 June 2018

Room No 8 Student No: 2029408
RT Hostel Outcome Status: 4001
UET Lahore

Dear Mr Shahzad

We are pleased to offer you a place as a student for the Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics) (Full-Time)
in 2018.

This firm offer is subject to you complying with all entry requirements for this qualification as determined
by the School and Faculty. You will be required to submit your research proposal within a specified time
period from your date of enrolment. The periods are: MSc by Dissertation Full-Time : Four Months; Part-
Time : Eight Months. PhD Full-Time : Six Months; Part-Time : Twelve Months.

In terms of the University's admission requirements, students who have pursued academic qualifications
at other Institutions will not be permitted to accept this offer nor enrol/register until the duly certified hard
copies of these have been submitted to the Student Enrolment Centre prior to registration. This firm offer
is thus subject to the University receiving the documentation at or before enrolment.

As a Non-South African citizen, please note that this offer is subject to the following:
• That you obtain a study visa from the Department of Home Affairs valid for Wits University
• That you be in possession of full medical aid cover with a South African based medical aid
scheme for the full calendar, until 31 December of that year
• That prior to registration you pay 75% of the tuition fees and related costs. The balance to be
paid 30 days after registration.
Note that the International Students Office can assist you:

• With information about South African medical aid providers

• With the letter of undertaking required for the study visa application.

Please refer to the website http://www.wits.ac.za/internationalstudents/ for detailed information or contact

the International Students Office via E-mail studysa.international@wits.ac.za or Telephone +27 11 717

In terms of the amended immigration regulations, the University is required to comply with the following:

• Provide the Director-General with proof of your registration within 60 days; or

• Provide the Director-General with a notification of failure to register with 7 days of the closing
date of registration;
• Notify the Director-General that you are no longer registered with our institution with 30 days of
your de-registration;
• Notify the Director-General within 30 days that you have completed your studies or require an
extension to such period of study.
We confirm that you are not taking the place of a South African at the University.

Expected duration of postgraduate study programmes for study visa purposes:

Postgraduate Diploma 1 year

Honours 2 years
Masters 3 years
Doctorate 4 years

All Non-South African citizens must visit the International Students Office prior to registration for a
clearance. For more information the International Students Office can be contacted on email:
studysa.international@wits.ac.za or Tel: +27 11 717 1054.

Note the following:

• Registration details will be forwarded to you at a later stage or are attached. Ensure that you
have photographic identity with you when you come to register.
• You must re-register each subsequent year before 31 January. If you do not re-register by the
end of January, a late registration fee may be imposed.
• This offer is only valid for the 2018 academic year. If you are unable to accept the offer and wish
to reapply for a subsequent academic session, a new application will have to be submitted.
Please confirm your acceptance of this offer by accessing the Self-Service Portal https://self-
service.wits.ac.za as soon as possible. If you do not wish to accept this offer, advise us in writing.

If you require further information concerning your application, please contact Ms Mpumi Mnqapu at
02711 7176006.

We hope this will be the beginning of a happy and productive period of advanced study at Wits.
To view the 2018 Registration information please visit www.wits.ac.za/registration.

Your unique Person Number must be used in all correspondence with the University.

Yours sincerely

Ms René Vosloo
Faculty Registrar
Faculty of Science