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• On Page 61, the Player's Guide says that you cannot use Combos during the Setup
Process. This is incorrect. You can use either exactly 1 Combo or 1 Outfit action.

• The Outfit List is missing a description of Control Mod.


This refers to a modifier, almost always a penalty, to Control Ratings applied to a
character when they are wearing armor or operating Vehicles. Typically, it's a penalty that
represents that it's more difficult to move freely. The penalty applies to all of your Control
Ratings. If you are wearing multiple armors with a Control Mod, they stack.

• The Style List located in several places lists incorrect stats for Kuromaku. They are
correct in the Skill List and in this file.

• The Miracle List located in several places, as well as the Miracle description in the Skill
List document, describes Kuromaku's Miracle «Right Hand» incorrectly. «Right Hand» can
in fact heal you (but only you) of {Death} and {Catatonia} if it's used during the same
scene those happened to you in.

• We've decided to add custom damage rules for Vehicles (by pulling in a rule from the
previous edition of TOKYO N◎VA) in an attempt to better balance the game system. See
Vehicle Houserules at the end of this file.

• Act: A self-contained story in TOKYO N◎VA. • Backstage: A term indicating that a
Sometimes, but not always, corresponds to character is not present in the current
a single game session. Scene.

• Action Rank or AR: A measurement of the • Bad Status: A status afflicting a character
amount of times a character can act during that impairs their ability to act.
a single Cut. Most characters have only 1.
• Base Skill: The most fundamental skill in a
• Action Skill: A Common Skill used primarily Combo. Its SL determines the number of
to attack or defend. It automatically skills the Combo can include.
becomes the Base Skill of Combos.
• Buy Check: A <Stature> Skill Check made
• Address: Someone's location in either the in order to buy an Outfit. Unless
physical or the digital world. Preserved, the Outfit lasts only until the
end of the Act.
• Appearance Check: A Skill Check made in
order to appear in a Scene. Its difficulty • (Buy Rating): An Outfit property used as
depends on the Scene's Security Rating the Difficulty of a Buy Check. Also
and one's carried Outfits. indicates the XP required to Preserve it.

• (Appearance Mod): The effect of an Outfit • Card Value or CV: The value of a playing
on the Result of Appearance Checks made card when used anywhere in TOKYO
to appear in high-security areas. Usually a N◎VA. See the table below.

• Armor Rating: The sum of all Defense CARD CARD VALUE

Ratings of a character's equipped
Armor Outfits. Numbered Card The number of the card

Face Card (J, Q, K) 10

• (Attack Mod): A property of Weapon
Outfits. Determines the Damage Type Ace 11, or set your Result to 21
and the Wound Mod.
Joker Wild Card!
• Attacker: The character that initiated
an Opposed Check (not necessarily an
attack.) • Cast Member: Known as a player character
in other TRPGs.
• Attribute Value: One of four numbers
measuring a character's fundamental • Category: A category of Outfits, such as
physical, mental and social aptitude. They Weapons, Vehicles, etc.
are <♠Reason>, <♣Passion>, <♥Life>
and <♦Mundane>.
• Check: TOKYO N◎VA's decision making • Cut: A subdivision of time during Cut
method, akin to a roll in other TRPGs. In its Progresssion. Often referred to as a round
most basic form, you play a card of a in other TRPGs.
specified suit from your hand.
• Cut Progression: A type of Scene in which
• City Rank: The measure of a character's time and the order of actions are
affluence and privilege in TOKYO N◎VA. measured precisely. Often, but not always,
See the table below. a combat scene.

• Damage Type: An Outfit

Attack Mod) which indi-
Impossible A+ Japanese cates which type of
Special A An elite among elites / Super-rich Armor the Outfit goes
up against.
9+ B+ / C+ Important / Rich
The Damage Types are:
5-8 B/C Upper class
S (Slashing)
0-5 B- / C- An ordinary person P (Piercing)
I (Impact)
Special X A criminal / An illegal resident
X (eXtra)

• Cleanup Process: The Process at the end of • Defender: The target of an Opposed Check
a Cut in which housekeeping is performed (not necessarily an attack.) Unlike most
before the next Cut begins. Checks, ties are a win for them.

• Combat Speed or CS: A measurement of • Defense Rating: An Outfit property

how swiftly a character can act during a indicating the Outfit's defensive abilities
Cut. Akin to initiative in other TRPGs. against various types of attacks.

• Combo: A combination of multiple Skill • Degree of Success or DoS: The margin by

Checks made at once using a single card. which the Difficulty of a Check is beaten.

• Common Skill: A ubiquitous skill possessed • Difficulty: The number which a player's
at at least SL1 by every character. Result must meet or beat to succeed at
the Check. (If an Opposed Check, ties go
• Constant Skill: A Style Skill that is always in to the Defender.)
effect and does not require a Check. It does
not have any associated suits of cards. • Director: The person running the Act.
Known as the Game Master in other
• Control Value: One of four numbers that TRPGs.
measure a character's ability to endure
physical, mental and social trauma. They
correspond to the four Attributes. CASH VALUE CREDITS

• Credit: Digital currency in TOKYO N◎VA. Copper 10,000¥ 0

Players can spend it to boost certain Skill
Silver 100,000¥ 1
Checks. See the table to the right.
Gold 500,000¥ 5
Platinum 1,000,000¥ 10
• Dodge Check: An <Evasion> Skill Check • Info Piece: A piece of information that can
used as a Reaction to a Physical Attack. If be acquired from an Information Gathering
successful, the attack misses. Check. Normally there are several, with
different Difficulties.
• Engagement: A term describing multiple
characters within melee range of each • Initiative Process: The Process following
other. Equivalent to Close Range. the Setup or Main Process in which it is
determined which character takes a Main
• Extra: An NPC with little or no character Process next (or if it's time for the Cleanup
data. Generally of low plot importance Process.)
relative to a Guest.
• Key: The Style that best represents a
• Full-Auto Capable: A property of some character's "true self." It can be the same
Weapons indicating that they can do more as their Persona, but if not, it is not always
damage in exchange for running {Out of immediately apparent to others.
• Knowledge Skill: A skill that is similar to a
• Fumble: A critical failure at a Check; it sets Common Skill in its manner of use, but
the Result to 0. Normally, the only way to represents specialized knowledge that not
Fumble is to draw a face card when making every character possesses.
a Check using a card straight from the
deck. • <♥Life>: The Attribute that measures a
character's physical prowess and stamina.
• Ghost: A character present in a scene in a
form other than their own flesh and blood. • Major Action: The primary Action taken
This may be as a hologram, a robotic during a character's Main Process.
minion, or even a magical apparation. Frequently an attack of some kind.

• Guest: An NPC with all the character data • Mental Attack: A verbal or psychic attack
that Cast Members have. Most enemies in that can do anything from provoking or
combat are Guests. unsettling an enemy to shattering their
mind entirely. Made with <Psychology>,
• (Hack Rating): An Outfit property indicating and at most Short Range by default.
that Outfit's digital security: Used as the
Difficulty of <Cybertech> Checks. • Minor Action: An Action taken during a
character's Main Process typically used to
• (Hide Rating): An Outfit property indicating enhance their Major Action in some way.
the difficulty of concealing an outfit. Used
as the Difficulty of <Perception> Checks. • Miracle: A unique ability possessed by
Also contains the (Appearance Mod). each Style. As their name implies, they are
quite literally miraculous, and can override
• Hindered: The state of having an enemy in all other game rules (and common sense.)
your Engagement attempting to prevent •
you from moving. If you win an <Athletics> Move Action: An Action taken during a
Opposed Check against them, you can character's Main Process typically used to
move anyway. move.

• Information Gathering Check: A Skill Check • <♦Mundane>: The Attribute that

made in order to acquire information. Often measures a character's charisma,
made while Backstage. experience, wealth, and influence on
• On-Stage: The opposite of Backstage. A • Physical Attack: An attack made using the
character present in the current Scene. <Melee> or <Ranged> skills, and usually
a Weapon. The range depends on the
• Operator: The driver or pilot of a Vehicle. Weapon used.

• Opposed Check: A Check in which two • Preservation: The act of spending XP on a

characters, known as the Attacker and the recently acquired Outfit to make it
Defender, each make a Check and compare permanently "yours". If not done, the
their Results. If the Attacker's Result is Outfit is lost forever at the end of the Act.
higher, they succeed at the Check.
• Process: A subdivision of a Cut. The order
• {Out of Ammo}: The status of a Weapon of Processes is strictly outlined; see the
that has been used to make a Full-Auto Cut Progression Flowchart.
Attack. It must be reloaded with a Minor
Action before it can be used to attack • Range Step: An abstract measurement of
again. the distance between two characters. It
applies only to those two characters, and
• Outfit: A physical object, such as a piece of not other characters or any physical
equipment, or an abstract aspect of a landmarks. See the table below.
character such as their status of a Wet. If
lost or damaged, Outfits are automatically
regained between Acts. RANGE STEP DISTANCE

• Parry Check: A <Melee> Skill Check used Close Within 5 meters

as a Reaction to a Physical Attack. If Short 2-20 m.
successful, the attack misses. If failed, the
attack's Wound Rating is reduced by the Medium 15-50 m.
Parry Rating of the Weapon used to Parry.
Long 30-200 m.
• Parry Rating: An Outfit property indicating
Extreme Over 100 meters
how effective the Weapon is at parrying
attacks. If it is " - ", Parry Checks cannot be
made with this Weapon. • Reaction: An optional Action taken by a
character targeted by a Major Action which
• Passenger: Any character riding in a Vehicle turns the Check for it into an Opposed
who is not the Operator. Check. Otherwise, the Difficulty of the
Check typically defaults to one of their
• <♣Passion>: The Attribute that measures Controls.
a character's strength of emotion and
willpower. • <♠Reason>: The Attribute that measures
a character's logic, knowledge, and
• Persona: The Style that a character uses to composure.
represent themselves to society at large.
Immediately apparent to any observer. • Result: The final number used to make a
Check. Typically [Attribute + CV].
• Persuasion: A special type of Mental Attack.
If used, the rating of Mental Wounds • Retreat: To leave a Scene for any reason.
inflicted is at most 10, and if the target
would become {Unconscious}, they are • Scene: A scene in TOKYO N◎VA akin to
instead persuaded of the attacker's one in a book or movie. Usually features
argument. the same characters in the same location.
• Secret Skill: A type of Style Skill. Each • Special Skill: A type of Style Skill. There is
character can have only [Style Level × 2] no limit on how many can be acquired.
Secret Skills from a given Style. Marked
with an † symbol. • Stun Attack: A special type of Physical
Attack. If used, the rating of Physical
• Security Rating: A measurement of a Wounds inflicted is at most 10. Can only
location's security, used to determine the be done with weapons that are Stun
Difficulty of Appearance Checks. See the Attack Capable.
table below.
• Style: A label representing a character's
profession or role in society. Each and
AREA DIFFICULTY OUTFIT MODS every character, even Extras and Troops,
has from 1 to 3 of them.
White 12 ×2
• Style Level: A rank indicating a character's
Green 10 ×1
specializization in a given Style.
Yellow 10 No penalties
• Style Skills: Skills available exclusively to
Red 8 No penalties
each Style. More powerful and more
specialized than Common Skills.
• Setup Process: The Process at the
beginning of each Cut in which characters • Subcategory: A division of Outfits more
take preparatory actions for combat. precise than their Category.

• Speed Factor or SF: An Outfit property • Troops: A type of NPC. Generally, Troops
indicating the number of Range Steps a appear only during combat and are minor
Vehicle can move with a normal Move obstacles who die in large numbers to
Action. make the Cast Members look cool.

• Shadow: A Style possessed by a character • Ultimate Skill: A type of Style Skill. Each
that is secondary to their Persona and Key. character can have only [Style Level ×
The character themselves may not even be 1] Ultimate Skills from a given Style.
aware of it. Marked with an ※ symbol.

• Skill Level or SL: A rank indicating a • Valid: A term indicating that the correct
character's proficiency in a skill. The Max suit of card was played for a Check.
SL of Common and Knowledge Skills is SL4,
while Style Skills specify their own Max SL. • Wet: A person who has not or cannot have
For each SL, all skills (except Constant cyberware implanted, not even an IANUS.
Skills) enable the use of a new suit of cards
in Checks made with them. • Wound: An injury inflicted on a character,
whether physical, mental or social. Some
• Slot: An abstract representation of where have no effect beyond roleplay; others are
an Outfit must be equipped in order to be debilitating and deadly.
used. Generally this does not inherently
impose restrictions on equipping Outfits. • Wound Card: A card played in order to
determine the Wound Rating.
• Social Attack: An attack that targets a
character's reputation. It is made with • Wound Rating: A number which, when
<Intrigue>, cannot be made during Cut looked up on the appropriate Wound
Progression, and does not have a range. Chart, indicates the nature of the injury.
No. Style ♠-♣-♥-♦ Description

0 Kabuki 0/3 - 3/5 - 2/4 - 2/4 Artists, performers and anarchists

1 Vasara 3/5 - 2/5 - 1/3 - 1/3 Magicians who manipulate the physical world

2 Tatara 3/5 - 1/3 - 1/3 - 2/5 Craftsmen, scientists and inventors

3 Mistress 1/4 - 3/5 - 1/2 - 2/5 Supportive figures who inspire their allies

4 Kabuto 2/4 - 1/4 - 3/5 - 1/3 Bodyguards and protectors who shield others

5 Charisma 1/3 - 3/5 - 0/3 - 3/5 Politicians and leaders with silver tongues

6 Mannequin 1/3 - 3/5 - 2/5 - 1/3 Those who rely upon others to survive

7 Kaze 2/5 - 1/3 - 2/4 - 2/4 Couriers, racers and those who love speed

8 Fate 2/5 - 2/5 - 1/3 - 2/3 Detectives who live for the sake of truth

9 Kuromaku 1/3 - 2/5 - 1/3 - 3/5 Criminal masterminds who hide in the shadows

10 Exec 2/5 - 1/3 - 1/3 - 3/5 Corporate executives who work to ensure profit

11 Katana 2/4 - 0/4 - 3/5 - 2/3 Duelists who use melee weapons

12 Kugutsu 3/5 - 0/4 - 3/5 - 1/2 Corporate employees with the loyalty of samurai

13 Kage 3/4 - 0/5 - 2/4 - 2/3 Assassins who strike from the shadows

14 Chakra 2/5 - 2/5 - 3/5 - 0/1 Martial artists who forge their body into weapons

15 Legger 2/4 - 2/4 - 2/4 - 1/4 Gang or criminal organization members

16 Kabutowari 2/4 - 0/4 - 2/3 - 3/5 Snipers, assassins and gunfighters

17 Highlander 2/5 - 2/5 - 0/1 - 3/5 Celestials from the orbital habitats

18 Mayakashi 3/5 - 3/5 - 0/2 - 1/4 Magicians who manipulate the mind and senses

19 Talkie 2/5 - 3/5 - 1/3 - 1/3 Journalists, reporters or news hosts

20 Inu 3/5 - 1/3 - 2/5 - 1/3 Policemen and lawyers who see justice done

21 Neuro 3/5 - 2/5 - 0/1 - 2/5 Genius hackers and masters of cybertech

-1 Hiruko 1/3 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 0/3 Mutants whose bodies are natural weapons

-2 Kurogane 3/5 - 2/4 - 2/4 - 0/3 Sentient machines that can transform

-7 Arashi 3/5 - 0/3 - 1/3 - 3/5 Pilots and drivers of war machines

-9 Kagemusha 2/4 - 3/5 - 2/4 - 0/3 Shapeshifters who defend their master loyally

-18 Ayakashi 0/5 - 1/5 - 3/2 - 3/4 Vampires, werebeasts and creatures of the night
No. Style Miracle Effect

0 Kabuki Chai Cancel the effect of a Miracle, Check or Skill

1 Vasara Catastrophe Destroy a structure, Vehicle, or group of Troops

2 Tatara Timely Instantly create a single Outfit

3 Mistress Fight! Grant 1 extra use of a Miracle to another person

4 Kabuto Invulnerable Cancel a single Physical or Mental Attack

5 Charisma Gospel Inflict any Mental Wound

6 Mannequin Please! Cajole anyone into fulfilling your request

7 Kaze Exodus Escape from any Scene or Attack, or catch up

8 Fate Truth Force anyone to truthfully answer one question

9 Kuromaku Right Hand Heal one Wound taken this scene (Self only)

10 Exec M&A Purchase anything (except other characters)

11 Katana Danse Macabre Inflict any Physical Wound at Close Range

12 Kugutsu Undercover Disguise yourself, or someone/something else

13 Kage Unseen Vanish and take an Action. Target cannot React

14 Chakra Phoenix Heal all Physical or Mental Wounds (inc. Death)

15 Legger Untouchable Heal all Social Wounds, or avoid blame

16 Kabutowari Coup de Grace Inflict any Physical Wound when not Close Range

17 Highlander Nemesis Unleash the terrible secret of space

18 Mayakashi Guardian Neutralize one Attack (against a single target)

19 Talkie Exposure Inflict or heal a Social Wound (GM decides rating)

20 Inu Banish Inflict any Social Wound

21 Neuro Deus Ex Machina Hack the planet

-1 Hiruko Mutation Copy a Miracle that you have seen used this Act

-2 Kurogane Masterpiece Use a Miracle depending on your current Form

-7 Arashi Breakthrough Destroy a structure, Vehicle, or other Outfit

-9 Kagemusha Change Become the target of any Action as a substitute

-18 Ayakashi Disappear Negate a single Wound (Self only) and/or escape
No. Style Keyword Effect

0 Kabuki Beginnings A coincidence leads to new things, whether good or bad.

1 Vasara Willpower New information or a new situation becomes clear. Imagination.

2 Tatara Wisdom The big picture can be seen. Hints of a solution. Inspiration.

3 Mistress Abundance Motherhood. A female Guest aids you. A material favor.

4 Kabuto Protection Fatherhood. A male Guest aids you. A spiritual favor.

5 Charisma Enlightenment Religion intervenes in matters. Authority. Sins are forgiven.

6 Mannequin Love An encounter that feels magical. Emotions bloom unchecked.

7 Kaze Victory Fighting for one's beliefs. Understanding through battle.

8 Fate Justice Cause and effect. Paying one's dues. Retribution occurs at last.

9 Kuromaku The Unknown Someone intervenes from the shadows. Advice from a sage.

10 Exec Fate Fate alters the situation. Chekhov's gun is fired.

11 Katana Strength A battle is fought at a disadvantage. Decisions must be made.

12 Kugutsu Stagnation Unease. Things left undone. A Guest sacrifices themselves.

13 Kage Death An unknown power begins to stir. An assassination attempt.

14 Chakra Harmony Equality and equilibrium. Natural stability. Mutual cooperation.

15 Legger Disaster Sudden misfortune. Distress. A command obeyed reluctantly.

16 Kabutowari Defeat A lost battle. Extreme danger. The very foundations are shaken.

17 Highlander Hope The situation turns in your favor. A hopeless plan succeeds.

18 Mayakashi Illusion A traitor is unmasked. Traps laid by an unknown person.

19 Talkie Prosperity The enemy's true form is exposed. Unexpected allies appear.

20 Inu Judgment Incidents are resolved. Things lost are regained. Resurrection.

21 Neuro Completion Success. You reach your goal. Your achievements are lauded.

-1 Hiruko Progress Something at rest begins to move again. Recklessness.

-2 Kurogane Devotion Help from an unknown place. Respect. Allies are nearby.

-7 Arashi Separation Escape from a dangerous situation. Innovation. Swift decisions.

-9 Kagemusha Suspicion Unjust suspicion. Affected behavior. Jumping at shadows.

-18 Ayakashi Languor Standstill. The trail disappears. Caught in one's own trap.
Knowledge of medicine. Used to heal Physical Wounds. Can also
◇Medicine ♠♧♡♢ identify drugs and their effects, and cure diseases.
Used to make Physical Attacks. Includes maintenance and
□Ranged ♠♧♡♢ repair of ranged weapons such as guns and bows.
Represents the active and passive acuity of all five senses.
Perception ♠♧♡♢ Often used to oppose <Stealth> Skill Checks.
Knowledge of hardware, TRON use, electronic security systems,
◇Cybertech ♠♧♡♢ and how to search for digital information.
Ability to negotiate with others through conversation, from
◇Negotiation ♤♣♡♢ speechmaking to seduction to intimidation.
Knowledge of psychology. Used to make Mental Attacks and
□Psychology ♤♣♡♢ heal Mental Wounds.
Raw willpower and self-control. Used to defend against Mental
□Will ♤♣♡♢ Attacks and magic spells.
Ability to perform athletic feats, and knowledge of how the body
Athletics ♤♧♥♢ functions.
Used to defend against Physical Attacks. Represents one's
□Evasion ♤♧♥♢ innate sense of danger and ability to reach swiftly.
Knowledge of fighting in close quarters. Used to make Physical
□Melee ♤♧♥♢ Attacks.
Mastery of concealment and disguise. Can be used to hide or
Stealth ♤♧♡♦ disguise your presence, or that of anything else.
Represents the trust society has in you. Used to defend against
□◇Stature ♤♧♡♦ Social Attacks and make Buy Checks.
One's ability to manipulate public opinion. Used to make Social
□◇Intrigue ♤♧♡♦ Attacks.

Knowledge of a fine art, such as music, design, photography or illustration.
The type of art can be chosen freely
Knowledge of how to craft items. The type must be a category of Outfit such
◇Craft as "Weapons" or "Tools."
Ability to drive a Vehicle, or operate a TRON. The type must be a category of
Vehicle such as "Ground Vehicle," "Aircraft" or "TRON."
A connection to a person that allows you to ask them for favors or information.
Can be used for Appearance Checks or Information Gathering Checks.
Knowledge of a country, megaplex or stratum of society. Can be used for
◇Society Appearance Checks or Information Gathering Checks.

Super Easy: Doable by anyone 2

Easy: A simple task 7

Normal: Requires some skill 10

Tricky: Impossible for a layman 13
Hard: Difficult even for a pro 16
The Limit of normal human ability 21
Abnormal: Skill alone isn't enough 25
Superhuman: On par with magic 30


{Coma} 20 2 Scenes from now

{Unconscious} 15 This Scene
Other Wound Rating This Scene


Character Upgrades


+1 to an Attribute (to 10 or less) 20 * You can have up to [Style
(to 11 or more) 40 Level × 2] Secret Skills
from each Style.
+1 to a Control Rating (to 10 or less) 20
† You can have up to [Style
(to 11 or more) 40 Level] Ultimate Skills from
+1 to Common Skill SL 10 each Style.
‡ Preserving an Outfit costs
+1 to Knowledge Skill SL 5
XP equal to the number on
+1 to Style Skill SL 10 the right side of its Buy
+1 to †Secret Skill SL 20* Rating.

+1 to ※Ultimate Skill SL 50†

Preserve an Outfit ‡





If every character
has no remaining AR



If Cut Progression continues








Defender succeeds





You take a -5 penalty to Hit Checks that Automatically recovered from

include the target of {BS: Fear}. at the end of your next Main
BS: Fear

You cannot make Reactions. Automatically recovered from

at the beginning of your next
BS: Panic
Main Process.

During the Cleanup Process, draw one Use both a Minor and a Major
Wound Card from the deck. You take a Action.
BS: Poison Physical Wound with a rating of [CV] +
{BS: Poison}'s rating.
You cannot make Checks (unless they Use a Minor Action.
are Self-Control Checks) using cards of
BS: Pressure
the specified suit.

The Director draws a card from the Automatically recovered from

deck. You receive a [CV] penalty to at the end of the Scene.
BS: Weakness your Control Rating in that card's suit.
This effect can stack.
You take a -5 penalty to Hit Checks that Automatically recovered from
do not include the target of {BS: at the end of your next Main
BS: Hatred
Hatred}. Process.

You cannot use Outfits with a Hack Use a Minor Action.

Rating lower than the rating of {BS:
BS: Interference

You cannot make Attacks with the Use a Major Action.

Outfit targeted by {BS: Capture}.
BS: Capture

Your Control Ratings and the Result of Automatically recovered from

all Checks you make both suffer a -2 during the Cleanup Process.
BS: Doped (Minor)

Your Control Ratings and the Result of Replaced by {BS: Doped

all Checks you make both suffer a -5 (Minor)} during the Cleanup
BS: Doped (Major)
penalty. Process.

You cannot take Move Actions and take Use a Minor Action.
a -10 penalty to the Result of Major
BS: Confusion
Rating Wound Type Effect
The blow glances off you harmlessly.
0 No Damage
Ugh, crosshatches!
1 Bruise
There's a lot of blood. Scary, but not serious.
2 Forehead Cut
So much for your pretty face!
3 Facial Wound
Swimming vision, ringing ears, blood in your mouth...
4 Senseless
You won't be able to lay on your back for a while.
5 Back Slashed
You're having trouble breathing. You take {BS: Weakness}.
6 Chest Wound
You take a painful wound to one arm. You're unable to use it until this
7 Arm Wound Wound has been healed.
Your breath's been knocked out. You take {BS: Confusion}.
8 Shock
Your sense of balance is off. You take {BS: Doped (Minor)}.
9 Dazed
Make a <♥Life> Self-Control Check. If you fail, you become
10 Gut Wound {Unconscious}.
Make a <♥Life> Self-Control Check. If successful, you become
11 Heart Stopped {Unconscious}. If you fail, you enter a {Coma}.
You take a painful wound to one leg. You take {BS: Confusion} until this
12 Leg Injury Wound has been healed.
You can't eat or drink. You take {BS: Weakness} until this Wound has
13 Throat Injury been healed.
Your eye has taken a hit. You take a -5 penalty to the Result of
14 Eye Injury <Perception> Checks until this Wound has been healed.
You immediately fall {Unconscious} due to blood loss.
15 Artery Severed
Your brainstem has been crushed. You are {Dead}
16 Neck Snapped
You take a bad hit to your hips. You take {BS: Confusion} until this
17 Hip Injury Wound has been healed.
Your consciousness is wavering. You take {BS: Doped (Major)}.
18 Concussion
Shock has caused all sense to vanish. You take {BS: Pressure}.
19 Shell Shocked
Your spinal nerves have been injured. You fall into a {Coma}.
20 Spine Injury
Head shot! You are {Dead}.
21 or More Head Injury
Rating Wound Type Effect
You merely laugh at the pathetic attempt to unnerve you.
0 or Less No Damage
Your knit your brows in unease.
1 Uncomfortable
You can't help but gasp.
2 Awe
You wince in shock.
3 Shock
You jump a little in surprise.
4 Surprise
Hatred wells up inside you.
5 Anger
You're so surprised you lost your balance. You take {BS: Confusion}.
6 Fallen Over
You break out in a cold sweat. You take {BS: Weakness}.
7 Dread

Fear Make a <♣Passion> Self-Control Check. If you fail, you take {BS: Panic}.
Make a <♣Passion> Self-Control Check. If you fail, you drop whatever is
9 Lost Nerve held in your hands.
Make a <♣Passion> Self-Control Check. If you fail, you become
10 Terror {Unconscious}.
Make a <♣Passion> Self-Control Check. If successful, you become
11 Will Shattered {Unconscious}. If you fail, you enter a {Coma}.
You lose 1 Action Rank. If you are already at 0, there is no effect.
12 Dumbfounded
You can't move. You take {BS: Confusion} and {BS: Panic}.
13 Paralyzed
You are utterly bewildered. You take {BS: Doped (Major)}.
14 Deluded
You've all but gone mad. You take {BS: Panic} until this Wound has been
15 Berserk healed.
Horror freezes you. Forever. You become {Catatonic}.
16 Catatonia
Your Action Rank becomes 0, and if possible, you stop fighting.
17 Lost Marbles
You have panicked. You take {BS: Pressure (♠Reason)}.
18 Panic
You can't feel anything anymore. You take {BS: Pressure (♣Passion)}.
19 Emotions Lost
You fall into a {Coma}. Your nightmare continues.
20 Endless Dream
Your spirit and identity have ceased to be. You become {Catatonic}.
21 or More Spirit Crushed
Rating Wound Type Effect
Someone's talking nonsense about you behind your back? Who cares?
0 or Less No Damage
Nasty rumors are spreading about you.
1 Rumors
Bizarre rumors are spreading, making you uneasy.
2 Strange Rumors
Your personal information has been leaked.
3 Illicit Files
You're being watched, and you know it.
4 Surveillance
Rumors you don't remember the truth of are making the rounds.
5 Sullied Name
During the next Scene, you cannot make <Stature> Checks or spend
6 Lost Confidence Credits.
During the next Scene, you cannot use one <Society> skill (Attacker's
7 Scandal choice.)
During the next Scene, you cannot use one <Contact> skill (Attacker's
8 Lost Trust choice.)
You take a {Mental Wound}. Draw a Wound Card from the deck.
9 Duress
During the next Scene, the Attacker may listen in on any conversations
10 Eavesdropping you have.
You are sentenced to {Erasure}. You no longer officially exist in this city.
11 Exile
You've worried yourself sick. You take {BS: Doped (Minor)}.
12 Fever
You cannot make <Stature> Checks or spend Credits until this Wound
13 Accounts Frozen has been removed.
You cannot use one <Society> skill (Attacker's choice) until this Wound
14 Rebellion has been removed.
You cannot use one <Contact> skill (Attacker's choice) until this Wound
15 Lost Connections has been removed.
You take {BS: Pressure} until this Wound has been removed.
16 Threatened
The Hounds hunted you down. You are in jail and cannot appear in the
17 Arrest Warrant next Scene.
You take {BS: Pressure (♦Mundane)} until this Wound has been
18 Lost Authority removed.
You take a {Physical Wound}. Draw a Wound Card from the deck. The
19 Assassination rating of this Wound cannot be reduced in any way.
Your City Rank changes to X until this Wound has been removed.
20 Lost ID
You are sentenced to {Erasure}. You are fated to disappear into the
21 or More Convicted darkness.
Warning: harsh opinions ahead.

Vehicles are imbalanced in TOKYO N◎VA THE AXLERATION. They're by far the cheapest
source of devastatingly high attack mods and heavy armor. The reason they're so good is
probably because they can be broken by several different Miracles or make it impossible to
succeed at Appearance Checks. But just instantly damaging someone's Vehicle with NPC
Miracles, or effectively banning them from showing up in most scenes with it, is a pretty
unsatisfying way to 'balance' an aspect of the game.

To try and fix this, we've brought over an aspect of the game that was present in the
previous editions of TOKYO N◎VA, but removed in this one (solely to make the game simpler,
we suspect): the Vehicle Damage Chart. If you're in a Vehicle as either the Operator or a
Passenger, when you take a {Physical Wound} (from any source other than a Miracle, like
«Danse Macabre»), you instead look it up on the Vehicle Damage Chart.

You (or rather the Vehicle itself in most cases) then take the Wound listed there. Note
that if you're a Passenger and the Wound would not logically affect you (such as a penalty to
<Operate> Checks). it affects the Operator instead. If they picked you up while you were
being targeted by gunfire, they should've expected their ride to get shot up!
Also note that while the Vehicle's own Armor protects it against this Wound, any other
Armor worn by the character targeted by the {Physical Attack} will not somehow shield the
Vehicle from harm. Likewise, the Vehicle's Armor does not apply to the target of the attack if
the Vehicle Damage Chart makes them take a {Physical Wound}.

In addition, Miracles that can instantly break Vehicles as written in the rulebook—
«Catastrophe», «Nemesis», «Deus Ex Machina», and «Breakthrough»—now have a different
effect. Somewhat like «Exposure», the Director draws two Wound Cards and adds them
together to decide the rating of a Wound on the Vehicle Damage Chart. To prevent instant
wrecks, as is the intent of this system in the first place, each individual Vehicle can only be
targeted by one damaging Miracle per Cut.

{Vehicle Wounds} are healed not by <Medicine> or <Psychology>, but by <Craft:

Vehicle>. This cannot be done by the Operator (except with a Style Skill,) but can be
attempted by a Passenger with an extra +5 to the Difficulty (have you seen the new Mad
Max? Yeah, like that.) Alternately, anyone can attempt it if the Vehicle is not currently being
operated, or if Cut Progression has ended. Effects that remove the {Damaged} status can
instead heal a single other {Vehicle Wound}, aside from ones that cause {Broken}.

In the Healing Difficulty Table, {Unconscious} corresponds to {Damaged}, and

{Coma} to {Broken}. The delay to the latter still applies; a {Broken} vehicle is too badly
wrecked to be repaired in time for the next Scene. Rather than making a <Craft: Vehicle> Skill
Check, you can also make a Buy Check for the Vehicle at half the normal Difficulty to have a
mechanic's shop fix {Damaged} or one other {Vehicle Wound}, or the full Difficulty to
instantly fix {Broken} and all other {Vehicle Wounds} (by replacing it.)

We hope these rules balance Vehicles slightly better while still making them fun to base
your character around!
Rating Wound Type Effect
Ugh, a scrape. And that paint was brand new, too!
0 or Less No Damage
That blow left a small dent in your chassis, but it's harmless.
1 Dent
You're leaking oil, but it won't affect your vehicle's operation anytime
2 Oil Leak soon.
Hope you weren't attached to your side-view mirror or your door handle,
3 Part Damaged because something like that is gone.
That one's gonna be a pricy repair job, but it's still not in any place that
4 Big Dent mattered.
Ouch, you felt that one! You take a {Mental Wound}. Draw a Wound
5 Jolt Card from the deck.
Your engine's rattling. Your Vehicle's SF decreases by -1 (minimum 0)
6 Engine Trouble until the end of your next Main Process.
Your windshield is smashed, or some such. You take a -2 penalty to the
7 View Impaired Result of <Perception> Checks until this Wound has been removed.
If you used any Kaze or Arashi Style Skills during the processing of this
8 Bang Wound, your vehicle becomes {Damaged} from the stress.
Goodbye, driver assistance systems. You take a -2 penalty to the Result
9 Malfunction of <Operate> Checks until this Wound has been removed.
Your engine stalls! Make a <♥Life> Self-Control Check. If you fail, your
10 Stall vehicle becomes {Damaged}.
You're out of gas, or your batteries or power plant were damaged. Your
11 Power Loss vehicle becomes {Damaged}.
Something is very wrong with your engine. Your Vehicle's SF decreases
12 Knocking by -1 (minimum 0) until this Wound has been removed.
Your electronics are on the fritz. Your Vehicle's Hack Rating becomes 0
13 Electric Damage until this Wound has been removed.
You can barely control your vehicle. You take a -5 penalty to the Result of
14 Steering Out <Operate> Checks until this Wound has been removed.
Your vehicle is overheating. If Cut Progression is still active, your vehicle
15 Overheating becomes {Damaged} at the end of your next Main Process.
Your vehicle didn't shield you from that one. You take a {Physical
16 Driver Hurt Wound}. Draw a Wound Card from the deck.
Your spin out. Make a <♥Life> Self-Control Check. If you fail, your
17 Spin vehicle becomes {Broken}.
Your chassis is smashed. All Vehicle Options on your Vehicle become
18 Body Damaged unusable until this Wound has been removed.
Everyone in the vehicle takes a {Physical Wound}. Draw a Wound Card
19 Passengers Hurt from the deck. The rating of this Wound cannot be reduced in any way.
Your engine is done for. Your Vehicle's SF becomes 0 and you cannot
20 Engine Wrecked make <Evasion> Checks in it until this Wound has been removed.
Your ride is nothing but scrap metal anymore. Your vehicle becomes
21 or More Total Wreck {Broken}.

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