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Brunt Hotels Group

Case Study Analysis

Shalini Kaushal
Gurpreet Bhardwaj
Chirag Kanani
Pratik Negi
French initiative from the firm
Overview of the Case

• Brunt Hotels PLC is a national chain of hotels in the UK

• There are currently 60 hotels throughout the UK, including 20 in London

• The organization’s revenue was over £220 million ($440million) last year

• They currently have over 7000 employees

• They have recently acquired a small chain of hotels located in France from
the Bradley Group.

• Half of the new hotels in France will be retained and will be re-branded as
part of Brunt Hotels PLC. The other half of the hotels will be sold.

• The organization has decided that they want to implement an ethnocentric

Major Priorities before entering France [ I-HRM perspective ]

EXPATS manager

 Reporting structures – in France and reporting to base.

 Where are the key decisions made?
 How will their performance be managed?
 How can they be supported and developed?
 Understanding the importance of culture
 Dealing with problems
 How will the HCNs respond to them?

LOCAL Employee’s
• Translating employee communication ( France has a law for written
communication in French) – hiring a bilingual lawyer.
• Giving the local people the feeling that the company is glocal.
• Maintaining and checking the talent pool available.
• Regulations and laws for the employee –HR relation.
Major Priorities before entering France [ I-HRM perspective ] {cntd}
Major challenges

 Recruitment and Selection factors for the workforce ( diversity aspect has to be considered )
 Employee development and Training needs requirement [international Standards & French perspective
 PMS ( standards and procedures to be considered)
 Compensation plans for expats and local employees
 Remuneration and incentive benefits for workforce
 Labor Relations to be considered.

Business expansion in France [ factors from the Soil ]

• France is a member, of EU which requires a written employment contract.

• The standard number of hours worked per month is 151.67 hours, based on a standard working week of 35 hours.

• burden falls upon the employer to declare and remit the relevant sums each month to the URSSAF body for collecting
the other benefits contributions.

• Mode of payment-- Generally, no and his salary must be able to be expressed in Euros.

• The Conseil de Prud’Hommes (from old French meaning Council of the Wise Men) is the specific French jurisdiction
dealing with all Labor Law matter

• CAN employee work in France directly in France with company based outside
but social security, health, retirement and other such contributions would usually be payable in France to the competent
Hiring Strategy

• Majorly concentrating on the hiring dynamic, positive and adaptable individuals

with a keen desire to be part of a fresh and personalized approach towards
Hospitality for a world-class hotel brand
• Combination of PCN & HCN
• PCN required for Key positions (Imbibing the organization culture & values )
• Fluent in French and English ( mandate )
• HCN for lower & middle levels ( Extensive market & cultural knowledge )
• Asking for consultancy services
• Can also use the concept of TEMPING if required.
• duel language efficiency by the employee.
• TCN in France as the targeted work force, ( ex – immigrants and Students)
• head hunting for key positions.
• Hiring interns and hotel graduates

Brunt Hotels Group

Inviting top-notch
Hotel Managers
To work with newly star rated hotel in France

Qualification: Hotel Management degree with ¾ years

experience in international hotels.
JD: Capable of handling domestic & international staff &
customers, handle Accounts, Sales ,HRD and overall
administration of organization.
JS: Excellent communication in French & English with people
management skills

Interested candidates can send their updated resume to

Compensation Package

Going Rate Approach

• Base pay
• Tax equalization
• Goods & Services allowance
• Transition allowance/Relocation allowance
• Perquisites
Selection Process factors

• Cultural Adjustment (Diversity acceptance , Global experience )

• Organization requirements ( Organization Knowledge , job related skills)
• Personal characteristics ( EQ , stress coping )
• Communication skills (Language , listening , conflict resolution )
• Personal concerns ( Career growth , personal life demands , family
considerations )
Selection Procedure

Computer-based tests
Communication-based tests
Role-plays or Simulations which help the candidates to understand the
environment they would be working in – this may help to avoid culture
Group activities
Practical tasks
Training Program
Pre-departure Training(PCN) On-the-job Training(HCN)

Motivation Corporate strategy

Skills/Know how Organization culture

Country-general sensitivity training

Country-specific Basic training on hotel industry

requirements standards ( French context )
Linguistic and cultural training Pre intake training ( HCN )

HCN compatibility and GAP bridging PCN compatibility and GAP bridging
exercise exercise

French policies & procedures ( induction Brunt Hotel Group Policies and employer
training would be must) rules and guidelines for employment (
Laws and regulations Language and organization culture
Expatriate services

• French culture & speaking language

• Social security in France
• Business culture
• Financial services
• Healthcare & medical treatment in France
• Leisure , Entertainment & Sports