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The Malaysian Water Association Quarterly

ISSN: 1675-2392 KDN No. PP 6646/03/2012(030423) Issue No. 24

WM Exclusive Interview with

Mr. Lau Hieng Ung, Director,
Sewerage Services Department

How Far Has Malaysian Water

Academy (MyWA) Progressed?
Water Malaysia
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2 President’s Desk
MWA Council for 2011/2013 Session
En. Ahmad Zahdi Jamil EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW pg 3
Immediate Past President 3 Mr. Lau Hieng Ung, Director,
YBhg. Dato’ Ir. Wan Ngah Wan Ali
Sewerage Services Department
Deputy President
YBhg. Datuk Ir. Abdul Kadir Mohd Din Sarawak
Vice Presidents
En. Sutekno Ahmadbelon
Ir. Syed Mohamed Adnan Mansor Alhabshi 4 Mr. Mohamad Sabari bin Shakeran,
Hon. Secretary General General Manager, Kuching Water Board
En. Mohamad Hairi Basri

Hon. Treasurer General

Ir. Beh Hong Lin
8-10 Transforming the Landscape of

pg 7
Standing Committees Sewerage
Constitution Industry in Malaysia – The Role of R&D
YBhg. Datuk Ir. Abdul Kadir Md Din
En. Mohamad Hairi Basri and Innovations
Ir. Syed Mohamed Adnan Mansor Alhabshi
Government Liaison
En. Sutekno Ahmadbelon 7-9 How Far Has Malaysian Water Academy
Award (MyWA) Progressed?
YBhg. Dato’ Ir. Wan Ngah Wan Ali
En. Mansor Abdul Ghani

Ir. Mohmad Asari Daud WORLD
Prof. Ir. Mohamed Haniffa Abdul Hamid
10-13 Malaysia Loses Half of Its Revenue to
En. Mansor Abdul Ghani NRW in 2010
Young Water Professionals pg 14
YBhg. Prof. Dato’ Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang
En. Shamsul Fahmi Mohamad Padzli 14-18 MWA ACTIVITIES
Sarawak Committee World Water Day 2011,
Ir. Wong Tiong Kai
11 – 12 March 2011
Sabah Committee
Ms. Amy Yew Sze Kiat


YBhg. Dato’ Ir. Zainal Bachik
En. Shamsul Fahmi Mohamad Padzli

YBhg. Dato’ Ir. Lee Miang Koi

Media Relation/Communication
En. Azmi Mahmood
24-28 Koch Membrane to Launch New
Ir. Sanusi Paijan Hollow Fibre UF System
WTP Residual
Ir. Zulkiflee Ab Hamid

Ir. Mohmad Asari Daud

En. Mohamad Hairi Basri

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WaterMalaysia 1
President’s Desk

Dear Readers,

This is our first publication for this year. So, I hope it’s not too late for me to wish you
all a Happy New Year 2012. By the look of things, I’m sure this year will be another
busy one, not only for MWA, but also for the water industry as a whole.

Significant gaps persist in Malaysia in terms of green technology provision

and adoption, and I believe so does in the region. Energy efficiency is one of the
pivotal elements in the transformation of the water sector. New technologies like
energy efficiency motors are being introduced in the industry. Together with the
increase efficiency among the operators, all this efforts should further promote
our green mission. This will not only ensure the continuous existence of precious
water resources and its entire cycle, but also ensure that our future generation will
enjoy the heritage of a healthy earth.

MWA also serves as the support group to the country’s quest for better water
services industry. Due to this reason, with the guidance from The Ministry of
Energy, Green Technology and Water; Malaysian Water Academy (also known
as MyWA) was established in Feb 2010 with its mission to create a centre of
knowledge and excellence for the development of human capital asset and
technology enhancement in the water and wastewater industry.

MyWA have its own separate core functions beyond MWA’s existing functions.
Currently, MyWA are focusing on its several main core functions, which are;
to Identify & Establish Industry Training Needs; Develop Structured Training
Programme; Establish Accreditation & Certification Programme; Implement
Training Programmes; and Continuous Review and upgrading of Training
Programmes & Syllabus.

These are the essentials that should be able to uplift the competency level
of the water industry workforce. Truly the main essentials that will eventually
determine the success level of the current National Water Services Restructuring
Initiative. To find out more about MyWA, just turn to pages 7 – 9, for an in depth

Finally, once again I would like to extend my Happy New Year greetings to all
of you and hoping that you will continue to support us for the betterment of the
water industry.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

2 WaterMalaysia
Exclusive Interview

WM Exclusive Interview with

Mr. Lau Hieng Ung, Director,
Sewerage Services Department Sarawak
Sewerage service in Sarawak used to
be one of the functions of the local
councils in Sarawak. Individual Septic
Tanks have always been the preferred
treatment facility for the residential
houses. Some housing developers have
also constructed small communal septic
tanks and package plants to cater for
their development in the 60’s. These
public sewerage systems were then
handed over to the local councils for
operation and maintenance. However,
this practice has generally ceased in the
Here to tell us more about the
sewerage system in Sarawak is Mr. Ir.
Lau Hieng Ung, Director of the Sewerage
Services Department Sarawak.
We ask Ir. Lau to tell us about the
sewerage systems used in Sarawak. Are
they different from town to town? How
about the rural areas?
Ir.Lau: The existing sewage treatment
facilities in the towns and cities
throughout Sarawak are almost entirely
dependent on Individual Septic Tanks.
Some rural population has Pour-Flush
facility. Only commercial complexes,
major institutions (like schools and
universities) and high-rise buildings
are provided with Imhoff tanks or small
package plants. Grey water, oil and grease
are not collected or treated. Currently,
there are two septic sludge treatment WM: What are the main problems faced in anticipation of the new development.
plants in operation in the State, i.e. in by SSD? How do you overcome them? A new State Sewerage Services
Kuching and Sibu, to treat the sludge Ir.Lau: The main issues faced by the State Department was also set up in 2007 to
collected from the septic tanks. Sewerage Services Department include execute the Ordinance.
the financial, social and institutional The emphasis is on the provision of a
WM: How would you rate the level of matters. Implementation of centralised centralised sewerage system for Kuching
sewerage management in Sarawak sewerage systems is a capital intensive City, the provision of septic sludge
today? undertaking. The public also lacks the treatment facilities, and the formulation
Ir.Lau: The existing system can only general awareness of the effect of poorly of centralised sewerage system master
partially treat the black water. The grey treated sewage on our environment. plans.
water, which can be equally polluting, is There is also a need to build up the local
discharged directly into the environment technical expertise in the construction
without any form of treatment. As the and the operation of sewerage systems.
Ir. Lau Hieng Ung graduated in 1985
population in the urban centres grows, from Auckland University in Civil
the State cannot rely completely on WM: Finally, what are the plans
Engineering. He has served in the
Individual Septic Tanks for sewage undertaken to improve further the
Public Works Department, Kuching
treatment, especially for major cities sewerage systems in Sarawak?
North City Hall and Ministry of
like Kuching, Miri and Sibu. The rivers Ir.Lau: Under the Ninth Malaysia Plan,
Urban Development and Tourism
in these major population centres have the government initiated a systematic
from 1985 to 2007. In July 2007,
shown signs of pollution. The sewerage planning and development of sewerage
he was appointed the Director of
infrastructure in these major towns and infrastructures for the State. The State
the newly formed Sarawak State
cities must be upgraded to the next level, Government enacted the Sewerage
Sewerage Services Department.
i.e. the centralised sewerage system. Systems and Services Ordinance in 2005

WaterMalaysia 3
Exclusive Interview

WM Exclusive Interview with

Mr. Mohamad Sabari bin Shakeran,
General Manager, Kuching Water Board
Ir. Mohamad Sabari graduated in with 21 of them in the Professional and
1986 with a Bachelor of Science(Civil Managerial Group while the rest of 553 are
Engineering) Degree from the Memphis under Support Group.
State University Tennessee,USA. He
obtained his Post Graduate (Environmental WM: What challenges do you have to
Impacts Assessment) Degree at Murdoch face in the distributions of water supply in
University,Western Australia in 2002, and Kuching? How was the water situation like
his Master of Science (Environment) Degree when you first joined the service and what
at Murdoch University, Western Australia in have you achieved so far. Are you happy
2004 with the results?
Mr. Sabari: The high NRW of 32.6% is my
WM: Could you tell us something about immediate concern and I am confident
your background? For example, how that with the available technologies and
long have you been involved in the water established industrial practices, KWB can
industry? reduce the NRW to a manageable level.
Mr. Sabari: I reported for duty with Jabatan About 6 months into my tenure as the
Kerja Raya Sarawak (JKR) as the Assistant GM of KWB, I established two additional
Executive Engineer on 26th May 1987. NRW teams in January this year with the
My first posting was to the Waterworks aim to facilitate the leak reduction. With months.
Section, JKR Kuching Divisional Office as three NRW teams actively involved now, I
the section head-in-charge of the Water am confident in reducing the NRW by 3-4 WM: One final Question. What are your
Supply Authorities in Kuching Division; percent by year-end. future plans in order to upgrade further
during this period, Samarahan Division was the water situations in Kuching?
still part of Kuching Division. WM: What are the projects that you have Mr. Sabari: Amongst the major activities
Over 25 years of working experience in undertaken during your tenure? that will become the road map to the future
JKR Sarawak, some 17 years of my career Mr. Sabari: I managed to witness the development of KWB’s operation is to
are related to the water supply industry practical completion of our 100 MLD embark in the 5 Year Strategic Plans. The
involving with the planning, design, Module 8 in September 2011. I am now main thrust of the strategic plans encompass
project management, water resources embarking on upgrading of our Batu Kitang transformation of organisation structure,
management, and setting up of hydrometric Treatment Plant in meeting the increasing enhance human capital, strengthening
stations, as well as monitoring of water demand from Kuching City, JKR Kuching customer service and promote efficient
resources stationed in Water Supply Branch and Samarahan Division supplied by KWB. operation & maintenance of the water
in JKR Headquarters and divisional office. In meeting the distribution demand of supply system.
The balance of work experiences the greater Kuching and JKR, a total of 7 The activities and outputs derive from
includes managements, supervisions new reservoirs, some with a capacity of 180 this strategic planning will be the roadmap
of projects related to civil works (roads, ML, will be built before 2030. Studies are for KWB performance in heading to the
buildings, bridges) and operation & being conducted now on the construction future. ICT and Asset Management will also
maintenance works of government assets of reservoirs at Demak Laut, 9¾ mile and be another important focus to leverage
in the JKR divisional offices. I was promoted 7th Mile in the near future. the potential high performance of KWB to
to the post of General Manager of Kuching In ensuring our delivery capability, the satisfy the water consumers.
Water Board (KWB) on the 5th August construction of a 1,000 mm. diam. pipe
2011. linking Samajaya Free Industrial Zone Master of Science 2004
and Module 8 is in progress. In addition (Environment)
WM: What is the situation like of the water to that, new pipes will be laid to link 7th Murdoch University,
supply in Kuching under the Kuching Water mile network to 9¾ mile and to Entinggan Western Australia
Board (KWB)? Reservoir in Kota Samarahan.
Post Graduate 2002
Mr. Sabari: KWB is currently producing Despite the availability of raw water
an average of 430 MLD of drinking water resource, concern on the sustainability of its Impacts Assessment)
to a supply area of 730sq km and serving a supply requires strategic attention. At times, Murdoch University,
population of about 680,000. The metered the current safe yield of Sungai Sarawak Kiri Western Australia
consumption is at 290 MLD and thus, the is subjected to raw water shortage during
resultant NRW is about 32.6%. The number the prolonged dry spell. The initiative by Bachelor of Science 1986
of services in 2011 totals 147,147 that the State Government to build Bengoh dam (Civil Engineering)
expand across the industry, commercial and solely for the purpose of raw water storage Memphis State
University, Tennessee,
domestic consumers. could eventually reduce the potential risk
KWB is managed by a total of 574 staff of raw water shortage during incoming dry

4 WaterMalaysia
Special Feature

Transforming the Landscape of Sewerage

Industry in Malaysia
– The Role of R&D and Innovations
T he sewerage industry in Malaysia has
evolved at a rapid pace over the last
2 decades. The sewage treatment trend
ing equipment and products).
Hence, the primary objective of the
R&D is to provide knowledge that en-
optimisation of sewage treatment per-
formance and sewage sludge treatment,
recovery and reuse of sewage waste by
has changed from basic system such as sures reliable, consistent, satisfactory, products; energy saving and genera-
septic tanks in the 60’s to mechanised affordable and efficient sewerage serv- tion of renewable energy from sewage;
treatment plants during the present ices to enhance quality of life and to con- improvised sewage collection system;
days. tribute to economic growth and improve environmental management and socio-
This evolution has taken place largely public health status of the community economic demands.
due to stakeholders’ demand for cleaner and country.
and safer environment for the public In line with this, the secondary objec- Paradigm Shift
as well as an increased awareness for tives are to develop appropriate meth- “The key thrust of the R&D should trig-
sustainable future. Ever since then, the ods, approaches and technologies for ger a paradigm shift in the sewerage
sewerage industry, has been facing cus- improving the management of sewerage industry from the Victorian technology
tomer and regulatory requirement that services; provide appropriate, innovative that utilises large resources, land areas,
are increasingly more stringent as civil and practical solutions for management materials and resources with little em-
society becomes more sophisticated and of sewerage services; develop applica- phasis on resource recovery to the ap-
demand for a healthier environment to tions for improved treatment of sewage plication of emerging technologies such
live in. and sludge and improved processes for as Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and
Besides, the sewerage industry also enabling increased reuse thereof; and Green Technology. Additionally prin-
needs to keep abreast with the general improve health, economic and environ- ciples of social science and economics
environmental issues that may arise di- mental conditions while supporting the shall be applied across in the research
rectly or indirectly from its day to day development of appropriate technolo- activities so that practical and cost ef-
activities. This includes river pollution, gies and socially focused management fective solutions are identified through
waste management problems, sewage practices related to sewerage manage- the research,” says Ir. Hj. Haniffa Hamid,
flooding, water borne diseases, soil con- ment. General Manager, (Planning & Engineer-
tamination, groundwater contamination, In order to be focused and struc- ing), Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd
global warming and climate change. tured in undertaking R&D to meet the (IWK).
Additionally, it’s important to note requirement for the sewerage sector, “IWK had undertaken and facilitated
that Malaysia needs its own set of basic it is imperative that key areas for R&D more than 100 local R&D projects focus-
data, know-how and resources for effi- activities are identified. This includes ing on operational efficiencies which
cient and effective sewerage manage-
ment as the weather, climate, ambient
condition, the normal microflora and
microfauna as well as the diet and eat-
ing habits of its people differ from that
of other countries from where the sew-
erage technologies are sourced and used
in Malaysia.

Research & Development

Within this context, research and de-
velopment (R&D) including new inno-
vations is much needed in Malaysia to
improve sewage treatment capabilities
and thus enhance environmental health
of our water resources whilst contribut-
ing towards sustainable development.
Apart from sewage treatment, re-
search is also needed for the improve-
ment of the collection systems (e.g. use
of local in-pipe treatment and effective
microorganisms; use of fibre optics and
trench sharing technology; new genera-
tion of efficient pumping systems includ-

WaterMalaysia 5
Special Feature

Massive untapped potentials exist in the

sewerage sector that can be harvested
and recovered with R&D and innovations
for the benefits of the nation,
says Ir. Haniffa, General Manager, Planning &
Engineering, IWK

were initiated as a structured R&D pro- Realisation of Research Findings pertaining to collaborations and funding
gramme in collaboration with local uni- The challenge ahead is to ensure that to support pilot and demonstration scale
versities and public research institutions. the R&D initiatives for the sewerage sec- of the completed bench and experimental
The R&D programme encompasses a tor leads to realisation of research find- field studies, rights to intellectual prop-
spectrum of research initiatives ranging ings to field applications for efficiency erty, patenting and commercialisation of
from sewage treatment design, process improvement, cost savings and/or po- research outputs as well as development
optimisation, reuse of treated wastewa- tential revenue stream; environmentally of local talents and experts in this sector.
ter, bioconversion of sewage sludge and sustainable services and increase stock “A well-planned and coordinated as
biosolids applications,” adds Ir. Haniffa. of knowledge and information that could well as holistically managed R&D pro-
reduce the gaps of uncertainties in sew- gramme for the sewerage sector will
Waste By-Products erage management in Malaysia. represent a major paradigm shift in the
“We had some significant research find- “To execute this, industry players like outlook, the efficiency and effectiveness
ings which today had led IWK to explore IWK and similar organisations could con- of sewerage management in Malaysia.
on reuse of its waste by-products from centrate on applied research activities It is envisaged that the future sew-
sewage treatment. One of the studies that will provide practical solutions for age treatment and collection systems
showed that the final effluent that is dis- immediate operational uptake and com- would be community and neighborhood
charged to water courses could be further mercialisation. friendlier; the plant is compact and hence
purified and reused as treated water for The Universities should be encour- smaller in foot print; utilises lesser ener-
industrial and landscaping applications. aged to undertake the fundamental gy, produces lesser sludge and discharge
Whereas, the sewage sludge or bet- research activities on sewerage in a no waste to the environment (whereby
ter known as biosolids could be directly structured manner. For this, constant the waste by-products are recovered for
used as soil conditioner or composted communications and dialogue need to be beneficial purposes), hence smaller in
into fertiliser for plant applications. For maintained between the sewerage play- carbon footprint; uses well tested and
example, IWK’s research showed that the ers and the universities. proven local technologies, equipment
application of biosolids can accelerate This allows the universities to better and products so as standard model sew-
the growth of rubber trees and hence the understand and appreciate the practical age treatment plants can be built inex-
faster availability of timber tree products issues and explores the resolutions from pensively and speedily; it operates on
without affecting the quality and quan- the fundamental research perspective. In intelligent system modes that can be
tity of latex. this respect, we encourage Universities, remotely operated without causing nui-
Another research finding showed the public research institutions and the ben- sance to the public and not affecting the
sewage sludge can be treated and con- eficiaries with innovative financing mech- environmental quality,” Ir. Haniffa envi-
verted by virtue of biotechnological ap- anisms such as Private Finance Initiative sions.
proach using microbes such as fungi to (PFI) to implement the R&D projects, to
produce a stable end product that could communicate with IWK to jointly develop High Income Nation
be beneficially used as a raw material for local expertise in the areas of sewage The R&D in sewerage industry in Malay-
composting. treatment technology, energy efficiency, sia will open up to vast opportunities for
Biotechnology methods known as collection systems, sludge management, all Malaysians to capitalise and benefit
vermicomposting were tested in their re- resource recovery, and materials engi- in many ways to achieve sustainable de-
search using worms to convert biosolids neering,” emphasised Ir. Haniffa. velopment. Whilst achieving the ultimate
to fertiliser. Another study showed that goal, it is also hoped that the stakehold-
the biogas generated from the anaero- Collaboration & Funding ers would take full advantage of this to
bic digestion of sewage sludge contains The receptiveness towards uptake of the further explore on the resources in the
more than 60% methane concentration R&D findings needs to be improved with industry to value-add it into potential
which means generation of electric- an established network of industry, gov- downstream businesses whilst leading
ity from sewage is possible,” explains Ir. ernmental and academic organisations Malaysia into a high income nation by
Haniffa. that amongst others to address matters 2020.

6 WaterMalaysia
Educational & Training

How Far Has Malaysian Water Academy

(MyWA) Progressed?
The Malaysian Water Academy Abas bin Mohamad Noordin, Ir Jayawant hub for all stake holders of the water and
(MyWA), Malaysia’s first water s/o Vithal, Ir Teo Chee Kong, Ir Chiang wastewater industry:
academy was established during the Heng, Ir Koh Kah Hock, Prof Dr. Azni bin • To provide institutional support for
Opening Ceremony of Asia Water Idris and Madam Rohana Kamaruddin. government initiatives towards the
development of quality workforce for
Exhibition 2010 held at the Kuala
Q: How long after did the project take off? increasing the global competitiveness
Lumpur Convention Centre on April AZJ: MWA wrote a proposal paper to the and liberalisation of the water industry;
7, 2010. Ministry of Energy, Green Technology • To provide integrated and accredited
After more than a year in and Water (KeTTHA) on two occasions. education and training for all stakeholders
existence, we ask Tuan Haji Ahmad The 2009/2011 Council Members then across the public and private divide of
Zahdi Jamil, the present President of took it as a task in MWA portfolio and as the water and wastewater sector;
Malaysian Water Association (MWA), KPI to be delivered. It was then charted • To provide strategic platform for
on the progress of the academy so out as one of the establishments for collaborative research and innovations
far? But before that let us find out the Malaysian water Road Map in the between academia and industry, local
Kementerian Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau and foreign experts.
how the whole idea got started.
dan Air (KeTTHA).
The Academy, now known as MyWA, The core functions and scope of MyWA
Q: In the first place who mooted the
was registered with the Malaysian are as follows:
idea to form this academy and who were
Registrar of Companies (R.O.C) by MWA 1. Identify & Establish Industry Training
in February 2010. And finally in Apr 2010 Needs:
AZJ: It was mooted during one of the
it was officially launched by the Minister a. Integrated approach, training needs
(MWA) Council Meetings in 2005, and
of Energy, Green Technology and Water, to be identified across industry value
all the Council Members were involved.
Dato’ Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui on 7 April chain i.e. collection/abstraction,
They included:
2010, during Asia Water Conference 2010 treatment, disposal/supply &
The President: Dato’ Syed Muhammad at KLCC. distribution as well as across segments
Shahabuddin. During the launching, MWA has of services i.e. Management, Planning
signed four MoUs with four major & Design; Construction, Operations
Immediate Past President: Tan Sri Ir Haji partners of MyWA (PBA, IWK, SAJ, and & Maintenance; Instrumentations &
Omar bin Ibrahim UTM) in promoting the capacity building Equipment Manufacturers;
for the water and wastewater industry. 2.Develop Structured Training Programme:
DP: Dato’ Ir Hj Wan Ngah bin Wan Ali More MoUs will be signed with other Training programme will fall under two
organisations for the same purpose. broad scopes – Water & Wastewater,
VPs: Ir Mohd Ridhuan bin Ismail and Prof whereby courses will fall under two
Dr. Zaini bin Ujang Q: Can you elaborate further about the categories: a) certification courses for
project? competency; and b) non-certification
HSG: Ir Lee Koon Yew AZJ: Our vision is to promote MyWA to courses for knowledge development;
be a renowned and recognised institution 3. Accreditation & Certification
HTG: Dato’ Ir Teo Chok Boo, and in water and wastewater and our mission Programme:-
is to create a centre of knowledge and – Establish framework for Accreditation
Council Members: Dato’ Ir Mohd excellence for the development of human of Training Providers and Certification
Yusof, Dato’ Ir Low Kee Yang, Ir Mohamed capital asset and technology enhancement of Workforce as competent & qualified
Haniffa Abdul Hamid, Ir Sanusi Paijan, Ir in the water and wastewater industry. persons for respective job tasks.
Mohmad Asari Daud, Ir Zainal Bachik, Ir We aim to establish capacity building – Technical Committee to be set up and

WaterMalaysia 7
Educational & Training


comprise of leaders and technical experts • Develop structured R&D themes and
from industry academia and regulators. 4. Implement Training Programmes - focus areas for water and wastewater
– Training Programme to be based on MyWA will manage and organise all sector.
National Occupational Skill Standards aspects of training implementation • Review and establish R&D priority topics.
(NOSS) advocated by Department of Skills such as training courses programme • Identify & set up criteria for screening and
Development (DSD), Malaysian Ministry schedules, trainers, venues, registration awarding R&D projects.
of Human Resources (PSMB). Currently & certification • Plan and review R&D and Innovation
the Penang Water Services Academy has budget for water and wastewater sector.
developed NOSS that was approved by 5. Continuous Review and upgrading 7. Young Water Professional Network:
DSD and can be incorporated into Water of Training Programmes & Syllabus • MyWA will be a place for mentoring and
Academy training programme. -MyWA’s Technical Committee building up young professional (aged
– Other key agencies for endorsement of comprising of industry and academia 18-35) as leaders for the future of the
the structured training programme are experts shall carry out periodical review. industry.
: Malaysian Water Services Commission • Activities for networking will range from
(SPAN); Environmental Institute of 6. R&D Platform: conferences to setting up of Malaysian
Malaysia, Department of Environment • Establish smart partnerships with Water Engineering Relief Squad for
(EiMAS); and Construction Industry leading research institutions for water disaster zones.
Development Board (CIDB). and wastewater. • Currently the Pro-Temp Engineering

8 WaterMalaysia
Educational & Training


• Development • Integration of the • Smart Partnership • Capacity Building

of MyWA in- Satellite Training with Leading R& D Regional Hub
house Training Centres Centre for Developing
Programmes • Register • MyWA Expands to Countries
• Establishment • Development with Jabatan Other States
of MyWA of Certification Pembangunan
• Register with & Accredited Kemahiran
ROC Programme • Establishment of
• MOU with • MOU with Other Resource Centre
Major Training Training Providers
Providers • Retired Professional
• VWP Club
Establishment • Engineers Relief

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Road Map

Relief Squad is already in place. Q: After more than a year, what is the DOE has agreed to certify our Wastewater
8. Senior Professional Club (SPC) - progress like, so far? Treatmant Course. Finally, we negotiated
• MyWA will set up a club for SPC to get AZJ: Last year we signed four MoUs with with seven new training providers to
together and continue to contribute ideas four major training providers: SAJ, PBA, partner with MyWA.
and experience to the industry IWK and UTM. We also renovated new
9. Knowledge Development Hub: training rooms at the ground floor of Q: About the academy itself, what is the
• MyWA will establish a repository of MWA office with four satellite training strength of the staff?
the water & wastewater industry best facilities. We shared information on MyWA AZJ: Staff of MyWA: Executive Director & 3
practices and know-how from across the internationally at: TWAS Workshop, staff and trainers all over the country from
region. Beijing; Manila WOPs and DEWATS, collaboration with training academy.
• Serves as a platform for developing Indonesia.
knowledge based workforce. This year SPAN endorsed MyWA Q: How and who are eligible to participate?
• Activities for cultivating innovative training programme and KeTTHA is AZJ: The Academy is for all stakeholders
mindset and culture in the workforce. represented in MyWA BoD. Also this year of water & wastewater industry.
• Regional Network center/base for we organised three workshops on Water Stakeholders are from the General Public
industry experts to exchange innovate Treatment Plant Works among technical & NGOs, Regulators, Academia & Research
ideas. committee. We are also proud to say that Institutions and Industry.

WaterMalaysia 9
News from Around the World

Malaysia loses half of its revenue to NRW in 2010

A study has revealed that Malaysia’s
water industry lost nearly half of its
total revenue of RM4 billion (US$1.32
The study, which was based on
statistics released by the Malaysia Water
“Key Performance Indicators must
also be set for officers in SPAN and the
Energy, Green Technology and Water
billion) or RM1.7 billion – to nonrevenue Industry Guide last year, showed that Ministry must ensure that such an action
water (NRW) in 2010. the volume of treated water lost had plan is prepared by middle of this year.
The Association of Water and Energy increased by 3.5% in 2010. “There is no point of having central
Research Malaysia (AWER), which After Selangor, the states that agencies that pass this work to water
conducted the study, said the state of recorded the highest volume of losses operators and wait for results without
Selangor recorded the highest volume of were Pahang and Sabah. proper planning,” he said.
NRW, losing nearly RM600 million in just Citing poor planning and regulation According to Mr Piarapakaran, the action
one year. by authorities, including the National plan should include detailed targets for
The industry is believed to have Water Services Commission (SPAN), Mr each state within a specified timeframe
lost almost RM5 billion due to NRW Piarapakaran urged for a National NRW and be made available to the public.
between 2008 and 2010, according to a Reduction Action Plan to be put into “Malaysia needs to learn to manage
statement made by AWER President S place immediately. NRW holistically,” he said.

Thailand to invest billions in water management

T hailand will invest at least 150 billion
baht (US$4.87 billion) in water
management infrastructure programmes
decree authorises the government to
borrow up to 500 billion baht through to
June 2013 to cover water management
The floods heavily disrupted
manufacturing activities in Ayutthaya,
Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi provinces,
over the next year, according to deputy and infrastructure investments. as well as Bangkok, affecting supply
premier Kittiratt Na-Ranong, as reported Another decree calls for the creation chains at a global level for companies
in the Bangkok Post. A total of more than of a 50-billion-baht insurance fund to such as Western Digital, Canon, Toshiba
350 billion baht would be invested in help provide flood insurance coverage to and Honda.
water management programmes. households and companies. But Mr Kittiratt said business
Infrastructure improvements for the Flood insurance has become highly activity and confidence should recover
Chao Phraya River and eight subsidiary expensive or even unavailable after last quickly, given the steps planned by the
river basins would cost 300 billion baht, year’s floods. The new fund is aimed at government to mitigate the impact of
with the remaining 50 billion earmarked helping local insurers continue coverage future floods.
for 17 other river basins across the by sharing in potential risks. In addition to the decrees authorising
country. Thailand suffered the worst flooding new loans and establishing a flood
An emergency decree to help in over seven decades last year, with more insurance fund, a third will set up a low-
finance the infrastructure investments than a third of the country inundated and interest loan programme to support
has recently taken effect following economic losses estimated at well over 1 rebuilding by flood-affected companies
publication in the Royal Gazette. The trillion baht. and households.

Liaoning tries to save its groundwater

N ortheast China’s Liaoning province
is poised to implement the most
stringent regulations in its history
underground water is greater than
most Chinese provinces. Its annual
extraction of groundwater has reached
various levels will be held accountable.
Ma Jun, director of the Institute of
Public and Environmental Affairs, a non-
to address the over-exploitation of 6.74 billion cubic metres. The rapid governmental organisation is quoted
groundwater, according to a China Daily depletion of groundwater has caused to have said:”Local governments are
report. severe consequences, including saltwater asked to reduce water consumption and
Liaoning provincial government intrusion and sinkholes. simultaneously develop their economies
has announced that it will strengthen Take Dalian, a port city in the without further depleting the groundwater
administration of groundwater use. province, for example. Overuse of water table. This is very challenging,”
These regulations are mainly focused on has caused saltwater to intrude into The economic development of
limiting the total use of groundwater and local groundwater, which has led to Liaoning largely depends on heavy
increasing water-use efficiency. contamination of drinking water. Experts industries, including iron and steel
By 2015, the province will shut have yet to find a solution. smelters and oil production plants, which
down all of the region’s underground Liaoning is not the only place in China are top consumers of groundwater.
water projects except for those used in that suffers from groundwater over- Experts suggest that follow-up work
emergencies, according to a plan made exploitation. Early this January, China needs to be carried out to make the
by local authorities. A total of nearly 3,800 Geological Environmental Monitoring proposed measures more effective.
existing projects will be closed, which will Institute published a report saying Economics professor Shao Jianbing of
prevent the extraction of more than 1.2 groundwater over-exploitation and the Liaoning University is quoted to have said:
billion cubic metres of groundwater in subsequent decay are mainly responsible “We cannot sacrifice the environment for
the following years. for geological dangers in eastern and money. But the government should do
Official data shows that Liaoning central China. more work to help industries to adapt
has had a shortage of water supply But experts argue that enforcing these to the change rather than imposing rigid
for long and its annual extraction of measures is rather hard, though leaders at regulations.”

10 WaterMalaysia
News from Around the World

Malaysia to help Bangladesh in improving water supply

T he Malaysian government is
reportedly set to provide finance
to Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage
would help a lot in meeting the day-to-
day demand for water of the 12.5 million
people in the city.
meet water demand of the inhabitants
of city’s Mirpur area.
A seven-member high-power
Authority (WASA) with a view to The total water production of delegation, led by special envoy of
enhancing its production capacity. A Dhaka WASA is reported to be 2,100 Malaysian government, Dato Seri S
memorandum of understanding (MoU) million litre per day. Under the MOU, Samy Vellu, called on state minister for
to this effect was signed between the Malaysian government will invest local government and rural development
Bangladesh and Malaysian governments US$35 million for the Dhalasna-Jamirta and cooperatives Jahangir Kabir Nanak
in Dhaka in January 2012. project of Dhaka WASA to produce 150 at the latter’s office at Bangladesh
WASA officials said the support million litre of water, which will help to Secretariat.

Dutch expertise for the Mekong Delta Plan

T he Dutch government has awarded
a contract for the provision of
consultancy services for the Mekong Delta
agriculture, urban development and
industrialisation are moreover competing
for the available space.
Together with Cees Veerman, former
members of the Dutch Delta Committee
2008 and Vietnamese working parties, the
Plan in Vietnam to a consortium headed The Viet Nam - Netherlands Strategic consortium will help to shape the Delta
by consultancy and engineering firm Partnership Arrangement on climate Plan process. The consortium will advise
DHV. Other members of the consortium adaptation and water management on the water system, land usage, scenario
include Royal Haskoning, Wageningen provides for cooperation between the development and water governance. The
University & Research Centre, Deltares, Netherlands and Vietnam in developing consortium will also advise on the process
RebelGroup and UNESCO-IHE. the Mekong Delta Plan. of developing a Delta Plan.
With its 17 million inhabitants, the Professor Cees Veerman and other Winfried Pietersen, DHV project
Mekong Delta is one of the world’s most former members of the Dutch Delta director, said: “The most important thing
densely-populated regions. It is also one Committee 2008 are directly advising is for the Vietnamese to be able to use our
of Vietnam’s most productive agricultural Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen knowledge and experience to develop a
areas. However, the Mekong Delta is Tan Dung and the Vietnamese project clear long-term vision that will truly set
increasingly being confronted with the organisation established to develop the a course for sustainably developing the
effects of climate change. Mekong Delta Plan. valuable Mekong Delta.”
The sustainable development and The purpose of the Delta Plan is to The project is part of ‘The Netherlands
conservation of the Mekong Delta requires create a strategic long-term vision (2100) Global Water Programme’, a Dutch
an integral approach that addresses for the Mekong Delta, to set out a long- government umbrella programme for
issues as serious flooding, salinisation term Delta Programme with a range of making global water efforts from the
of agricultural land, temporary drought, short-term measures (2015-2025) and Netherlands, dedicated to cooperation
insufficient irrigation capacity and the to strengthen water governance for the of the Dutch water industry in delta
threat to valuable ecosystems. Intensive delta. countries like Vietnam.

India, Pakistan urged to hold talks ‘with an open mind’

K arachi
India and Pakistan can prosper if they
agree to talk to each other with an open
researcher is a lecturer at the University of
The second paper was presented by
Samar Hasan, senior planning associate
at the Habib University Foundation,
presented a paper on the ‘South Korean
mind. Muhammad Asif, economist at the Social Model: A comparison between Bangladesh
This observation was made by Policy and Development Centre, on Foreign and Pakistan’.
Najmuddin Sheikh, former foreign Development Investment in Indonesia. Discussing the Korean model she
secretary, at a workshop held at the Area He explained how over the years put forward the theory of modernisation
Study Centre for Europe (ACSE), Karachi Indonesia opened its markets for foreign thought, which says a democracy can only
University, on Saturday March 17, 2012. investment focusing mainly on paper, flourish after development and economic
“After Indonesia and Malaysia resolved chemical and pharmaceutical industry, stability is brought in a society. “Korea was
their water disputes, no two countries in the and this was possible because of a stable not a democracy till the 70s, and even then
region were more cooperative than them,” political atmosphere. it maintained a GDP growth of 10 percent
said Sheikh. Comparing the two countries, every year.”
He added that worse disputes than Najmuddin Sheikh shared that with a She called democracy in Bangladesh
Kashmir had been resolved in the world. literacy rate of 93.5 percent the population and Pakistan “the same story”, and the two
“We had Germany, France and Britain which growth in Malaysia is 1.7 percent, while models a hybrid democracy — a transitional
were able to resolve their border disputes in Indonesia the population growth is 1.1 phase “where the new and old institutions
and lead the world.” percent with a literacy rate of 90.4 percent. co-exist”.
A discussion was held on a comparison “However, in Pakistan the literacy rate The last paper was presented by Bilal
between the success stories in Southeast is 56 percent with a population growth of 2 Ahmed, a senior economist at Piler, on
Asia and the Far East and the struggling percent. Every year we will have five million local government in Karachi and Shanghai.
politics of South Asia. Four papers were people who will reach the employment The Chinese city, according to him, has
presented, the first by Ghulam Murtaza age. Our youth bulge is a bomb, and not a benefited greatly from its 17 county
Khosa on the Malaysian model. The good one.” divisions with 16 districts in one county.

WaterMalaysia 11
News from Around the World

Coca-Cola Malaysia and the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

are calling on secondary school students to step up and make a
difference this World Water Day.
T he students are being urged to get
their peers to participate in the annual
“Water Vision” contest, which challenges
environmentalists include cash and
gadgets such as iPod Touch/iPad2.
The top three teams will also be invited
water in their school or community.
This year’s theme is “The Best Practices
on Water Conservation in your School or
them to identify and resolve a water to attend a special 3-day, 2-night at the Community”.
conservation issue. MNS Environmental Interpretive Center Entries must address the problems
The competition is designed to foster in Sepang where they will learn about the faced by the local community or school,
a sense of water stewardship among importance of mangrove forest ecology, together with a practical solution.
youths. which is crucial to our ecosystem. All entries must be submitted to MNS
The winning team will receive a “Water Vision” is open to secondary by July 20.
rainwater harvesting system for their schools nationwide through MNS’ Kelab For details, students and teachers can
school as the grand prize. It will help Pencinta Alam. visit www.mns.my or search for “Water
them to save hundreds of ringgit, while Students are required to work in teams Vision” on Facebook, or contact the
conserving clean water resources. of four to submit a 15-minute multimedia Environmental Education Department at
Prizes which await the young presentation on how they can conserve 03-2287 9422.

India’s new water policy draft calls for a shift in the role of the state
T he Indian government on January
31 released a draft National Water
Policy, 2012 which recommends a gradual
development of a system to evolve
benchmarks for water uses for different
purposes, such as water footprints and
wasteful use of both electricity and water.
The proposal is expected to face some
opposition as several state governments
shift in the role of the state from a service water auditing in order to ensure efficient have been providing almost free electricity
provider to that of a regulator of services use of water. Project financing has been to farmers, a move that has resulted in
and facilitator for strengthening the suggested as a tool to incentivise efficient overdrafts of groundwater across several
institutions responsible for planning, and economic use of water. regions.
implementation and management of It also provides for setting up of Water The draft policy also recognises
water resources. Regulatory Authority and adequate water encroachment and diversion of water
It calls for the water related services pricing to incentivise recycle and re-use. bodies and emphasises the need for their
to be transferred to community and/or The draft policy presents a holistic restoration with community participation.
private sector with appropriate PPP or picture of ecological need of the river It has proposed setting aside a suitable
Public-Private-Partnership model. rather than restricting it to only minimum percentage of the costs of infrastructure
The policy calls for a broad, over- flow requirement. It states that the development, which along with collected
arching national legal framework on water ecological needs of the river should be water charges, may be utilised for repair and
and comprehensive legislation to develop determined recognising that river flows maintenance. Contracts for construction
inter-state rivers and river valleys. Many of are characterized by low or no flows, small of projects should have inbuilt provision
these issues are currently handled at the floods, large floods and flow variability and for longer periods of proper maintenance
state level. should accommodate development needs. and handing over back the infrastructure
The draft policy has termed water as A portion of river flows should be kept in good condition.
an “economic good” and supported pricing aside to meet ecological needs ensuring The policy says there is a need to
of water to maximise its value. It has also that the proportional low and high flow remove the large disparity between water
stipulated approaches towards enhancing releases correspond in time closely to the supply in urban and rural areas to bring
water availability besides emphasising on natural flow regime. equality between rural and urban people.
water use efficiency. The draft policy also recognises the It has proposed a forum at the national
The Government has been holding need to adapt to climate change in planning level to deliberate upon issues relating to
consultations with all stakeholders in the and implementation of water resources water and evolve consensus, cooperation
water sector for drafting the National projects. Coping strategies for designing and reconciliation amongst states. A
Water Policy, which Water Resources and management of water resources similar mechanism should be established
Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal has structures and review of acceptability within each state to amicably resolve
indicated will be unveiled in March 2012. criteria have been emphasised. differences in competing demands for
The first water policy was adopted Mapping of the aquifers to know the water amongst different users of water, as
by National Water Resources Council in quantum and quality of ground water also between different parts of the state.
1987. This was revised and updated in April resources in the country has been proposed Appropriate institutional arrangements
2002. with provision of periodic updating. for each river basin should be developed
The draft policy, which has been The draft policy says Water Users to collect and collate all data on regular
posted on the website of Ministry of Associations should be given statutory basis with regard to rainfall, river flows,
Water Resources, has been kept open for powers to collect and retain a portion of area irrigated by crops and by source,
comments till February 29. After carrying water charges, manage the volumetric utilisation for various uses by both surface
necessary modifications, it would be quantum of water allotted to them and and ground water and to publish water
placed before National Water Board and maintain the distribution system in their accounts on daily basis every year for
National Water Resources Council for jurisdiction. each river basin with appropriate water
finalisation and adoption. It also proposes a reversal of heavy budgets and water accounts based on the
The draft policy recommends the under-pricing of electricity, which leads to hydrologic balances.

12 WaterMalaysia
News from Around the World

New President of B&V’s Water Business

B lack & Veatch has appointed Cindy

Wallis-Lage as President of its
global water business. She will lead the
company’s efforts to address the water
infrastructure needs around the world.
Aging infrastructure, economic challenges
and increasing demand are factors that are
driving growth for service providers. Dear Valued Readers,
Ms Wallis-Lage brings 25 years of
experience to this key position. She
most recently served as the company’s
Executive Managing Director of Technical In line with our efforts to con-
Solutions. She has provided her project tinually enhance the quality of
and leadership expertise to more than
100 municipal and industrial facilities our magazine so as to serve
throughout the US, UK and Asia Pacific.
you better, we would like to
WRG aims to capture Indian desal market get feedback from you about

A ustralia-based Water Resources

Group (WRG) Limited has announced
that it has entered into a Joint Venture
According to the CEO of WRG, Brian
Harcourt, the desalination market in South
the contents of our magazine,
and also any ideas, comments
Agreement with Mandala Water Limited, Asia, particularly India, is expected to grow
a wholly owned subsidiary of Mandala dramatically in the next ten years. “We or suggestions that you may
Capital AG Fund Limited, to market WRG’s have been in discussions with Mandala
products and technologies in the operating Capital for over 12 months in preparation
territories of South Asia (India, Pakistan, to enter into this multi-hundred million-
Sri Lanka and Bangladesh). dollar market for desalination,” he says
Mandala Capital AG Fund Limited in a press release. “Following a successful If you have any comments or
is a private equity fund that invests in visit to India by WRG last October, we are
the agricultural sector in the Indian and very pleased to conclude our agreements, suggestions, please do drop us
South Asia markets. Mandala’s founders and expect to see significant business
and partners include longstanding opportunities develop for the joint venture,
a line at
Indian agriculture entrepreneurs as well not only for water desalination, but also asni@malaysianwater.org.my
as Altima Partners LLP, a multi-billion for applications of our exclusive ozone
dollar investment fund with substantial generator in seed and food preservation,”
investments in the agriculture sector he adds.
globally. The Principal of Mandala Water, and or contact us
The Joint Venture, of which WRG owns CEO of Mandala Capital, Uday Garg said
49%, will be based in India and allows that the application of WRG’s technologies
(the MWA Secretariat) at
WRG to enter the South Asia desalination in South Asia is going to greatly enhance 603 6201 2250/ 9521
market for both industrial and municipal the value of the company.

Metax to build WWTP in India

A Metax Engineering Corporation
Limited has announced that
worldwide emphasis on environmental
protection via recycling, we are seeing any comments or
its wholly-owned subsidiary, Metax
Engineering (India) Private Limited have
more projects put out to tender from
the private and public sectors in both
been awarded an approximately S$6.2 developed and developing countries,
million (US$4.97 million) contract for the who need to continually invest in
design, engineering, supply, erection, critical water and wastewater treatment
testing and commission of an effluent infrastructure.”
treatment plant with an ultrafiltration Grasim, a flagship company of the
and reverse osmosis system used for Aditya Birla Group, ranks among India’s
recycling by Grasim Cellulosic Division, a largest private sector companies, with
unit of Grasim Industries Limited located consolidated net revenue of Rs.202
at Vilayat, Bharuch, Gujarat, India for its billion. Grasim’s businesses comprise
viscose staple fibre Vilayat project. VSF, cement, chemicals and textiles.
Commenting on the contract, Tan Its core businesses are VSF and cement,
Tze Wen, the Managing Director of which contribute to over 90 per cent of
Metax Engineering said: “With the its revenues and operating profits.

WaterMalaysia 13
MWA Activities

World Water Day 2011, 11 – 12 March 2011

International World Water Day is held annually aspect of freshwater. The theme for 2011 was the WWD 2011 on 11 March held at the Pekan
on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on “Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban River Front, Pekan Pahang. The event was held
the importance of freshwater and advocating Challenge” and was held from 11-12 March for two days with participation from water
for the sustainable management of freshwater 2011. industry players, academician, NGOs and
resources. Each year, WWD highlights a specific YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia officiated individuals. MWA participated in the exhibition.

Water Malaysia 2011 Conference & Exhibition, 5 – 7 April 2011

Water Malaysia Conference & Exhibition Wastewater with Sustainable Future” has
is an MWA biennial international water attracted more than 300 delegation locally
conference and exhibition. For the and internationally.The programme included
first time in 2011, Water Malaysia was 5 Keynotes, 2 Plenaries, 4 Workshops, etc.
coorganised between MWA and Indah The exhibition was managed by Protemp
Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd. This three-day Exhibitions Sdn Bhd. The Water Malaysia
event was held at the PWTC, Kuala Lumpur 2011 showed an increase of 10.2% of total
and was supported by KeTTHA, Ministry of sales compared to the previous one 71
Natural Resources & Environment (NRE), companies participated including Malaysia,
Water Supply Department (JBA), SPAN Singapore, India, China, Japan, USA,
and Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad (PAAB). Germany, Italy and Korea. Total visitorship
The theme “Managing Water & was approximately 5,000 people.

14 WaterMalaysia
MWA Annual Dinner 2011, 5 April 2011

The Annual Dinner was held at the Legend graced by YB Minister of Energy, Green the association, key players in the water
Hotel Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with Technology and Water Malaysia. The and wastewater industries to socialise and
Water Malaysia 2011 which was held dinner was attended by the conference catch up with one another. Approximately
for three days from 5 to 7 April. It was delegates, invited guests, members of 500 people attended.

MWA 23rd Annual General Meeting, 23 April 2011

The MWA 23rd AGM was held on 23 April Office Bearers for 2011/2013 was also
2011 at the Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan presented by the appointed Scrutineer
Awam attended by 80 members at the AGM. Following the meeting, a
comprising of Institutional, Ordinary and separate arrangement for golf was held
Associate. The result of the election of for interested members.

Half Day Technical Talk on “Business Continuity Management”, 4 May 2011

A half day presentation by DRI International touched on

cruciality of having a good business continuity plan in place
for enhancing the resiliency, survivability and sustainability
of the organisation should disaster strike. A total of 20
participants attended the talk held at MWA training

WaterMalaysia 15
MWA Activities

Half Day Technical Talk on “Pump Performance Enhancement”, 20 July 2011

The presentation touched on improving

the energy efficiency and reliability of
pump systems, and to verify and maintain
the energy savings which require accurate
on-site measurements before and after
any improvements. The talk, presented by
FlakeShield Sdn Bhd, was attended by 35
participants held at MWA training centre.

IWA Governing Assembly,

25 September 2011

MWA was represented by the President

Ahmad Zahdi Jamil and Vice President,
Ir. Syed Mohd Adnan Alhabshi to the IWA
Governing Assembly which was held in
Vienna, Austria. The IWA President’s Dinner
was arranged prior to this event.

MWA Golf 20XI, 1 October 2011

The MWA Golf 20XI was held in Nilai Springs
Golf & Country Club with participation
from MWA members, ministries and
Government officials totalling 72 golfers.
The MWA President welcomed everyone
present and there was a prize presentation
followed by lunch after the game.
MWA thanked the standing committee
members led by En. Isa Abu Bakar (SAJ),
all supporters and sponsors for making
this tournament a success and memorable
event. It was a on the whole. MWA plans to
have golf as an annual event to encourage
networking and better relation among the
industry players.

The 4th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition, 2 – 6 October 2011

The IWA-Asia Pacific (ASPIRE) Regional Conference and Exhibition
was held from 2 to 6 October in Tokyo, Japan attended by regional
water experts and professionals to discus and share knowledge on
innovations, technologies and solutions to enhance the sustainability
and resilience of water systems in the Asia Pacific.
There were more than twelve parallel technical sessions over
the three days conference on topics ranging from water treatment
technologies, customer service, water distribution systems, water
reuse, water quality monitoring, wastewater treatment, watershed
management, resource recovery and others.
In conjunction with the 4th IWA-ASPIRE, the IWA Regional Utility
Leaders Forum with a theme “Strengthening Water Utilities in the Asia-
Pacific” was conducted. The forum was an integral component of the
IWA Utilities Programme and offers a valuable platform for senior
water leaders and managers from water utilities to come together
to share latest trends, emerging challenges and their own practical
approaches, and to develop joint positions on issues of concern. It also
provided utility leaders the opportunity to build networks and contacts
with industry peers.
Representing MWA, was Datuk Ir. Abdul Kadir Mohd Din, Deputy
President of MWA who has participated in both events stated above.

16 WaterMalaysia
Visitation from UBM, World Water Monitoring Day, 13 October 2011
31 May 2011
MWA coorganised World Water given the certificates of participation
United Business Media (M) Sdn Bhd or UBM Monitoring Day (WWMD) 2011 with Air and each school was provided with the
has taken over the water and wastewater Kelantan Sdn Bhd at Kg. Puteh WTP, Kota WWMD Kit as a souvenir and for future
shows in the Asia Pasific region namely Bharu. Five monitoring sites were tested use. MWA thanked Air Kelantan for
Water Philippines, Viet Water and Asia Water for dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, turbidity its coorporation and assistance. The
since the middle of May 2011 from AMB and temperature by 200 secondary Hon. Secretary General and Council
Exhibitions. To honour the long standing students from five schools within Kota Member, En. Mansor Abdul Ghani with
agreement and relationship between MWA Baru, Kelantan. After the testing, students two MWA Secretariat attended this
and AMB, UBM has made a courtesy visit were engaged into a question and answer event. The results of the activities were
to MWA premise to introduce and further session and were requested to present submitted to WWMD database at www.
discuss future collaboration between the their findings. Students and schools were worldwatermonitoringday.org.
company and the association. UBM was
represented by its Sr. Vice President (UBM
Asia) and Chairman (UBM Malaysia).
Receiving the visit was several MWA Council

SEAWUN – The First Board

Meeting Term III,
5 July 2011
The meeting was held at SUNTEC, Singapore
in conjunction with Singapore International
Water Week 2011. The MWA President who
is a SEAWUN Board Member attended the
meeting representing MWA.

MWA Industry Forum

2011: Water Has No
Value, 28 October 2011

The inaugural industry forum was

coorganised between MWA and UTM at
UTM Jalan Semarak which was attended by
approximately 200 professionals, ministries,
Government officials, private organisations,
students and media. The moderator was the
Vice-Chancellor of UTM and MWA Council,
Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ir. Zaini Ujang accompanied by
six Panelists from Akademi Sains Malaysia,
CAP, PBA Pulau Pinang, Waterwatch Penang
and MWA. The objectives of the forum were
to answer the following questions:
What should we do in order to educate the
public on the value of water, not only the water
supply service but the whole management of
water? What the Government can or should
do to let the public value water? Will putting
the right price for water encourages public to
value water?
MWA proposed to organise a series of
Industry Forum as its annual event.

Half Day Technical Talk on “VAG’s MWA Networking Golf, 21 November

Holistic Approach Towards Non 2011 at Glenmarie Golf and Country
Revenue Water”, 15 November 2011 Resort
This half day presentation covered issues on Pressure A golf tournament was held in conjunction with 2nd IWA
Management to reduce water losses. A total of 17 participants Development Congress & Exhibition which was participated by
from public and private entities attended the talk held at MWA 20 golfers who were a member of the association including some
premise. Government and ministry officials. It was conducted in a friendly
and relaxed environment to allow networking and socialising.

WaterMalaysia 17
MWA Activities

2nd IWA Development Congress & Exhibition, 21 – 24 November 2011

The 2nd IWA Development Congress & Awarding organisations and congress programmes i.e. the Young Water
Exhibition was coorganised by IWA and outstanding projects for their emblematic Professionals (YWP) workshop, Waterlinks
MWA at the Kuala Lumpur Convention work and results. Development Partner meetings, technical
Centre. With the overarching theme Through these efforts, IWA aims tours, local tour and golf were organised.
“Pioneering Water Solutions in Urbanising to create a positive impact on poverty The IWA Awards Reception was held to
Areas”, the congress examined issues reduction, economic growth, human health give recognition to the innovative water
ranging from appropriate technology and environmental sustainability in urban engineering project for its originality,
solutions to broader enabling mechanisms areas throughout the world. innovation and engineering excellence
such as governance, finance systems, IWA created the Development Congress that is applied in a low and middle income
capacity development and stakeholder to highlight the most significant and country.
mobilisation. It built consensus on how impactful advances in the delivery of safe, There were three country pavilions,
potential solutions can be tried, tested and clean drinking water and sanitation services. namely Malaysia, the Netherlands and
scaled up by: In particular, the focus of this congress is Singapore as well as other exhibitors which
Fostering in depth debates on to share experiences on ‘what works’ and ranged from equipment manufacturers,
innovative solutions at the frontier of water ‘works at scale’ in low and middle income water operators, NGOs and technology
and sanitation management and urban countries. There were approximately 600 providers.
development. delegates including the exhibitors who The congress ended with Malaysian
Enabling new partnerships across participated in this congress. cultural performances during the Gala
geographical boundaries and areas of In conjunction with this, the pre- Dinner.
Providing access to the latest best
practice experiences and scientific
Catalysing new insights and foresight
through the exchange of ideas and sharing
lessons learned.

SARAWAK Committee

The Sarawak Committee is headed by

Ir. Wong Tiong Kai. The committee has
recently organised the MWA road show
held from 11 to 13 October 2011 in several
parts of Sarawak namely Miri, Sibu and
Kuching. The road show has included a
presentation by the Director of Sewerage
Service Department, Sarawak. There was
a growth of membership from this state
since the formed of Sarawak committee
in the last two years.

SABAH Committee

The Sabah Committee was formed to

encourage more memberships from Sabah
as well as for MWA to engage with members
there for future events. The committee is
headed by Ms. Amy Yew. On 28 July 2011, Ms.
Amy had met up with the Director of Jabatan
Air Sabah and Deputy Director of Cawangan
Pembetungan JKR Sabah (representative)
for this intention. Besides membership,
there was immense discussion on training
and JANS suggested that more activities on
water related to be carried out in Sabah. The
Director has agreed to join as a member of
MWA and will encourage his team to join as
member as well.

18 WaterMalaysia
Listing of New MWA Members


New Membership Approved (January 2011 to January 2012)
Roll No. Membership No. Title Name/Company Category

2358 OM 1722 Dato’ Nasir Khan bin Illadad Khan Ordinary

2359 OM 1723 Mdm. Tan Bee Lian Ordinary
2360 OM 1724 Mr. Tan Hui kuan Ordinary
2363 OM 1727 Mr. Afifi bin Hussain Ordinary
2364 OM 1728 Ms. Suriyatun binti Mad Said Ordinary
2365 OM 1729 Ms. Nurul Dinah binti Kamarudin Ordinary
2366 OM 1730 Mr. Muhamad Noor bin Abdul Rahman Ordinary
2367 OM 1731 Mr. Kamaruzaman bin Budin Ordinary
2368 OM 1732 Mdm. Jessie Lim Boon Ken Ordinary
2369 OM 1733 Mdm. Hoh Lee Chong Ordinary
2370 OM 1734 Mdm. Wong Suet Mei Ordinary
2371 OM 1735 Mdm. Tanaratanam A/P Ramaloo Ordinary
2372 OM 1736 Ms. Wong Shey Lan Ordinary
2373 OM 1737 Mdm. Norazah binti Muhamad Ordinary
2374 OM 1738 Mr. Mohd Hafiz bin Md Yunos Ordinary
2375 OM 1739 Mr. Zulkifli bin Abdul Hamid Ordinary
2376 OM 1740 Mdm. Norihan binti Mohd Yassin Ordinary
2377 OM 1741 Mr. Zairi bin Zainuddin Ordinary
2378 OM 1742 Ms. Mormala bin Anang Ordinary
2379 OM 1743 Mr. Nik Amirul Faisal bin Nik Mohamed Ordinary
2380 OM 1744 Mr. Syamsul Ariff bin Supaat Ordinary
2381 OM 1745 Mr. Ahmad Muzahar bin Mohd Zainal Ordinary
2382 OM 1746 Mr. Zulbahari bin Abu Bakar Ordinary
2383 OM 1747 Mr. Juhari bin Abdullah Ordinary
2384 OM 1748 Mr. Mohd Azam bin Ghazali Ordinary
2385 OM 1749 Ir. Hj. Mohd Shuzainy bin Ismail Ordinary
2386 OM 1750 Mr. Muhammad Akmal bin Abdul Razak Ordinary
2387 OM 1751 Mdm. Sakinah binti Nordin Ordinary
2388 OM 1752 Mr. Voon Kok Ping Ordinary
2389 OM 1753 Mr. Zakaria bin Abdul Rahman Ordinary
2390 OM 1754 Mr. Abdul Razak bin Ibrahim Ordinary
2391 OM 1755 Ms. Shuhaiza binti Md Ayop Ordinary
2392 OM 1756 Mr. Z.Halim bin Abu Bakar Ordinary
2393 OM 1757 Mr. Sri Bala Krishnan Ordinary
2394 OM 1758 Mr. Rozailan bin Rosli Ordinary
2395 OM 1760 Mr. Nicholas Chew Keng Meng Ordinary
2396 OM 1761 Mdm. Teoh Koon Mui Ordinary
2397 OM 1762 Ms. Gan Suk Ching Ordinary
2398 OM 1763 Mdm. Norazian binti Busu Ordinary
2399 OM 1764 Mdm. Ng Siew Keng, Alice Ordinary
2400 OM 1765 Ms. Azuan Ahmad Ordinary
2401 OM 1766 Ms. Lim Lai Kheng Ordinary
2402 OM 1767 Mr. Mohammad Shahree bin Shamsuddin Ordinary
2403 OM 1768 Mrs. Azlene binti Muhammad Azaham Ordinary
2404 OM 1769 Mrs. Zalila binti Muhammad Ordinary
2405 OM 1770 Mr. Yahaya bin Mustafa Ordinary
2406 OM 1771 Mr. Halmar Hasina Wijaya bin Muhammad Isa Ordinary
2407 OM 1772 Ms. Fadzila binti Mustaffa Ordinary

WaterMalaysia 19
Listing of New MWA Members


New Membership Approved (January 2011 to January 2012)
Roll No. Membership No. Title Name/Company Category

2408 OM 1773 Ms. Natrah binti Zakaria Ordinary

2409 OM 1774 Mrs. Mahuran Saro binti Sariki Ordinary
2410 OM 1775 Mrs. Zalina binti Mat Ordinary
2411 OM 1776 Mrs. Mahfuzah binti Muhamad Tarmidi Ordinary
2412 OM 1777 Ms. Hemi Norfariza binti A. Aziz Ordinary
2413 OM 1778 Mr. Helmi bin Ghazali Ordinary
2414 OM 1779 Ms. Rozaimah binti Ahmad Razali Ordinary
2415 OM 1780 Mrs. Nooraini binti Md. Isa Ordinary
2416 OM 1781 Mr. Muhamad Noor bin Md Darus Ordinary
2417 OM 1782 Ms. Tan Yee Lin Ordinary
2418 OM 1783 Mdm. Yun Yow Fun Ordinary
2419 OM 1784 Mr. Mohammad Halimi bin Zainuddin Ordinary
2420 OM 1785 Mr. Ahmad Firdaus bin Mokhtar Ordinary
2421 OM 1786 Mr. Muhamad Riduan bin Zakariah Ordinary
2422 OM 1787 Ms. Nor Faridah binti Jalaludin Ordinary
2423 OM 1788 Ms. Fira Hilda binti Murad Ordinary
2424 OM 1789 Mr. Lim Boon Hock Ordinary
2425 OM 1790 Mrs. Rohaya binti Hashim Ordinary
2426 OM 1791 Mrs. Nurmi binti Ahmad Ordinary
2427 OM 1792 Ms. Ruhana binti Asha’ari @ Ashari Ordinary
2428 OM 1793 Mrs. Hafizah binti Ahmat Ordinary
2429 OM 1794 Mrs. Shazliyaton binti Hashim Ordinary
2430 OM 1795 Mr. Khairil Anwar bin Arifin Ordinary
2431 OM 1796 Mrs. Khairina binti Nor Akmal Ordinary
2432 OM 1797 Ms. Azila binti Azhar Ordinary
2433 OM 1798 Mr. Aminuddin bin Ismail Ordinary
2434 OM 1799 Mrs. Wan Lydiana binti Wan Abdul Aziz Ordinary
2435 OM 1800 Ms. Alia binti Mohd Yusof Ordinary
2436 OM 1801 Mrs. Farah Fadzlyn binti Abdul Rafick Ordinary
2437 OM 1802 Mr. Badrul Hisham bin Abdullah Ordinary
2438 OM 1803 Mrs. Salwa binti Che Noor Ordinary
2439 OM 1804 Mrs. Siti Habsah binti Mohamed Nor Lee Ordinary
2440 OM 1805 Mr. Mohd Fauzi bin Abdul Rahman Ordinary
2441 OM 1806 Mrs. Zanariah binti Hussin Ordinary
2442 OM 1807 Mr. Mohd Arif bin Majid Ordinary
2443 OM 1808 Mr. Mohamed Sofian bin Ismail Ordinary
2445 OM 1809 Ms. Safrina binti Mohd Aziz Ordinary
2446 OM 1810 Mr. Izan bin Suhaimi Ordinary
2447 OM 1811 Mrs. Masliawati binti Sulaiman Ordinary
2448 OM 1812 Mr. Sawal bin Yamon Ordinary
2449 OM 1813 Mr. Syamsulmustaqim bin Shafie Ordinary
2450 OM 1814 Mrs. Noor Aida binti Mohamed Isa Ordinary
2451 OM 1815 Mrs. Ayu Aziani binti Mohd Yusoff Ordinary
2452 OM 1816 Ms. Farah Azureen binti Abdul Sani Ordinary
2453 OM 1817 Ms. Liyana Syazwani binti A. Bakar Ordinary
2454 OM 1818 Mr. Muhamed Rafaizul bin Ab. Rahman Ordinary
2455 OM 1819 Mr. Ismail bin Hasan Ordinary
2456 OM 1820 Mr. Mansor bin Shamsudin Ordinary

20 WaterMalaysia
Listing of New MWA Members


New Membership Approved (January 2011 to January 2012)
Roll No. Membership No. Title Name/Company Category

2457 OM 1821 Ms. Teh Yeok Sien Ordinary

2458 OM 1822 Mr. Jaffry bin Rabul Ordinary
2459 OM 1823 Mr. Hafsyam bin Othman Ordinary
2460 OM 1824 Mdm. Moo Pei Yin Ordinary
2461 OM 1825 Mrs. Surayah binti Salleh Ordinary
2462 OM 1826 Mdm. Lim Yew Heang Ordinary
2463 OM 1827 Mdm. Jasmine Pang Siok Tieng Ordinary
2464 OM 1828 Ms. Khairun Nisaa’ binti Kasmin Ordinary
2465 OM 1829 Ms. Foo Chi Wei Ordinary
2466 OM 1830 Ms. Chong Yen Hoong Ordinary
2467 OM 1831 Ybhg. Datuk Dr. Md. Muzahet bin Masruri Ordinary
2468 OM 1832 Mdm. Tan Phooi Choo Ordinary
2469 OM 1833 Ms. Sazalina binti Kamarudin Ordinary
2470 OM 1834 Mrs. Siti Jamaiah binti Laullah Ordinary
2471 OM 1835 Ms. Syuhaidah binti Kamandin Ordinary
2472 OM 1836 Ms. Nurzafirah binti Masri Ordinary
2473 OM 1837 Mr. Hamzah bin Awang Kechik Ordinary
2474 OM 1838 Mr. Shaharis bin Saad Ordinary
2476 OM 1839 Mr. Azeezul Hakiim bin Ab. Karim Ordinary
2477 OM 1840 Ms. Nor Azliza binti Akbar Ordinary
2478 OM 1841 Mr. Muhammad Suhaib bin Mohd Noor Ordinary
2479 OM 1842 Mr. Pathmanathan A/L Kushnan Kulty Raman Nair Ordinary
2480 OM 1843 Ir. Salehuddin bin Hj. Adenan Ordinary
2481 OM 1844 Mr. Azhar bin Anuar Ordinary
2482 OM 1845 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdull Rahim bin Mohd Yusoff Ordinary
2483 OM 1846 Mr. Ahmad Kamaruldin Sahwal bin Mat Akir Ordinary
2484 OM 1847 Ms. Shazana binti Mohd Ibrahim Ordinary
2485 IM 0290 ABM Goldworld Sdn Bhd Institutional
2486 IM 0291 Qnet (M) Sdn Bhd Institutional
2487 IM 0292 GreenDex Sdn Bhd Institutional
2488 OM 1848 Mr. Zulkarnain bin Abdullah Sani Ordinary
2489 OM 1849 Mr. Zulhazmi bin Arifin Ordinary
2490 OM 1850 Mr. Zaaba bin Zulkifli Ordinary
2491 OM 1851 Mrs. Zurani binti Hamid Ordinary
2492 OM 1852 Mr. Zaharuddin bin Bakar Ordinary
2493 OM 1853 Mr. Zaharul Fikri bin Mohamd Nazri Ordinary
2494 OM 1854 Mrs. Yuzi Yarnee binti Yee Ordinary
2495 OM 1855 Ms. Yoong Thai Yin Ordinary
2496 OM 1856 Ms. Yeap Yen Yen Ordinary
2497 OM 1857 Ms. Yap Cheang Yam Ordinary
2498 OM 1858 Ms. Wong Lee Fong Ordinary
2499 OM 1859 Ms. Wan Hasmaria binti Che Wan Zakaria Ordinary
2500 OM 1860 Mrs. Wan Norhashimah binti Md Nasir@Awang Ordinary
2501 OM 1861 Mrs. Wan Norhaslinda binti Wan Rusli Ordinary
2502 OM 1862 Ir. Wan Amzari bin Abdul Halim Ordinary
2503 OM 1863 Mr. Wan Abd Aziz bin Wan Muda Ordinary
2504 OM 1864 Mdm. Thein Kwee Sim Ordinary
2505 OM 1865 Mrs. Siti Khairiah binti Shuhaimy Basha Ordinary
2506 OM1866 Mr. Syaiful Bakhtiar bin Shaharani Ordinary

WaterMalaysia 21
Listing of New MWA Members


New Membership Approved (January 2011 to January 2012)
Roll No. Membership No. Title Name/Company Category
2507 OM 1867 Mr. Solihien bin Saidi Ordinary
2508 OM 1868 Mr. Sheikh Ahmad Afiq bin Sheikh Yahaya Ordinary
2509 OM 1869 Mr. Syazwan bin Rokbi Ordinary
2510 OM 1870 Mr. Shamsul bin Mohamed Isa Ordinary
2511 OM 1871 Mrs. Siti Zaleha binti Abdullah Ordinary
2512 OM 1872 Mrs. Siti Nurbaya binti Ramin Ordinary
2513 OM 1873 Ms. Sitee Nazirah binti Mohd Noor Ordinary
2514 OM 1874 Ms. Siti Samsiah binti Mohamed Sharif Ordinary
2515 OM 1875 Mrs. Siti Noraida binti Adam Ordinary
2516 OM 1876 Mrs. Shahrul Bariah binti Mohd Rejab Ordinary
2517 OM 1877 Mr. Shankar A/L Rajagopal Ordinary
2518 OM 1878 Mrs. Sufiyah binti Musin Ordinary
2519 OM 1879 Ms. Suhasini Prahakaran Ordinary
2520 OM 1880 Ms. Siti Rahanum binti Samsunanwar Ordinary
2521 OM 1881 Mrs. Siti Nurhanani binti Suhaimi Ordinary
2522 OM 1882 Mrs. Siti Aisah binti Kamarulzaman Ordinary
2523 OM 1883 Mrs. Sharifah Khamisah binti Syed Abdullah Ordinary
2524 OM 1884 Ms. Sharonjit Kaur A/P Karam Singh Walia Ordinary
2525 OM 1885 Ms. Sharioon Riza binti AR Abdul Hai Ordinary
2526 OM 1886 Ms. Syarima Fariza binti Sa’ari Ordinary
2527 OM 1887 Mrs. Suzieyana binti Kasnon Ordinary
2528 OM 1888 Mrs. Suriawati binti Jaafar Ordinary
2529 OM 1889 Mr. Shahrulnizam bin Abd Ghani Ordinary
2530 OM 1890 Mr. Shahrum bin Shahadan Ordinary
2531 OM 1891 Mr. Rostam bin Khalid Ordinary
2532 OM 1892 Mrs. Rosmawati binti Ishak Ordinary
2533 OM 1893 Mr. Roslan bin A’alaf Ordinary
2534 OM 1894 Mrs. Roseyana binti Baharom Ordinary
2535 OM 1895 Mrs. Rozihani binti AB Rahman Ordinary
2536 OM 1896 Mr. Rosli bin Idris Ordinary
2537 OM 1897 Mrs. Rima Melini binti MD Tamin Ordinary
2538 OM 1898 Mr. Rahmat bin Bedin Ordinary
2539 OM 1899 Ms. Rabiatul Adawiyah binti Che Mohd Adnan Ordinary
2540 OM 1900 Mr. Punniamoorthy A/L Permal Ordinary
2541 OM 1901 Ms. Nuvianti binti Arifin Ordinary
2542 OM 1902 Mrs. Nurul Nadia binti Abd Rahman Ordinary
2543 OM 1903 Ms. Nurul Fatimah binti Nordin Ordinary
2544 OM 1904 Ms. Nurul Bahiah binti Muhamad Nor Ordinary
2545 OM 1905 Ms. Nur Nazaha binti Mohamad Ordinary
2546 OM 1906 Mrs. Nur Maryam binti Mohd Sobre Ordinary
2547 OM 1907 Ms. Nur Aziemah binti Mohd Idris Ordinary
2548 OM 1908 Mr. Norzaini bin Mohamad Yatim Ordinary
2549 OM 1909 Mrs. Nor Zuranah binti Ja’afar Ordinary
2550 OM 1910 Mrs. Noorfadzillah binti Muhamad Baharun Ordinary
2551 OM 1911 Mrs. Nor Shalawati binti Mohd Hatar Ordinary
2552 OM 1912 Ms. Nor Haslinda binti Abd Halim Ordinary
2553 OM 1913 Mr. Norhisham bin Md Aripin Ordinary
2554 OM 1914 Mrs. Nor Mala binti Omar Ordinary
2555 OM 1915 Mrs. Norizan binti Mohamed Hariri Ordinary

22 WaterMalaysia
Listing of New MWA Members


New Membership Approved (January 2011 to January 2012)
Roll No. Membership No. Title Name/Company Category

2556 OM 1916 Mrs. Noranida binti Mukhti Ordinary

2557 OM 1917 Ms. Noraini binti Ajit Ordinary
2558 OM 1918 Mrs. Nooraini binti Puniran Ordinary
2559 OM 1919 Mr. Nazrul Fadzlie bin Yusof Ordinary
2560 OM 1920 Ms. Nurul Syazana binti Md Yusoff Ordinary
2561 OM 1921 Ms. Nur Sharlina binti Shaharuddin Ordinary
2562 OM 1922 Mrs. Norulliza binti Mohd Sadini Ordinary
2563 OM 1923 Ms. Nor Sherina binti Nofal Ordinary
2564 OM 1924 Ms. Noreen Juliana binti Ismail Ordinary
2565 OM 1925 Mrs. Norlizah binti Saini Ordinary
2566 OM 1926 Mrs. Norlelawati binti Samian Ordinary
2567 OM 1927 Mrs. Nor Shidah binti Nordin Ordinary
2568 OM 1928 Mrs. Norhaslina binti Ibrahim Ordinary
2569 OM 1929 Ms. Nor Hanani binti Mat Nasir Ordinary
2570 OM 1930 Mrs. Nor Azlina binti Jaafar Ordinary
2571 OM 1931 Mrs. Nor Azlina binti Abdul Ghani Ordinary
2572 OM 1932 Mrs. Nor Aina binti Mohamed Nawawi Ordinary
2573 OM 1933 Ms. Noor Afiza binti Ibrahim Ordinary
2574 OM 1934 Ms. Noor Afiza binti Mohammad Salleh Ordinary
2575 OM 1935 Ms. Nor Azmila binti Mohd Sidek Ordinary
2576 OM 1936 Mr. Nirwan bin Mohd Tohid Ordinary
2577 OM 1937 Mr. Nik Shahron bin Nik Omar Ordinary
2578 OM 1938 Ms. Nazahiyah binti Mohd Kasim Ordinary
2579 OM 1939 Mr. Munir Muzani bin Mohamed Ordinary
2580 OM 1940 Mr. Mohd Suhaimi bin Abdul Razak Ordinary
2581 OM 1941 Mr. Muhamad Miftahuddin bin Mat Hayin Ordinary
2582 OM 1942 Mr. Muhammad Redza bin Kasim Ordinary
2583 OM 1943 Mr. Muhammad Lokhman bin Che Ab Rahman Ordinary
2584 OM 1944 Mr. Muhammad Hazrin bin Yacob Ordinary
2585 OM 1945 Mr. Muhammad Firdaus bin Suratman Ordinary
2586 OM 1946 Mr. Tuan Haji Muhammad Farhan bin Ibrahim Ordinary
2587 OM 1947 Mr. Muhammed Fahmi bin Abdul Aziz Ordinary
2588 OM 1948 Mr. Mohd Zaid bin Yob Ordinary
2589 OM 1949 Mr. Mohd Shawalludin bin Kamsi Ordinary
2590 OM 1950 Mr. Mohd Nizam bin Sa’ari Ordinary
2591 OM 1951 Mr. Mohd Rusdan bin Mohd Sharif Ordinary
2592 OM 1952 Mr. Mohd Razaki bin Hussin Ordinary
2593 OM 1953 Mr. Mohd Nazrol bin Mohd Marudi Ordinary
2594 OM 1954 Mr. Mohd Mujahid bin Mohd Ordinary
2595 OM 1955 Mr. Mohd Lazim bin Khairudin Ordinary
2596 OM 1956 Mr. Mohd Hafizie bin Mohd Rosli Ordinary
2597 OM 1957 Mr. Mohd Hairul Hazan bin Rosli Ordinary
2598 OM 1958 Mr. Mohd Fouzi bin Mohamad Diah Ordinary
2599 OM 1959 Mr. Mohd Fadzli bin Abdul Aziz Ordinary
2600 OM 1960 Mr. Mohd Faizullah bin Hj Yusof Ordinary
2601 OM 1961 Mr. Mohd Faizal bin Senan Ordinary
2602 OM 1962 Mr. Mohammad Fazilin bin Mahmod Ordinary
2603 OM 1963 Mr. Mohd Badrul bin Mat Yaakub Ordinary
2604 OM 1964 Mr. Mohammad Aslam bin Salahudeen Ordinary

WaterMalaysia 23
Listing of New MWA Members


New Membership Approved (January 2011 to January 2012)
Roll No. Membership No. Title Name/Company Category

2605 OM 1965 Ms. Mazroha binti Abdullah Ordinary

2606 OM 1966 Mrs. Manimala A/P Karunamoorthy Ordinary
2607 OM 1967 Ms. Marliah binti Ahmad Ordinary
2608 OM 1968 Mrs. Maizatul Hazariah binti Mahayadin Ordinary
2609 OM 1969 Mrs. Munaliza binti Meseran Ordinary
2610 OM 1970 Mr. Muhammad Za’im Zaki bin Che Mohd Nasir Ordinary
2611 OM 1971 Mr. Mohd Shahfid bin Azam Ordinary
2612 OM 1972 Mr. Mohd Saiffuddin bin Osman Ordinary
2613 OM 1973 Mr. Mohammad Rahmat bin Aswir Ordinary
2614 OM 1974 Mr. Mohd Nazar bin Jamaludin Ordinary
2615 OM 1975 Mr. Mohammad Najib bin Daud Ordinary
2616 OM 1976 Mr. Mohd Faizal bin Haramai Ordinary
2617 OM 1977 Mr. Mohammad Asri bin Hassan Ordinary
2618 OM 1978 Mr. Mohd Rofazree bin AB Rahim Ordinary
2619 OM 1979 Mrs. Maznena binti Nazlan Ordinary
2620 OM 1980 Ms. Mardhiah binti Zainalabidin Ordinary
2621 OM 1981 Mr. Lamyudi bin Harun Ordinary
2622 OM 1982 Ms. Khalijah binti Mohamad Ordinary
2623 OM 1983 Ms. Kartina binti Md Nor Ordinary
2624 OM 1984 Mrs. Kalaivani A/P Munusamy Ordinary
2625 OM 1985 Mr. Khairul Nizam bin Rahmat Ordinary
2626 OM 1986 Mr. Khairul Hasman bin Mohamad Ordinary
2627 OM 1987 Mr. Khairil Annuar bin Jamaluddin Ordinary
2628 OM 1988 Mr. Keshvinder Singh A/L Ajeet Singh Ordinary
2629 OM 1989 Mrs. Kartini binti Hanapi Ordinary
2630 OM 1990 Ms. Khalidah binti Ab Aziz Ordinary
2631 OM 1991 Mr. Khairino Farhadi bin Khairul Anuar Bashah Ordinary
2632 OM 1992 Mr. Krishnamoorthi A/L Ramamurti Ordinary
2633 OM 1993 Ms. Julieana binti Mohd Tusin Ordinary
2634 OM 1994 Ms. Juliana binti Abdullah Ordinary
2635 OM 1995 Mr. Jeyaseelan A/L P. Muthukrishnan Ordinary
2636 OM 1996 Mr. Jaman bin Asri Ordinary
2637 OM 1997 Ms. Intan Nurrani binti Mat Nayan Ordinary
2638 OM 1998 Mrs. Ida Rayani binti Abu Bakar Ordinary
2639 OM 1999 Ms. Izwa binti Abd Halim Ordinary
2640 OM 2000 Ms. Haslinda binti Abdul Razak Ordinary
2641 OM 2001 Mrs. Halimahtul Saadiah binti Shariffudin Ordinary
2642 OM 2002 Mrs. Hibah binti Abdul Halim Ordinary
2643 OM 2003 Mrs. Hasnoor Hana binti Hishamudin Ordinary
2644 OM 2004 Mr. Hasnul Hadi bin Ibrahim Ordinary
2645 OM 2005 Mr. Hafizul Amin bin Yahya Ordinary
2646 OM 2006 Mr. Hazli bin Mohamad Ghazali Ordinary
2647 OM 2007 Mr. Hanafi bin Nadzri Ordinary
2648 OM 2008 Mr. George Lee Swee Seng Ordinary
2649 OM 2009 Mrs. Ferlina binti Farland Ordinary
2650 OM 2010 Ms. Farah Wahida binti Dato Abuhan Ordinary
2651 OM 2011 Ms. Faronah binti Fadzil Ordinary
2652 OM 2012 Ms. Fitriyawati binti Samsol Ordinary
2653 OM 2013 Ms. Farizah binti Mohamad Ikbal Ordinary

24 WaterMalaysia
Listing of New MWA Members


New Membership Approved (January 2011 to January 2012)
Roll No. Membership No. Title Name/Company Category

2654 OM 2014 Ms. Fardiyana binti Zainal Ordinary

2655 OM 2015 Mr. Faisol Khamd bin Mohd Dawam Ordinary
2656 OM 2016 Mr. Fahmy Hanafy bin Idris Ordinary
2657 OM 2017 Mrs. Fadhliza binti Abdul Latip Ordinary
2658 OM 2018 Mrs. Erwin binti Akhsan Ordinary
2659 OM 2019 Mrs. Emy Norhayana binti Mohd Nor Ordinary
2660 OM 2020 Mrs. Ezatul Erany binti Kamardin@Kamarudin Ordinary
2661 OM 2021 Mr. Ezarif Hasnol bin Basri Ordinary
2662 OM 2022 Mr. Eddy bin Mohamad Bajuri Ordinary
2663 OM 2023 Ms. Cheah Peen Ann Ordinary
2664 OM 2024 Ms. Chong Poh Leng Ordinary
2665 OM 2025 Mr. Chye Nam San Ordinary
2666 OM 2026 Mr. Badrul Affandy bin Bahkia Ordinary
2667 OM 2027 Mr. Azam bin Md Yatim Ordinary
2668 OM 2028 Mrs. Amy Syafira binti Abdul Rashid Ordinary
2669 OM 2029 Mrs. Amy Mazzuana binti Mohamad Adhar Ordinary
2670 OM 2030 Mr. Ahmad Zakuan Zaidi bin Safihi Ordinary
2671 OM 2031 Mr. Ahmad Shamsuddin bin Aziz Ordinary
2672 OM 2032 Mr. Abdul Manaf bin Ayoub Ordinary
2673 OM 2033 Mr. Che Badrol Bakarzi bin Che Bakar Ordinary
2674 OM 2034 Mr. Azmi bin Manshor Ordinary
2675 OM 2035 Mr. Azman bin Mudasir Ordinary
2676 OM 2036 Mr. Azizi bin Ayub Ordinary
2677 OM 2037 Mrs. Azizah binti Haji Abu Bakar Ordinary
2678 OM 2038 Mr. Azhar bin Yusof Ordinary
2679 OM 2039 Mrs. A. Uma Elizabeth Atputharaj Ordinary
2680 OM 2040 Mr. Azli Shah bin Zaito Ahmad Ordinary
2681 OM 2041 Ms. Ainunnajhan binti Marzuki Ordinary
2682 OM 2042 Mr. Alif Adzwin bin Mohd Raman Ordinary
2683 OM 2043 Ms. Asmahani binti Jaman Ordinary
2684 OM 2044 Mr. Asgha Putra bin Mohd Ghazali Ordinary
2685 OM 2045 Mr. Anwar Ahmad bin Mahmud Ordinary
2686 OM 2046 Ir. Ammar bin Mohd Noor Ordinary
2687 OM 2047 Ms. Aidora binti Abd Hamid Ordinary
2688 OM 2048 Ms. Aida Yuhana binti Zainul Ariff Ordinary
2689 OM 2049 Mr. Ahmad Nazri bin Noh Ordinary
2690 OM 2050 Mr. Ahmad Farhan bin Aziz Ordinary
2691 OM 2051 Mr. Adli bin Mohd Shariff Ordinary
2692 OM 2052 Ms. Adleenawaizura binti Ab Wahab Ordinary
2693 OM 2053 Mr. Ahmad Amin bin Isa Ordinary
2694 OM 2054 Mr. Aden bin Taib Ordinary
2695 IM 0293 Chemsain Engineering Sdn Bhd Institutional
2696 IM 0294 Astasoft Sdn Bhd Institutional
2697 IM 0295 FlakeShield Sdn Bhd Institutional
2699 IM 0296 Pantech Stainless & Alloy Industries Sdn Bhd Institutional
2700 OM 2055 Mr. Shan Kok Shin Ordinary
2701 OM 2056 Mrs. Noor Suraya binti Romali Ordinary
2702 OM 2057 Mr. Mohd Hasamizi bin Mustapa Ordinary

WaterMalaysia 25
Advertisement in MWA Quarterly
Water Malaysia

Advertising Rates 2012 In MWA Quarterly Dear Sir,

We are pleased to advertise in the MWA Quarterly

Water Malaysia WATER MALAYSIA and wish to book advertising space

as follows:

Advertising rates in the Quarterly Issue No. 24 (1st quarter 2012)

Water Malaysia are as follows: Issue No. 25 (2nd quarter 2012)
Positions 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 & 6 Issue Issue No. 26 (3rd quarter 2012)
(5% discount) (10% discount) (15% discount) (20% discount)
Issue No. 27 (4th quarter 2012)
Full Page Outside RM4,296 RM4,081 RM3,866 RM3,652 RM3,437
Back Cover
*Dates of publication are subject to change.
Full Page Inside RM3,978 RM3,779 RM3,580 RM3,381 RM3,182
Front Cover

Full Page Inside RM3,978 RM3,779 RM3,580 RM3,381 RM3,182

Back Cover
Full Page Outside Back Cover
Full Page ROP RM3,500 RM3,325 RM3,150 RM2,975 RM2,800
Full Page Inside Front Cover
Half Page ROP RM2,387 RM2,268 RM2,148 RM2,029 RM1,910
Full Page Inside Back Cover
Vertical/ Horizontal
Full Page ROP
Article RM 2,000 Half Page ROP
Note: Costs shown above (with discounts) are for 1 ADVERTISEMENT ONLY. Vertical Horizontal
Advertising Rates in MWA Quarterly 2012: Article
We enclose herewith the advertising materials:
MWA Advertisement Details:
PDF Files Color Proof
Advertisement Size

Full Page Full Colour: Note: Please include a sample of the advertisement (hardcopy)
299mm (H) x 210mm (W) for our reference.
Bleed Size: Add 3mm to all sides
Text Area: Less 15mm of trim size

Half Page Full Colour:

Vertical:265mm (H) x 88mm (W) Payment details:
Horizontal: 125mm (H) x 180mm (W)

Acceptable Media/Digital Files We enclose herewith cheque no.

Materials must be supplied in CD in any PDF or JPEG files (resolution date for the amount of
of 300 dpi in actual size) with a color proof is highly appreciated to
assist in production. RM
Important Points in favour of THE MALAYSIAN WATER ASSOCIATION
- Colour files must be in CMYK (No pantone colour)
- Use only listed file formats and ensure all components of the payment for the bookings.
adverts are supplied i.e any graphics and fonts.
- Suppy a hard copy of colour proof to ensure printing quality. Please invoice us accordingly.

Closing Dates
Each MWA Quarterly: Water Malaysia making a total of 4 issues a
year is normally available for readers on the second week of the
month of the issue. Date of publishing of the magazines (as stated
in the form attached) may change at the discretion of the publisher. Name of Organisation:
All advertising and editorial materials (digital files, copy instructions
etc ) must be sent to the publisher two weeks before printing.
Contact Person:
Advertising/Editorial Dateline: Designation:
Issue No.24 (1st quarter 2012)
Issue No.25 (2nd quarter 2012) Tel. No.: Fax. No.:
Issue No.26 (3rd quarter 2012)
Issue No.27 (4th quarter 2012) Organisation’s Chop:

Cancellation & Late Materials

- Cancellation will not be entertained
- The publisher reserves the right to use previous material if
copy is not received by copy date line or if in the absence of
which, the space booked will be filled at the publisher’s discretion.

Publisher’s Right Authorised Signature Date

- The publisher will not be responsible for any omission to
insert an advertisement and reserves the right to reject or
cancel any order, notwithstanding acceptance of payment.
- The positioning of the advertisements in unspecified pages
will be at the discretion of the publisher.
- The publisher reserves the right to refuse advertisements Contact No. : 603-6201 2250/9521
submitted for publications and/or to hold over any Fax this form to : 603-6201 5801
advertisements for later publication.
- Advertisers shall not be entitled to refunds or to invalidate any Contact person: Asni Abdullah

existing contract or contracts in the event of printer’s errors
unless such errors distort the meaning of the advertisement.
Email : asni@malaysianwater.org.my
Digital files are stored for 2 years and then destroyed.

36 WaterMalaysia June/July 2008

Calendar of Events


1 MWA Technical Talk/Facility Visit * Monthly basis MWA Premise, Kuala Lumpur
2 Wold Water Day (WWD) 2012 22 - 24 March Sg. Kerian, Perak
3 MWA Networking Golf (in conjunction with Asia Water 2012) 26 March Glenmarie Golf & Country Club, Subang
4 Asia Water 2012 Coference & Exhibition 27-29 March Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
5 Annual Dinner & Award Presentation 2012 28 March Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
6 MWA 24th Annual General Meeting (AGM) 28 April Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, PJ
7 World Water Monitoring Day (WWMD) 2012 May & November Langkawi & Kuching
8 MWA Colloquium 2012: Network Modelling & GIS 12 June PWTC, Kuala Lumpur
9 MWA Industry Forum 2012 * * July * TBC
10 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 16 - 21 September Busan, Korea
11 Water Loss Asia 2012 3 - 5 October Miracle Grand Convention Hotel, Bangkok
12 Borneo Water & Wastewater Exhibtion and Conference 6 - 8 November Kuching, Sarawak
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WaterMalaysia 27
Making Waves

Koch Membrane to Launch New

Hollow Fibre UF System
och Membrane Systems (KMS) will to meet drinking water requirements and overall chemical and power consumption,”
introduce TARGA® II HF, a new hol- provide 4-log virus removal. said Manny Singh, KMS Vice President of
low-fibre ultrafiltration membrane The cornerstone of the TARGA HF Technology Product Management.
system, in June at ACE11, the American system is intelligent process controls to KMS will also display its leading MBR
Water Works Association’s 130th Annual handle variations in water quality and solution, the PURON™ submerged mem-
Conference and Exposition according to flow with minimal operator intervention, brane module, at ACE11. PURON modules
a press release. reduced chemical use, and less energy. offer significantly lower life-cycle costs
The TARGA II HF system offers a cost- “In addition to optimised PES based due to a single-header design that pro-
effective, safe, high-quality water solution membrane chemistry to reduce membrane vides better solids management in the
for a variety of ultrafiltration applica- fouling and improved module design to module, braided fibres to reduce the risk
tions, from drinking water to seawater improve product robustness, TARGA HF of fibre breakage, and highly effective air
pretreatment, industrial water treatment, comes with a state-of-the-art intelligent scouring that virtually eliminates sludging.
and tertiary wastewater treatment. The controls system. The intelligent control PURON technology produces high-quality
membrane element features a robust PES system was developed after extensive effluent that can meet stringent water
membrane which, combined with opti- process testing with TARGA HF and allows reuse and recycling requirements while its
mised cartridge and rack design, results users to handle variations in feed water compact design significantly reduces the
in one of the smallest footprint products quality and flow variations with minimal treatment system footprint and installa-
on the market. The fibres are ideally suited operator inter vention while reducing tion costs.

New Food-Contact and Drinking Water

Compliant Resin
SM has introduced its latest com- Typical end use applications include that the demand for high quality and safe-
posite resin – Atlac® 5200 FC - potable water transport networks, wa- to-use storage tanks and piping is set to
developed specifically for use in ter treatment installations, desalination grow.
composite applications that have contact plants, and in-plant piping and storage ves- Through its excellent anti-corrosion
with food and water. Officially launched sels in food processing industries. Atlac® and heat resistance properties Atlac® 5200
at last week’s JEC show in Paris, this new 5200 FC resins can be converted in standard FC resin enables the manufacture of com-
vinyl ester resin is unique in that it is fully manufacturing processes including fila- posite components that are long-lasting,
compliant with the European regulations ment winding, infusion and hand lay-up. even in hostile environments. For plant
on food contact and made in line with The process-ability is as robust as with operators this means continued process
commonly accepted Good Manufacturing conventional vinyl ester resins for making operation, reduction of maintenance, and
Practices for the Food Industry. The resin pipes, vessels or tanks. consequently low cost of ownership. In
is therefore suitable for use in a variety of In the coming years, health, safety addition the use of composite materials
composite applications such as tanks and and environmental regulations as well as will allow for optimising design and for
pipes that are intended for contact with legislative measures are likely to become integration of individual parts.
food and potable water. more stringent, with the immediate result

BIO-VASE Treats Rivers, Lakes,

Harbours and Lagoons
IO-VASE is an ecological prod- B I O -VA S E co nsis t s o f a p owder the product indicate a reduction of up
uct, which breaks down organic non -soluble in water, with var iable to 50% in sludge volume.
sludge, by contrast to traditional granulometry, and is supplied in 25kg One of the main strengths of BIO-
methods, which only dislodge it. By bags. The treatment principle involves VASE, in addition to its attractive price
eliminating the organic material present the provision of microorganisms which as compared to other methods, is its
it consequently re-establishes the bal- multiply and break down the organic ex tremely high user-friendliness. In-
ance in the ecosystem. It also allows for par t of the sludge. BIO-VASE allows deed, it does not require any mechanical
a significant reduction in the quantity of for a considerable reduction in the level equipment and does not cause damage
suspended matter, which improves the of organic sludge in ponds, rivers and to areas surrounding water expanses.
clarity of the water expanse treated. canals. The many examples of use of

28 WaterMalaysia
GE’s Biological Wastewater Treatment
System to Help Coal-Fired Power Plant
Remove Selenium
E has announced that American reaction occurs. Other than the addition of partnerships between coal plant op-
Electric Power (AEP) is installing of the nutrient, the system will be self- erators and service providers to develop
GE’s ABMET® wastewater biore- sustaining once it is established. and commercialise the latest cleaner
actor system at the utility’s Mountaineer Selenium is an element found in coal energy and water technologies,” said
coal-fueled power plant in New Haven. that is not consumed in the combustion Jeff Connelly, vice president, engineered
GE’s proprietary biological treatment process and typically can be found in systems—water and process technolo-
system uses a special molasses-based several of a plant ’s post-combustion gies for GE Power & Water. “If coal is go-
product as a nutrient for microbes that waste streams. ing to continue serving as a major energy
reduce selenium, a constituent found AEP is installing GE’s system to allow source, it is essential for the industry to
in many coal-fired power plant water its 1,300 MW Mountaineer generating support the deployment of new tech-
emissions. station to comply with a new discharge nologies that can help to dramatically
GE’s ABMet technology utilises spe- limit for selenium. Construction of AEP’s reduce its environmental footprint.”
cial strains of common, non-pathogenic treatment facility began in July 2010. The U.S. Environmental Protection
microbes that facilitate the conversion The system is scheduled to become Agency first established a national water
of soluble selenium into elemental se- operational by the end of 2011. It is the quality standard for selenium in 1987. In
lenium, which is removed from the sys- third US utility to deploy GE’s pioneering 2011, the agency is expected to propose
tem during periodic backwashing. The wastewater treatment process. While a revised limit based on current selenium
microbes, which are fed the molasses- GE’s process also is capable of removing levels in fish and also is developing re-
based nutrient, are seeded in a bed of other constituents such as nitrate and a vised effluent limitation guidelines for
activated carbon that acts as a growth variety of metals, AEP’s focus at Moun- the steam-electric power industry that
medium for the microbes to create a bio- taineer is selenium reduction. are expected to be released in draf t
film. Selenium-laden wastewater passes “AEP ’s deployment of our ABMet form in 2012.
through this bioreactor and a reduction technology underscores the importance

Siemens Introduces New Ionpure Module

with High Water Hardness Tolerance
y using thin deionisation cells, are housed in the standard VNX vessel with guaranteed leak-free performance.
Siemens I ndus tr y Au tomation format, which is already widely estab- Nominal flow is rated at 30 gpm (113
Division’s Ionpure VNX CDIT mod- lished in power applications, with stan- lpm).
ule has doubled feedwater hardness dard pipe connectivity and skid mount- The module also ensures that single-
capability from a previous maximum of ing. However, the internal construction pass RO can now be successfully intro-
2 ppm as calcium carbonate to 4 ppm. differs from the thick cell design that is duced to the typical CEDI pretreatment
Maximum silica intake has increased to common to the rest of the series. This train in all but the most severe feedwater
2 ppm from less than 1 ppm. US Patent new internal arrangement allows for locations. Elimination of the second-pass
Pending thin cell technology also allows proven thin cell technology to operate RO reduces both the capital costs and
for Feedwater Conductivity Equivalent on more challenging feed-water while the operating costs of the treatment
(FCE), an estimation of the ionic load that maintaining the 7 bar operating pressure system.
can be handled by CEDI, more than twice
the value of the preceding high hardness
module, at up to 100 µS/cm.
This greatly enhanced tolerance gives
Ionpure VNX CDIT an eight times higher
hardness rating than the common EDI
used as a power industry standard. Ap-
plications for the new module therefore
include boiler feed ultrapurification for
power plants with high hardness/high
total dissolved solids in the raw water.
In addition, VNX CDIT capably replaces
Ionpure Legacy H and P series modules.
The components of the new module

WaterMalaysia 29
Making Waves

GF Piping Exhibits Latest Trends

F Piping Systems exhibited the
latest product trends in water
treatment, distribution, service
and innovation at Aquatech, which took
place at the RAI Congress Centre in Am-
sterdam this year from November 1 - 4.
Among the highlights at the spacious
exhibition stand were the flexible Signet
9900 transmitter, the universal 3-way
543 ball valve, the push-fit iJOINT fitting,
the new generation of 561/562 check
valves, new dimensions for the wide
range coupling system MULTI/JOINT
3000 Plus and the polyvalent electrofu-
sion devices MSA 330 and MSA 340.
A current highlight is the Signet
9900 transmitter with luminous display
and flexibly configurable single-channel
inter face to measure diverse param-
eters. Further innovations of GF Piping
Systems are the practical polypropylene
compression fitting iJOINT for fast and
easy house connections, the new gen-
eration of check valves type 561 and 562
with a newly designed check cone, as well service life and low maintenance costs ability according to ISO 12176.
as a new generation of diaphragm valves calls for optimal jointing technologies. Safe pipe jointing, efficient flow con-
with twice the flow thanks to optimised At Aquatech GF Piping Systems demon- trol and precise measurement of param-
flow contours. The restraint MULTI/ strates the MSA 330 and MSA 340 poly- eters, such as temperature, pH, chlorine
JOINT 3000 Plus fittings for water sup- valent electrofusion devices, equipped content, are indispensable for nearly all
ply pipes are now also available in the with state-of-the-art technology, such applications in water management. Also
dimensions DN350 and DN400 for water as USB interface to transfer fusion pro- on exhibit at Aquatech were innovative
pressures up to 10 bar and gas pressures tocols to your computer, user-friendly solutions from GF Piping Systems for
up to 5 bar. keypad and for the 340 model a GPS setting up and operating dependable
A reliable piping system with a long function for seamless product trace- piping systems.

Honeywell UOP Adsorbents Used to

Remove Radiation from Water

OP LLC, a Honeywell company eywell’s UOP is proud that our advanced tive ions from liquids. These materials
has announced that its adsorbent ion exchange products are successfully have been used commercially for more
ion exchange products are suc- supporting the efforts to treat the con- than 30 years to remove radioactive ions
cessfully being used by Toshiba Corpo- taminated water and helping to prevent from liquids such as radioactive waste
ration and Shaw Global Services LLC for further damage at the Fukushima plant streams in commercial nuclear power
the cleanup of radiation-contaminated and surrounding areas,” said Mike Mil- plants, alkaline tank waste and spent fuel
water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear lard, vice president and general manager storage pool water.
power plant in Japan. of Catalysts, Adsorbents and Specialties H oney well ’s U O P pioneered the
The Simplified Active Water Retrieve for Honeywell’s UOP. a ds o r b en t s in d us t r y m o r e tha n 6 0
and Recovery System (SARRY) is utilis- The SARRY system, developed by years ago with the invention of the first
ing UOP IONSIV™ Ion Exchangers to Toshiba, Shaw and AVANTech, Incor- synthetic zeolites for use as molecular
remove and reduce radioactive materials porated, has been in operation for over sieve adsorbents. Today, in addition to a
in the contaminated wastewater. The three months and continues to reduce wide range of molecular sieve and acti-
wastewater at Fukushima Daiichi was radioactive cesium to non-detectable vated alumina products, it offers a broad
contaminated after the earthquake and levels. portfolio of adsorbents for the removal
tsunami in Japan earlier this year. UOP IONSIV Ion Exchanger adsor- of contaminants such as mercury and
“Our thoughts are with those who bents are crystalline materials that have sulphur compounds.
have been affected by this disaster. Hon- the ability to selectivity remove radioac-

30 WaterMalaysia
Severn Trent Wins Singapore Contract
evern Trent Ser vices’ ClorTec® awarded by the project’s main contractor, to generate a 0.8% solution.
on-site sodium hypochlorite gen- Sembawang Engineers and Constructors “Interest in alternative disinfection
eration disinfection system has Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of global conglom- technologies is growing in the Asia Pacific
been selected for use at the Singapore’s erate Punj Lloyd Group. Construction of region, with recent on-site generation
new Lower Seletar drinking water treat- the plant is scheduled for completion by system installations in Malaysia, Korea,
ment plant, which generates 60 MGD 2013. Vietnam and Australia,” said Marwan
(227 MLD). Severn Trent’s ClorTec on-site hy- Nesicolaci, vice-president of international
The contract for four ClorTec systems pochlorite generation system, an alter- sales for Severn Trent Services. “The use
from Severn Trent Services, each with a native to usual disinfection treatment of on-site hypochlorite generation is likely
capacity of 1,500 lb/day (31.25 kg/h), was methods, uses salt, water and electricity to continue to grow in the Asia Pacific.”

Hong Kong
Protected by
PermaNet SMS
Leak Detector
ong Kong was the first city in
Asia to take advantage of the
advanced leak detection capa-
bilities of the Permalog noise loggers,
with an initial deployment back in 1999.
The loggers are placed on water pipes
where they listen for the sound made by
leaks, log the data and then transmit it
for further analysis. This enables water
companies to identify leak areas quickly
and efficiently; saving time, money and
water by enabling a rapid, accurately- Water Management (HWM-Water Ltd), The main challenge of this monitoring
targeted response to repair the issue. and the company’s distributor in Hong work is to localise a leak when a cor-
In Hong Kong, the Water Supplies Kong is Allied Power Technology Ltd. Al- relation is simply not possible. In these
Department (WSD) is in charge of main- lied Power has supplied over 800 sets of situations, we usually use the Perma-
taining the 7 8 0 0km of underground Permalog+ units with SMS repeaters to logs’ Aqualog function to differentiate
water pipes in the city, and has a 15-year the region, and also has a contract with interference and help identify the leak
rehabilitation program costing billions the local government to analyse the data location.”
of HK dollars to repair, upgrade and gathered from the system. When in Aqualog mode, a Permalog+
modernise the network. Their target When deployed with SMS repeat- logger will measure and log acoustic data
is to reduce burst incidents from 2500/ ers, the Permalog+ devices can function at preset intervals over an extended peri-
year in 2010 to 1000/year by 2015, and together as a nodal network, with all od of time, typically at night to minimise
to decrease the leakage rate from 25% to data being automatically transmitted the traffic noise. This data can then be
15%. Out of the 1100 cross-road pipes, back to a ‘home station’ – in this case presented graphically so trends, anoma-
around half are very old, and at increased Allied Power’s offices. Every morning, lies and incidents can be clearly identi-
risk of damage and disrepair. the company receives the leakage data fied. This effectively displays whether
When a pipe in the busy Wanchai for each of the install sites, and makes or not the noise is caused by a leak, since
district burst recently, the Hong Kong recommendations to the WSD based on any leak noise will be consistent.
government identified a fur ther 600 this information. The combination of the automated
sites around the city where very old pipes Davis Li, Managing Director, said: leakage dat a transmission for gen -
run under busy streets, and deployed a “We manage a huge amount of data ev- eral leakage alerts, and in-depth on-site
new batch of Permalog+ noise loggers to ery day, which has to be organised and analysis with Aqualog, means that leaks
watch for, identify and locate any leaks presented clearly. Because the noise log- can be quickly identified and problems
in these areas. gers are on busy roads for this project, repaired before they cause major dis-
Permalog technology is made and de- there is quite a lot of interference from ruption or damage to Hong Kong and its
veloped in the United Kingdom by Halma road noise, which can complicate our job. residents.

WaterMalaysia 31
Making Waves

Wireless Communication with Data

Loggers All Over the World
eller AG für Druckmesstechnik has is covered with a lockable covering cap 30 series. The actual sensor no longer
developed a universal, energy- made from solid plastic. The data logger has to be connected to the ambient air
optimised radio module with in- is therefore protected from theft and via a capillary tube in the supply cable.
tegrated data logger. The GSM-2 remote vandalism when level measurements are The measuring accuracies that can be
data transmission unit and the free PC being taken outdoors. achieved from the difference between
software allow you to conveniently ob- Equipped with energy-efficient elec- the probe signal and the air pressure
serve levels, measurements and trends tronics and a robust lithium battery (3.9 signal are within the range of a few mil-
and monitor limits from the comfort of V/32 Ah), the logger can send the results limetres.
your office. This applies to groundwater of 24 measurements to a PC at head- The GSM2 DataManager, which is flex-
levels, wastewater levels and the filling quarters for up to 10 years by e-mail, ible, convenient and free software, takes
levels of mobile tanks on vehicles. Howev- or transfer them to a mobile phone via over the key functions of a monitoring,
er, it also applies to completely different SMS. The maximum measuring speed is acquisition, control and organisation unit.
measurements from appropriate sensors one measurement per minute. Two volt- The DataManager acquires the measure-
with suitable output signals. age inputs (0 - 2.5 V), 2 digital inputs, a ments, allocates them, displays them in
The cylindrical design of the GSM-2 BUS interface (RS 485) for operating up graphical format, provides a signal when
with a diameter of just 48 mm has been to 5 level sensors or optionally the SDI12 limits are exceeded and then stores them
chosen so that the data logger, which interface for water analysis units make in a mySQL database for which no licence
”self-dials” in accordance with user re- the GSM-2 data logger a universal data fee is required. Third parties can access
quirements, can simply be placed in the acquisition module for wide area measur- the measurements using various export
top of a normal 2-inch diameter sounding ing networks. and Internet functions and integrate
pipe that is used in groundwater measur- An air pressure sensor and a tem- them in their data acquisition systems.
ing equipment. Installation takes a matter perature sensor are already integrated All parameterisation and monitoring of
of seconds. The housing is designed to in the GSM-2, especially for taking level the individual GSM-2 data loggers is also
withstand condensation and being under measurements using pressure sensors carried out using the GSM2 DataManager
water for short periods. The GSM antenna with long-term stability such as the Keller software.

Microbiotics Awarded for Noteworthy

nvironmental Protection announced the winners of its 2011 New
Product of the Year Award in various categories during WEFTEC
2011 in Los Angeles. Bio-Microbics has been awarded a 2011 New
Product of the Year Award in the Recycling Category for its BioBarrier®
Membrane BioReactor (MBR) System for onsite water-reuse applica-
A current highlight is the Signet 9900 transmitter with luminous
display and flexibly configurable single-channel interface to measure
diverse parameters. Further innovations of GF Piping Systems are the
practical polypropylene compression fitting iJOINT for fast and easy
house connections, the new generation of check valves type 561 and
562 with a newly designed check cone, as well as a new generation of
diaphragm valves with twice the flow thanks to optimised flow contours.
The restraint MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus fittings for water supply pipes
are now also available in the dimensions DN350 and DN400 for water
pressures up to 10 bar and gas pressures up to 5 bar.
A reliable piping system with a long service life and low maintenance
costs calls for optimal jointing technologies. At Aquatech GF Piping
Systems demonstrates the MSA 330 and MSA 340 polyvalent electrofusion
devices, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as USB interface
to transfer fusion protocols to your computer, user-friendly keypad and
for the 340 model a GPS function for seamless product traceability
according to ISO 12176.
Safe pipe jointing, efficient flow control and precise measurement of
parameters, such as temperature, pH, chlorine content, are indispensable
for nearly all applications in water management. Also on exhibit at
Aquatech were innovative solutions from GF Piping Systems for setting
up and operating dependable piping systems.

32 WaterMalaysia