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The Theory Behind R-Theory’s Breakthrough Opportunities for Tri-State Area


R-Theory Productions & Studio is offering opportunities for selected artists to play for a record
label, have an advertising consultation, receive studio time to record, and more.

Philadelphia, PA, July 18, 2018 --(PR.com)-- R-Theory Productions & Studio is offering three unique
opportunities for artists within the tri-state area to have their music heard. Held on July 27th, there will be
a producer beat battle. The winner will have the choice for their songs to be heard by RCA Records, Def
Jam Recordings, ROC Nation, or Atlantic Records. On August 4th there will be an A&R showcase where
artists can perform in front of the head A&R of ROC Nation, Jason Polo Carbonell. Additionally, the
artists will have a closed-door session for a workshop on marketing, advertising, and distribution. Last, on
September 9th, R-Theory Productions & Studio will award an artist an all-expense paid trip to headline in
New York City at the world famous entertainment venue, SOB's. The artists will also be offered studio
time and a music consultation.

The producer beat battle will last a total of four rounds at R-Theory Productions & Studio in Philadelphia.
The audience will choose the winner who will then move on to have four songs heard by a label. The
A&R showcase will provide fifteen artists to participate and perform two songs. The showcase will be
held at a high-profile recording studio in New York City. SOB's is the largest underground performing
venue in New York City. Along with performing at SOB's, the artists will get two free hours of studio
time at R-Theory Productions & Studio. They will also receive a free consultation by its sister company
11:22 Multimedia Group, LLC.

All events will cost a small entry fee. “The goal is to create these opportunities, that may not be available
to artists within the tri-state area. R-Theory Productions & Studio hopes to help more artists from the area
push their careers further,” claims President of 11:22 MMG, Nikema Hawkins.

R-Theory Productions & Studio is a one stop shop for artists, record labels and business owners. It offers
in-house studio recording, branding, marketing, public relations, photography, and much more. The
company was acquired by Nikema Hawkins and Kevin Sutton president and CEO of the marketing,
advertising and PR firm 11:22 Multimedia Group, LLC in 2017. It has become a premiere location for
tri-state clients. The merger allows both entities to work simultaneously using their expertise on their
client's behalf. From securing artist interviews at Sirrus XM, or in person meetings at Vibe Magazine,
R-Theory Productions & Studio is primed to prove they are more than just a recording studio.

For more information contact 215.613.0316.

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