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I gathered this info for friends and friends of friends who are facing difficult times.

It is about
alternative methods used by many to strengthen their immune system. Yet, the best approach
is to speak with an alternative healthcare professional (i.e. naturopathic doctor) who can
understand the patient’s case and help with his/her decisions.

After reading the book of integrative oncologist Dr. Kelly Turner, "Radical Remission,"
here are a few steps that many people have incorporated into their life styles in order to
cure their diseases:

1. Radical change of diet - it takes 21 days for the body to reset itself (like a computer that
does not work and has to be unplugged and rebooted). It takes 21 days of repetitive
constructive behavior to reset your system and become "addicted" to these newly acquired
behaviors (eating healthier, exercising more, thinking more positively, etc)
Also you may want to check the website of Dr. Brian Clement form the Hippocrates Institute in
West Palm Beach, Florida. He has a 21 day program that helps people change their life style
habits (change of diet, detoxing, exercise, laughter, prayer, etc)
So, one should eat only raw foods (mainly juices) during this period of 21 days:

a) Sprouts (the richest in vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants, cancer-fighting-agents)

Broccoli sprouts have the best anti-cancer fighting properties.
Sunflower, pea, and mung bean sprouts are the richest in proteins.

b) Algae such as chlorella and spirulina (due to the sulphur content and smell, it's easier to
take them as pills). Seaweeds help the body get rid of radiation (the iodine in them binds to the
radioactive elements and carry them out of the body).They are also rich in proteins since they
are 60% protein per weight and are easily absorbed and digested.

c) Green leaves: kale, cabbage, broccoli, rappini (exceptional anti-cancer fighting properties) -
juice them as a drink (8 cups/ day) plus incorporate them in big quantities in 3 salads/ day.

d) Green wheat grass, parsley, coriander - incorporate in juices and salads as they are great
detoxifiers (they eliminate especially heavy-metals)

e) Raw seeds and nuts (not toasted) for fat, protein, mineral, and vitamin content (should be
left over night in water to deactivate the enzyme inhibitors and make them easily digestible)
Best choices of all nuts and seeds: Brazil nuts (contain Selenium -most cancer patients have
been found to be deficient in Selenium)
Bitter apricot seeds (rich in Vit B17 - we are deficient in this vitamin and many people cured
themselves by consuming lots of apricot seeds per day; many stage 4 patients had Vit B17 in
I.V. perfusions. The lack of Vit B17 in our diet is due to the genetically modified fruits that are
nowadays seedless.
Hemp seeds - best source of complete protein plus best Omega 3 / Omega 6 fatty acids ratio.
Raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, and raw sesame seeds (all found organic and 'en
vrac' = cheaper at Marché Tau, Health Tree, Marché Avril stores

f) Probiotics (either as pills or miso, homemade kimchi, sauerkraut, rejuvelac, tempeth, etc)
They are a must, as we need to replenish the good bacteria in our intestines, since our
immune system is as healthy as our gut is.
g) Use unrefined healthy oils: mashed avocado, organic virgin coconut oil, tahini = sesame
seed butter or other seed/ nut butters to provide the healthy oils that our body needs.

h) Substitute the sink/ bottled water, the coffee, and the milk with herbal teas that have healing
properties (Yarrow – to cleanse the kidneys, Milk Thistle and dandelion to cleanse the liver,
Echinacea and Pau D’Arco - for the immune system, etc). One could use the Brita filters to
purify their water, yet the best liquids are the freshly squeezed juices from celery leaves and
cucumbers. Not juices from fruits – sugar feeds cancer cells! (Inspiring video of Dr. Brian
Clement re: the connection between sugar and cancer  Google by key words
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsjppiOOprY ) Also the best herbal tea with cancer fighting
properties is the ESSIAC tea (found at Marché Tau, Marché Avril or cheaper online) invented
and patented by a Canadian nurse (one can also prepare it by oneself).

i) Take pancreatic enzymes – best taken before going to bed. All the raw vegetable juices and
the other nutrients are going to be easily digested and absorbed in the morning and the body is
saving precious energy that is redirected from digestion to fight the cancer cells. The enzymes
also ‘crack’ open the cancer cells (which are proteins) , thus making the fighting agents more
available inside the cancerous cells.

2. Daily detox with coffee enemas. At the Hippocrates Institute they apply them once or twice
daily, as a way to help the liver detoxify. It is based on the Gerson therapy, invented by
Dr. Gerson who cured with coffee enemas and a raw-food-diet thousands of cancer patients.
Google by "Coffee enema" and "Gerson Therapy" – there are many video clips on YouTube on
how to do it and what quantities of organic, non decaf coffee to use.

3. Daily warm/hot baths to detox, since the skin is our '3rd kidney' and our biggest organ that
helps us, through perspiration, to detox. We have to detox via all our organs of elimination, so
that we do not put pressure on the kidneys or the lungs or the intestines. Please Google by
'shower / bath water filters' as is imperative the water is free of chlorine, arsenic, etc. A few
drops of lavender essential oil in the water will provide an excellent aromatherapy treatment
that will relax the mind - anxiety does not help healing the immune system! Water is also the
best ‘medium’ to clear one’s aura from all negative energies picked up from the environment
(negative words, thoughts, and gestures from others that cause soul pollution.)

4. Daily exercise (walking, running, yoga, stretching) also helps with the detoxification. The
lymphatic system is static. The only way to ‘move’ it and to clean it is through physical activity.
Daily exercise also increases our endorphins, those ‘happiness hormones’ that help us stay
anxiety free. The speed or the strength does not matter, yet it is important to get moving. This
also increases the oxygen in our body, and it is known that cancer cells cannot survive in an
oxygenated environment. So, it is a must to exercise.

5. Positive thinking - Dr. Bruce Lipton, the father of Epigenetics, shows in his research that our
thinking can change our genes. Also, our words represent the energy of our thoughts put into
action. One should have a daily mantra. One should daily think and say: I am healthy,
I am beautiful, I am rich, I am blessed, and I am doing well. These words, said with faith while
looking into a mirror, have the potential to change the chemistry of our body. It is the same with
the placebo effect ... mind over matter.
6. Laughter is very important. Once, I've read a book "The Anatomy of an Illness" by Norman
Cousin that Dr. Kelly Turner also mentions in her book "Radical Remission."
Norman Cousins describes in his book how he cured himself from ‘incurable’ arthritis with high
doses of I.V. Vit C and high doses of daily laughter. Dr. Turner also says that laughter was one
of the steps used by some of her interviewees to cure themselves. Rent as many DVD
comedies or funny books and make a point to have a daily routine where you laugh once or
twice daily.

7. Prayer. The first part of prayer is showing appreciation and giving Thanks to all that you are,
all that you have and all that you have accomplished in your life. Cancer is a symptom usually
that comes to teach us a lesson - to change our life when the energy is stuck in our body in a
certain organ (in the Chinese Traditional Medicine, each organ holds a certain emotion/ energy
related to a certain emotion: the liver keeps anger, the intestine keeps grief, the heart keeps
love/hatred, the kidney keeps fear, etc). When we have unresolved emotional problems in our
lives (the death of a dear one – even a pet, a divorce, a loss of some sort, envy, anger, or any
other negative emotion) then, the organ responsible for handling that energy/emotion gets sick.
We have to learn to forgive and forget.
The second part of prayer is to ask the Source/God/Universe to show you the way. Ask to be
healed. Ask and it is given!
BTW, acupuncture is also great to balance the energy meridians in your body, to strengthen
your immune system, restore sleep, and dissipate anxiety.

8. A strong reason to live. You have to find someone or something that needs your presence in
this life/ existence plan. Many times people give up their battle mainly because they think
nobody loves or needs them anymore. For them the cancer diagnosis it’s a self-fulfilled
prophecy and they give up even before trying to fight. As said above, the trigger that often
causes cancer cells (present otherwise in everyone’s body) to multiply and manifest clinically is
a traumatic event (for example the loss of a dear one - even of a pet, the loss of a job, etc).
We all have our traumas and illnesses in our lives – please do not own a disease or a disease
diagnosis. Reduce the amount of time that you talk about being ill/ depressed/ helpless.
Refuse to allow any type of illness a place in your consciousness.


“Emergency” reads:

*** Dr. Kelly Turner's book available at Bibliotheque de Montreal or on amazon.com

*** Another inspiring book is “Cancer – Think Outside the Box,” by Ty Bollinger.
*** Inspiring healing stories of late stages cancer survivors at: www.chrisbeatcancer.com
or http://incrediblehealingjournals.com/category/find-a-story/
or http://www.radicalremission.com/ (database where people search for or submit their own heling story)

Note: One is going to fell and look miserable because of the detox side effects during these
first 21 days (headaches, vomiting, general weakness can be present) but one has to
understand that this regimen will STRENGTHEN THE BODY WHILE STARVING THE
CANCER CELLS. Life, joy and happiness are awaiting you! Be well and get started!