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1. All electrical works shall comply in accordance with these plans and specifications. The applicable
provisions of the latest edition of the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC). The rules and regulation of the
local enforcing authority and the requirements of the local power company. The electrical works shall be
done under the immediate supervision of a duly registered electrical engineer.

2. Wiring method shall be as follows :

A. Feeders and risers - intermediate metallic conduit

B. Lighting, power receptacle - polyvinyl chloride conduit sch. 40 branch ckt. & auxiliary

3. All wires shall be copper and thermoplastic insulated type "thw" unless otherwise indicated in the
plan. The minimum size of wire for power and lighting circuit homerun shall be 3.5mm² and insulated for
600 volts. Smallest raceway shall be 15mmø trade/nominal size.

4. All outlet boxes shall be galvanized gage no. 16 deep types with factory knockouts.

5. All materials to be used shall be brand new and approved type for the particular location and purpose
of usage.

6. Grounding system shall be provided to all lighting and power circuit as per Philippine Electrical Code

7. Mounting height of wiring devices shall be as follows :

a. light switch - 1.20 m above finish floor

b. convenience outlet - 0.30 m above finish floor

c. panel board - 1.50 m above finish floor

d. fire alarm station outlet - 1.50 m. above finish floor

e. push button outlet - 1.20 m above finish floor f. fire alarm & vibrating bell - 0.30 m below ceiling line
GENERAL PLUMBING NOTES: 1. All workmanship and materials shall be in strict accordance with
applicable local codes, rules and ordinances. 2. The Plumbing Contractor shall be held to have verified all
existing conditions, including site visitation and review of as built documentation as applicable prior to
bidding, ordering, fabrication, installation of any materials or equipment on the project. 3. Unless
otherwise specified, all materials shall be new; all work shall be performed by a licensed plumbing
contractor in a first class workmanlike manner. The completed system shall be fully operative. All
excavation and backfill as required for this phase of construction shall be a part of the contract. 4.
Required insurance shall be provided by the plumbing contractor for protection against public liability
and property damage for the duration of work. 5. Drawings are Diagrammatic in nature and are to be
read in conjunction with architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural drawings are to be
considered as one set of documents. 6. Utility lines are shown in approximate locations entering the
building entering the building. The contractor shall examine the site and verify with local city and utility
with local city and utility officials the exact routing of utility lines to conform to the existing location of
utilities and obstacles that might affect the routing. 7. Plumbing fixtures shall be as scheduled on the
drawings and shall be complete with all necessary fittings, angles, stops, carriers, etc. as required for a
complete service. FOUNDATION AND EXCAVATION NOTES: 1. Foundations have been designed in
accordance with the geotechnical report prepared for the project. 2. All vegetation, top soil, paving, and
any loose material beneath the proposed building site shall be stripped and removed. Exposed subgrade
shall be proof-rolled and soils which are observed to rut and deflect excessively shall be undercut and
removed also. 3. The contractor shall notify the architect or engineer of record immediately in the event
that the soils conditions encountered vary from those shown on the boring logs. 4. All reinforcing steel
shall be detailed, fabricated and placed in accordance with the requirements. 5. Provide bent bars at all
corners. The minimum length of each leg of the bent bar shall be given. Unless shown otherwise on the
plans. Bars that are too long to be placed in one piece shall be lap spliced a distance as given and splices
be staggered. 6. Concrete work shall conform to all requirements, specifications for structural concrete
for buildings and requirements for structural concrete. 7. All exposed edges of concrete shall be
chamfered unless noted otherwise. 8. Clear distances from cast-in-place concrete surfaces to reinforcing
shall be no less than the noted distance. 9. Provide all accessories necessary to support reinforcement at
positions shown on the plan and details. 10. The general contractor shall check with architectural,
mechanical, and electrical drawings and the sub-contractors for openings, sleeves, anchors, hangers,
inserts, slab depressions and other items related to the concrete work and shall assume responsibility
for their proper location.