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Dayron Elias

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Leadership Profile
The Leadership Profile assignment seeks to expose you to leaders that exemplify leadership
qualities. This provides an opportunity to consider (if you have not already) the qualities of
leadership with which you most identify.
Identify effective leadership traits. Search for a business leader that exemplifies the leadership
trait. Identify the company and job title for each business leader. Include a description of how the
leader exemplifies the leadership trait. Describe if the leadership trait inspires followership and

Leadership Matrix:

Effective Name of Company Job Title Description of Describe if

Leadership Person That How Leader the
Trait Exemplifies Exemplifies Leadership
Leadership Leadership Trait Inspires
Trait Trait Followership,
and if so,

Drive Ray Kroc McDonald’s Founder and Ray Kroc began I believe that
CEO his professional this trait does
life as a inspire
traveling leadership in
salesman. In the fact that
the 1950s, Kroc Kroc never
was only gave up. Cruz
somewhat speaks to this
successful in factor in
selling multi- suggesting
spindle that good
milkshake leaders set an
machines to example for
drive-in their
restaurants employees
(Auerbach, (2014, p. 1).
2017, p. 1).
Kroc saw in the
brothers the
potential for a
business in fast
food. Kroc

mortgaged his
house in order
to buy in and
franchise the
name. Kroc
sought ways to
improve the
business, even
wasn’t the
most successful
avenue. Kroc
began to buy
up real estate
as a way to
keep the
afloat. This
gave him the
capital he
needed to put
across the
United States.

Achievement Bill Gates Microsoft Founder and Gates has Gates not
CEO shown only talks
achievement in about
his innovation achievement;
of computers. he lives what
Gates works he preaches.
continually to Gates and his
improve his wife put a
product. huge
emphasis on
The couple
gives a great

amount of
computers in
2018, p. 1).

Ambition Steve Jobs Apple Founder Jobs once said Jobs always
to another looked to
potential better
executive, “Do himself and
you want to his product.
spend the rest Ambition
of your life kept Jobs
selling sugared reaching for a
water or do higher goal.
you want a
change to
change the
2018, p. 1)

Energy Henry Ford Ford Motor Founder and Ford’s

Company CEO development
of the assembly
line in order to
vehicles has
made industry
what it is

Tenacity Warren Berkshire Founder Buffett learned

Buffett Hathaway the virtue of
saving at a
young age,
when he took
his earnings as
a paperboy and
saved them in
order to invest

them later.

Initiative Sam Walton Wal-Mart Founder and Walton was

CEO known for
taking initiative
in building his

traits list
come from
the following:
Malos, 2011,
p. 215).

Leadership Summary:
Provide a 250-500 word summary that further explains the role of power and influence within
leadership. Which traits do you believe will inspire others? What qualities do you believe will
foster effective leadership? Provide at two to five references, which may include the textbook.
APA format is required for essays only. Solid academic writing is always expected. For all
assignment delivery options, documentation of sources should be presented using APA
formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student
Success Center.

When considering the leadership qualities that inspire people the most, certainly, each of the

aforementioned qualities comes to mind. All great leaders have drive and initiative. Initiative

is the ability to get something going, often when there is nothing to start building with.

Initiative means that a person does not ask for a job to do, but looks to see what jobs need to

be done and does those jobs. Cruz speaks to being a good example for employees; a business

leader who consistently shows initiative is a great example for employees. Drive is another

quality which good leaders display in the business world. An individual with drive does not

quit even if there are many obstacles to that person’s success. Again, this is a trait that

employees will do well to follow. A leader who pushes forward even in the face of adversity

will have employees who are willing to fight for the success of the business due to the

leader’s example (Malos, 2011, p. 215). Tenacity is another word for toughness. This is an

example that leaders must have, and employees will be proud to work under an employer

who is willing to fight for the betterment of the corporation. Energy and ambition are also

traits that a good leader should possess. Employees will pick up on positive energy, and they

will imitate that energy as well.

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