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Saturn Evo



inte l l i g ent sim p l i c ity

Manufacturer of high quality anaesthesia products


The safety of the Saturn Evo was given high priority during its
development. Thus manual ventilation is independent of the electronic/
pneumatic system. Any failure in the driving gas, main voltage,
electronics, software, etc. always results in the Saturn Evo reverting to
spontaneous / manual mode. Ventilation is always possible because
the system contains no controlled valves, making the ventilation circuit
extremely reliable. An alarm always sounds when such a switch occurs.
In addition to this pneumatic/mechanical safety, the electronics are
also designed in such a way that a high level of reliability and safety
is obtained.
The Saturn Evo is also equipped with the unique “anti-volutrauma”
software and “anti-barotrauma” software, especially developed by
Medec. With these features, the Saturn Evo reaches a new level of
patient safety.
high return on investment
Why waste gas when you could have a Saturn Evo ?
The Saturn Evo automatically compensates for the amount of fresh gas flow, and can
work as a half closed system or a fully closed system, all depending on the fresh
gas setting set by the user. The Saturn Evo is therefore suitable for high flow down
to low flow and even minimum flow.
The flowsensor is incorporated in the patient system, and is based on an adaptation,
developed by Medec, on the Fleisch principle. The flow curve is integrated in time,
which gives the volume. Both inspiration and expiration are measured. The fresh
gas flow, which is also detected by the flow sensor, is of course fully compensated.
Due to the unique construction, we give extended warranty of five years on the flow
By placing the absorber canister on the inspiratory line, we have eliminated the
unnecessary filtering of gases that will be drained by the gas evacuation system.
Consequently, the soda-lime can be used for a much longer period.
The Saturn EVO is also designed to be maintained easily without the need of
expensive maintenance as there are no moving parts in our unit. All parts of the
Saturn EVO are tested and inspected to achieve the highest standards to eliminate
the risk of failure. This in combination with the built-in software calibration and
maintenance menu, makes the Saturn Evo one of the most economical and reliable
units available on the market today.

Accurate laminar flow sensor


The Saturn Evo anesthetic ventilator is reliable and easy to operate, and can be
used in all situations where vapour anesthesia is used and ventilation is required.
From neonatal to adult ventilation, without having to change any bag or bellow.
The Saturn evo can be used both as a stand-alone machine and as a part of a
complete system.
The control panel has been kept as simple as possible, with directly recognizable
The large color screen, in combination with touch screen technology makes it easy
to operate in every situation.
The quick and accurate feedback makes Saturn Evo a unique ventilator with
excellent ventilation characteristics. As soon as a change occurs (eg. Machine
setting, patient compliance, adjustment of the fresh gas flow) the Saturn Evo detects
this and calculates a revised tank pressure. Because the tank, via the bag-in-
bottle, maintains the ventilation volume or pressure, the Saturn Evo adapts to the
new (patient) parameters following this change. The Saturn Evo is thus an actively
controlling and correcting ventilator which provides optimum ventilation for the
patient at every machine setting.
Lowest work of breathing
NO inadvertent peep
Lowest peep settings (1-20 in steps of 1 mbar)
Fresh gas flow directly to the patient,
resulting in the fastest saturation
Compensation of compliance,
resistance and small leaks
Laminar flow measurement
Decelerating flow patern
Vertical light weight absorber valves
Reduced comsumption of sodalime
(canister inspiratory line)
Unique ANTI-VOLUTRAUMA software system
Special anti barotrauma software system
A standard configuration consist off :

• Electronic anesthesia ventilator with

high resolution touch screen
• Movable trolley with
anti-static castors, (with brake)
3 drawers cabinet
Built-in light (4 positions)
Front gas outlet for manual systems
Writing plateau and monitor shelf
Built-in suction and collection jar
Electrical output (4 sockets)
• Oxygen Ratio controlled flowmeter
Min. 25% oxygen, or other ratio
on request.
• 3 Station Selectatec system
• Absorber system with quick canister
release (self closing) and built-in watertrap
• Patient circuit holder
• Latex free patient circuit
• Oxygen measurement kit
• Complete gas evacuation system
• Manual arm with calibrated APL valve
• Side rail for accessories

Optional available with :

• External anesthetic gas and
patient monitoring.
• Back-up cylinders for 02 / N20
• Electronic flowmeter
• Oxygen outlet connector with flowmeter
• Other accessories available on request
saturn evo - technical data sheet -

Technical data pneumatic system

Pipeline inlet pressure Oxygen flush Suction

0 2 3 - 8 bar - NIST inlet 35 l/min (between 3 - 8 bar) Built-in, operating on vacuum
N20 3 - 8 bar - NIST inlet (optional with injector system)
Air 3 - 8 bar - NIST inlet
Regulators (optional) Cylinder holders Manometer gauges regulator
Built-in regulator for 02 - N20 2 or 3 holders for 02 : 0 - 250 bar
PIN-Index. 10 litres bottles N20 : 0 - 100 bar
Manometer gauges Rotameter With oxygen ratio controller.
N20 0- 10 bar O2 tube : 0 - 1 l/min Guarantees a minimum of 25%
Air 0- 10 bar 0 - 10 l/min oxygen. N20 cut-off if 02 fresh gas
0 2 0- 10 bar N20 tube : 0 - 12 l/min valve is closed or if 02 pressure
Air : 0 - 15 l/min drops below 2.5 bar.
Optional : 5 or 6 tubes.
Vaporizer mounting Vaporizer Shelfs
Selectatec system three station Flow and temperature 1 monitor shelf (optional external arm)
compensated 1 writing shelf built-in
Absorber features Drawer unit Volume of C02 absorber
Safety overpressure valve built-in Drawer unit incorporated 1.5 litres
autoclavable 3 drawers

Technical data VENTILATOR Electronically controlled, pneumatically driven

Principle Ventilation modes Anti-barotrauma system

Bag-in-bottle system CMV, PCV, SIMV, Manual, Anti-Volutrauma system
Spontaneous, P.S. (optional)
Tidal volume (CMV) Peak pressure (PCV) Ventilation frequency
10 - 1600 ml 5 - 70 mbar 4 - 80 breaths per minute
I:E ratio Peep (electronic) Trigger
1:1,1:1.5 ;1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 0 - 20 mbar -2 to -20 mbar above PEEP
1:5, 1:6, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1
Plateau time Upper pressure alarm limit Lower pressure alarm limit
0 - 50% 7 mbar to 99 mbar 2 mbar to 92 mbar (CMV)
2 mbar to 66 mbar (PCV)
Oxygen alarm limit Inspiratory Pause: Sigh
Low:18 - 99% High:19 - 99% or off 0% - 50% ON/OFF
Measured parameters Audible and visual Alarms Other display readings
Expired/inspired tidal volume, Low air/02/N20 input pressure Silent indicator countdown
Minute volume, PIP, Plateau pressure, apnea alarm, 02 alarms Time & Date
PEEP, Mean pressure, upper/lower limit alarm Mains and Battery indicator
Patient pressure, ratio, frequency. leak or patient disconnection
User – technical alarms
Battery backup Operating voltage Power consumption
Minimum 3 hours when fully charged 100 - 240V, 50-60 Hz < 100 VA
Battery type Operating temperature Storage temperature
Sealed lead acid battery 10 - 40°C 5 - 50 °C

Specifications subject to changes without prior notice

Brochure : Saturn Evo color version 1.0
Manufacturer of high quality anaesthesia products

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