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420 W. 56th St. #10

Invoice Number INV-21857 Amount Due USD $39.00 New York, NY 10019
United States
Invoice Date 7 December 2017 Due Date 6 January 2018
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Jeffrey Fabis 2511 Hale Road PAINESVILLE OH 44077
2511 Hale Road

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100757 David Maslanka: Sonata (1988) for Alto 1 $39.00 $39.00

Saxophone and Piano – PDF Set: Full Score
(Concert, Manuscript, 9" × 12"), Alto
Saxophone Part (Manuscript, 9" × 12")

Total $39.00

LESS Credited Amount USD $0.00

Amount Due USD $39.00

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Invoice Number INV-21857
To: Maslanka Press
420 W 56th St. #10
New York, NY 10019 Amount Due 39.00
United States Due Date 06 Jan 2018

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