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DP transmitter, 7MF4433

For Air flow transmitter

Key function
Function Mode Display, explanation
Output current in mA or % or input pressure in
Measured value
unit of pressure
"Error", if the transmitter is disturbed. Moving
Error display
text indicating reason for disturbance.
Current Current Set to
Start of scale 2 Output current in mA
greater smaller 4 mA
Current Current Set to
Full scale 3 Output current in mA
greater smaller 20 mA
Dampning Dampning Time constant T63 in seconds
Electrical dampning 4
greater smaller Parameter range 0.0 to 100.0
Start of scale Pressure Pressure Set to start
5 Start of scale in selected unit of pressure
"blind setting" greater smaller of scale 0
Full scale Pressure Pressure Set to upper
6 Full scale in selected unit of pressure
"blind setting" greater smaller measuring limit
Zero adjustment Vent transmitter (start of scale remains
7 -- -- Execute
(position correction) unaffected). Measuring value in unit of pressure
Current Current Constant output current in mA; 3.6 - 4.0 - 12.0 -
Current transmitter 8 Switch on
greater smaller 20.0 - 22.8, switched off by "M" key.
Output current in the Changes between the Selected output current
9 --
event of an error two values Possible: fault current limits set by user
"0" = none
"LA" = all disable
Keys and/or function Changes between the
five functions
-- "LO" = all disable except start of scale
"LS" = all disable except start and full scale
"L" = write protection,
"Lin" = liniar
"SrLin" = square rooting
Changes between the
Characteristic 11 -- (linear up to application point)
three functions
"SroFF" = square rooting
(switched off up to application point)
Application point of
the square rooting 12 Greater Smaller -- Parameter range 5 to 15 % flow
Measured value Select from three unit of pressure (input value) or output current
display possibilities mA or %
Unit of pressure 14 Change Thehnical units of pressure
AI setting AI setting