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Nov. 2016 –Feb. 2017
1) This contest shall have twenty four (24) participants who took on the challenge of losing
unwanted and unneeded pounds for a healthier and sexier body.

2) There would be two (2) categories : Individual and Team.

3) Four (4) teams shall be composed of six (6) members each. Members shall be grouped via
draw lots.

4) Each team shall designate a Team Captain to act as mentor, motivator, coordinator, progress
tracker, manager, etc. Each team to nominate a Team Name.

5) Each participant shall pay a non-refundable joining fee of PHP200 to Lorna G. Gache on or
before the first weekly weigh-in on 25 Nov. 2016-Friday.

6) If for any reason a participant could not continue with the challenge (i.e., becomes pregnant
or upon doctor’s advice) and quits, the remaining team members shall continue with the
challenge. The last weigh-in result of the quitting team member shall be used as the ‘final’
weigh-in result to compute for the total team weight loss.

7) Initial weigh-in will be on 17 Nov. 2016. The official weighing scale will be the weighing scale
in the company gym.

8) During weigh ins, each participant must wear pants and shirt made of light material, without
any footwear, and with nothing in his/her pockets.

9) This challenge shall run for twelve (12) weeks. Weekly weigh-in shall be every Friday at
4:30pm starting on Nov. 25, 2016 and final weigh-in on Feb. 17, 2017. Participants are
advised to be at the Gym at the designated weigh-in scheduled time without the need of an

10) Weekly winners shall be announced the following Friday. No cash prizes shall be awarded to
weekly winners. The purpose of the weekly weigh-in is to monitor individual and team

11) The individual and team with the biggest weight loss percentage vis-à-vis the initial weight
will be declared winners. To illustrate:

Initial Final Weight % of weight

Team A
Weight Weight loss Loss
Peter 165 150 15 9.09
Paul 190 170 20 10.53
John 206 180 26 12.62
Mary 202 190 12 5.94
763 690 73 9.57

Initial Final Weight % of weight

Team B
Weight Weight loss Loss

Pedro 135 120 15 11.11

Pablo 155 135 20 12.90
Juan 196 170 26 13.27 Winner-Individual
Maria 194 182 12 6.19
680 607 73 10.74 Winner-Team

Although both teams lost 73 lbs over-all, Team B shall be declared Winner since they have a
higher percentage of weight loss vs. their original combined weight.

Juan shall be declared Winner in the Individual Category, having the highest percentage of
weight loss.

12) Cash generated from joining fees and other cash eventually solicited from officers shall be
pooled as prize money.

13) Total Prize money shall be announced at a later date and shall be awarded as follows : ½
shall go to the Individual winner having the highest percentage of weight loss vs. his/her
original weight. The other half shall be awarded to the team with the highest combined
percentage of weight loss. Prizes in kind, if there will be any, shall also be announced.

14) Winners shall be announced on a date after the final weigh-in.

Good luck to everyone!

All in the spirit of fun and better health!
Lose to win! Cheers!

Prepared by : MVReyes