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Designing Your Blended Course: Blend and Flip Lesson Model Template

Course Name and #: ____OTA250: Occupational Therapy Services in Psychosocial Settings_______________________

1. Include the course level objective that aligns with the module level objectives
2. Include at least two (2) module level objectives for knowledge, comprehension or higher if appropriate for your lesson
3. Describe briefly the learning activities that will support the achievement of each objective
4. Describe briefly the assessment you will use to measure the mastery of the module level objectives
5. Provide at least one (1) objective for the upper level section that is application level or above (if appropriate), briefly describe the
associated learning activities that you will use in the f2f setting, and a higher stakes assessment that aligns with the application level or
above learning objective.
NOTE: The module lesson does not need to fully assess the course level objective, but should represent scaffolding that is occurring in the
lesson towards meeting the course level objective.

Course level objective:
Use sound judgment in regard to safety of self and others and adhere to safety regulations throughout the occupational therapy process as
appropriate to the setting and scope of practice.
Module or Unit Lower Level Objectives Learning Activity Blend-Online Assessment & Measurement
Low stakes – Auto graded
Knowledge/Remembering Watch a mini lecture video that lists Online quiz requiring students to list
State safety guidelines relevant to acute inpatient psychiatry and describes 8 safety guidelines for safety guidelines.
settings. acute inpatient psychiatry.
Comprehension/Understanding Participate in an interactive lesson Complete another simulated safety
Recognize safety concerns in an acute inpatient psychiatry that allows students to click on scenario requiring students to click
setting. items around a typical OT treatment on items that would be considered
room with “callouts” that explain unsafe.
each item and its possible safety
concerns if applicable.

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Module or Unit Level Upper Level Objectives Learning Activity Blend-F2F Assessment & Measurement
High Stakes & High Engagement


Synthesis/Evaluating Small group work with a sample patient Given a group protocol and 3 sample
Formulate a group session plan consistent with safety and group protocol to create a 20- patients, students must select tools and
guidelines for patients on an acute inpatient psychiatric unit. minute group session plan. Activities materials from available lab supplies and
and tools required must be consistent create a 45-minute group session plan.
with safety guidelines.

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