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PROJECT : Proposed Open Shed


LOCATION : Poblacion Tagoloan Misamis Oriental


Start of work shall be upon release of required permits, signing of contract, release of down
payment, access to site whichever is latest.


The work completed under this contract consists of:

1. Furnishing all necessary labor, materials and tools for the complete construction of the
building and perimeter fence in accordance with the plans and specifications herewith

2. All works to be done shall be in the highest quality of workmanship to the fullest intent and
meaning of the plans and specifications unless otherwise specified by the Architect/Engineer.

3. Application for the government permit and licenses

4. Construction of temporary facilities

5. Preparation of detailed architectural and engineering design services

6. Mobilization and demobilization


1. The plans and specifications shall be considered as Cooperative and all in one and not
mentioned or indicated in the other or vice-versa and shall be done by Contractor as these are
duly mentioned in both.

2. It so numerical indications appear on the plans, all drawings shall be carefully followed
according to the scale of the drawings, but if they are not indicated, the numerical notations
must be followed and not the scale of the drawings and specifications shall be governed. In
case of discrepancies on figure and drawings, the matter shall be made by the decision of the

3. No changes in drawings and specifications shall be made by the owner, contractor or

workmen without prior approval by the Architect/Engineer.

4. All instruments of services are considered as the professional property of the Architect/JMT
Constructio (RA9266) and it is only with the prior written consent that the same may be
reproduced and used by other persons, the Architect/Engineer is obligated to furnish his clients
with prints of plans not to exceed five (5) and three (3) sets of specifications and Bill of Materials
the cost of which shall be assumed by the architect/Engineer. However, the cost of additional
sets required shall be chargeable to the owner.


1. Clearing and grabbing

2. Gravel base

3. Layout and staking

4. Soil poisoning and termite protection

5. Excavation

6. Backfilling and compaction


Floor Finishes

All floor finishes shall be approved by the Owner and Architect/Engineer and in conformity with
the plans and specifications. The materials are the following;

1. Use Smooth cement finish coated with blue cement finish

Wall Finishes

All wall finishes shall be approved by the Owner and Architect/Engineer and in conformity with
the plans and specifications. Materials are the following;

1. For all toilet walls, use glazed wall tiles 30 x 60 .

2. For exterior wall, plain cement finish shall be coat with “ACRYTEX SEMI-GLOSS” solvent
based paint.

3. For interior wall, plain cement finish shall be coat with “LATEX SEMI-GLOSS” water based

4. Use Boysen,Davies and Island paint product for all paint and varnish materials. Use
manufacturer’s mixed for paint.

5. Use stone wall cladding (brick type natural araal, wood stone and mangima stone) for
exterior wall accent as indicated on the plan

6. For all painting application provide skim coat on smooth concrete surface

Ceiling Finishes

1. For all exposed concrete surfaces, rubbed concrete ceiling shall be coated with
“PERMACOAT FLAT LATEX” water based paint.

2. For interior ceiling, use 4.0mm thk hardiflex board suspended on metal framing.

3. For exterior ceiling (eaves) use 4.5mm thk ficem board suspended on metal framing.

4. Provide pvc vent ceiling eaves on all corners and in the middle

5. For all interior and exterior ceiling use “PERMACOAT FLAT LATEX” water based paint


1. Use powermix water base waterproofing for all toilet and bath and open balcony at second
floor and open roofdeck garage
Doors and Windows

1. All exterior and interior doors must be of solid wood with glass accent and of good quality of
kiln dried mohgany/lawaan or as specified in the drawings and is subject for moisture resistant
test, with complete accessories/hardware or in accordance with the plans and specifications
approved by the architect/owner.

2. All exterior and interior doorjamb must be of good quality kiln dried mohogany or as specified
in the drawings and is subject for moisture resistant test.

3. All windows shall be 5mm thick brown glass pane on standard section aluminum window
frames complete accessories with insect screen.

4. Doors and windows design and specifications are subject for approval by the owner.

Painting Works/Applications

1.The contractor shall furnish all tools necessary for the completion of all painting works.

2. All painting works shall be subject to inspection and approval by the site engineer. And owner

3. All painting works must be manufacturer’s mixed, Boysen,davies and island products, manner
of applications shall be in accordance with the painting manufacturer catalog.

4. All exposed exterior concrete shall be painted two coats of masonry paints.

5. All interior concrete and plaster works shall be painted with two coats of flat interior wall

6. All concrete wall before application of paints shall be washed by the solution of zinc sulfate in
two coats and applied with skim coat to smoothen the surface .

7. Approved color palette shall be in accordance with owner’s approval.

Metal/Roof Works

1. Use appropriate sizes of angle bar for all trusses

2. Use appropriate sizes of channel bar for all purlins, spacing shall be in accordance with
roofing manufacturer catalog
3. Apply 2 coats red oxide for all metal trusses and fence

4. Use appropriate size of tubular bar for balcony railing and fence

5. Use appropriate size of black iron pipe for stair stringer, automotive paint finish

6. Use pre painted rib type roofing panel and accessories for roof.

7. Use pre-painted g.i. for gutter and fascia

Excluded Items

1. All flexible and dismountable partitions, kitchen cabinet and range hood due to non-
availability of drawings and details.


Grading and Specifications

1. The contractor shall clear the building site for in accordance with the request of the owner on
all directions outside the building lines without extra compensation from the owner provided
however, that it shall not require to beyond an existing street, should said street be nearest
than three meters to any building line.

2. The contractor shall grade the area included within the cleaning lines and shall be included in
the building contract. Gravel bedding under slab on-fill shall be 100mm thk. with damproofing.

3. All filling material be placed in the layers not exceeding 6 inches thick each layer thoroughly
compact by wetting or rolling. FDT test shall be done by approved laboratory test

4. Excavations shall be done in accordance with the required depth. All loose materials shall be
removed from the bottom of excavations before setting up footing and no footing shall be used
back filling.

Concrete and Masonry

1. All concrete works shall be done in accordance with the specifications for concrete and
reinforced concrete as accepted by the Bureau of Public Works (latest edition) which is part of
these specifications.
2. Reinforcing bars of all important reinforced concrete members deposited directly against the
ground shall be protected with at least 3 inches thk. concrete spacer.

3. For all concrete mixture, concrete strength at fc’=20.7Mpa (3000psi at 28 days) shall be used
for slab on fill, suspended floor slab, strip footing, strip footing beam, countertop, concrete wall,
isolated footing, key footing, column, beam, electrical post, catch basin and septic tank

Steel Reinforcement bars

1. Deformed reinforcement bars grade 40 shall be used for slab on fill (horizontal), suspended
slab, strip footing, strip footing beam, countertop, concrete wall, isolated footing, key footing,
column, beam, electrical post, catch basin and septic tank


1. conventional wood or Steel formworks standard scheme shall be used for all formwork
requirements for slab on fill (horizontal), suspended slab, strip footing, strip footing beam,
countertop, concrete wall, isolated footing, key footing, column, beam, electrical post, catch
basin and septic tank.


1. Use 100mm thk. solid poured concrete for all exterior walls or as indicated on the structural

2. Use 100mm thk. solid poured concrete for all interior walls.

SANITARY/PLUMBING SYSTEM (roughing-ins and fixtures)

1. The contractor shall furnish all labor, materials and tools necessary for the construction,
complete plumbing system including all pipes and fittings within the building. Connections with
the main sewer shall be included.
2. All plumbing works and installations shall be done in accordance with the existing sanitary
and plumbing ordinance of the City or Municipality.

3. Materials

a. All roughing-ins shall be PPR pipes and fittings (hot and cold) pipes

b. All plumbing fixtures shall be of the following brand;

- shower fixtures, enclosure, water closet and sink/faucet shall be lafonza brand

- maid’s t&b shower fixtures shall be royal term brand

- maid’s water closet – royal term or equivalent

4.Roughing-ins for pipes and fittings and fixtures shall be carried along with the building
construction. Opening shall be of proper size and correctly located for cutting in case of error or
omission, and shall provide replacements in accordance work of flush around pipes as may be

5. Water closets shall be connected to soil pipes by means of flange plates and asbestos
packing to secure a gas tight joint without the use of rubber or cement.

6. Every water closet and lavatory shall have a separate shut-off.

7. Water piping shall consist of PPR pipes and fittings. The contractor shall provide and install
the waterline system of the building to the nearest main water supply.

8. The size of pipes must, in all cases conform to the sanitary code of the Philippines.

9. From this water supply connection, it shall run ½ inch diameter PPR water supply pipe lines
to the different fixtures as follows

For water closets – ½ inch diameter PPR pipes and fittings

For lavatories – ½ inch diameter PPR pipes and fittings

For showers – ½ inch diameter PPR pipes and fittings

For faucets – ½ inch diameter PPR pipes and fittings

8. Water meter, the contractor shall supply and install ½ inch diameter water meter where
shown and indicated on the plans. This must have a certificate of test by MWSS.

1. Provision for water tank

2. Provision for water treatment

3. Provision for grease trap


1. Materials, all electrical to be used in this installation shall be imported brand or equal and
shall bear the seal of the under writers laboratories as approved wiring materials.

- Use local brand for panel box

- Use orange pvc pipes and fittings for all conduits

- Use phelp dodge, Colombia, phil flex brand for all wires

- Use general electric brand for all circuit breaker

- Use Panasonic or national brand for all convenient outlets

- Use Panasonic or national brand for all switches

- Use local brand for all utility box, junction box and lighting fixtures

2. Method of Wiring, the entire system of wiring shall be done in accordance with the rules and
regulations of the latest edition of the national electrical code of the Philippines and shall
conform to the minimum requirements of the city/municipality and Meralco or local power

3. Type of wiring, the type of wiring shall be standard conduit work in all masonry, concrete
slabs and columns. Service entrance shall be such size as to take care of the connected load.
4. Workmanship, all works shall be executed in a workmanship manner and shall present neat
and orderly appearance.


Provision for the following systems

1. Roughing-ins only for all air conditioning systems

2. Use split inverter type direct expansion air condition, units shall be for the owner’s account

3. Exhaust ventilation for selected toilet and bath

4. Exhaust roof eaves ventilation


1. In case of additions not shown in the plans and not specified herein, the contractor shall be
paid by the owner as additional amount corresponding to the work added.

2. Demolition and repairs due to the contractor’s fault shall be done by the contractor without
extra compensation to the owner.


1. The owner shall be allowed to use or to occupy the building not until the following shall

- The building is completely constructed, and the same conforms to the plans and specifications.

- Termination of works and acceptance thereof of the owner is executed stating thereof that the
said building is constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications.

- The work shall be satisfactory accepted by the owner.


The Contractor shall notify the Owner upon the completion of the Project that is ready for initial
inspection and acceptance. Owner shall notify its representative to promptly make together with
the Contractor such inspection and they shall come up with punch-list which the Contractor shall
agree to correct and rectify. Such issuance of punch-list shall be deemed to declare that the
project is practically completed. When the Owner determine that the said punch-list is properly
corrected and rectified by the Contractor on the Final inspection, the Project or works is deemed
accepted under the terms of the contract Documents and that the Agreement has been fully
performed and thereby the Owner shall issue an Acceptance Certificate to the Contractor.


In case there are discrepancies in the plans and specifications or the drawings and details are
conflict or not applicable in the actual implementation the architect/engineer can decide on that
matters and his decision is final.


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