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How can we fight crime?

How to fight crime

Hardly a day passes without reports in the media about crimes being committed in various
parts of the country. Burglary, rape, murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, snatch theft,
_____________ _____________ ------ these crimes have been making headlines for many years.
Crime prevention strategies have not been effective. Many people believe that the lack of public
coorperation, inadequate manpower, delay in _________________ and failure to report crime are
the greatest setbacks in the fight against crime.

Today, high crime rate are not just confined to cities, but also occur in commercial areas,
such as malls and supermarkets, and in _______________ residential areas. Authorities should
identify crime hotspots and _______________ security in these crime-prone areas by deploying
more officers ______________. Setting up an auxiliary police force will help to solve manpower
shortage. In fact, the ______________ between the police force, auxiliary police, RELA and other
security units will go a long way towards reducing crime. In addition, police should use crime
fighting technology such as public surveillance cameras to track down criminals. Once criminals
are caught, prosecuting them must be top priority because cases that drag on will have little effect
on deterring wannabe criminals. Only swift and appropriate punishment will serve as an effective

Lack of public coorperation has made criminals more ______________ in committing

crimes. The public can help to reduce crime in several ways. They can join neighbourhood watch
programmes and be the eyes and ears of the police. Criminals generally avoid areas where
neighbours keep an eye on each other and report suspicious activities. Reporting crimes will enable
the police to track criminals swiftly and _________________ them.

The media has a pertinent role to play in addressing the issue. The media can not alert the
public on the latest crime trends but also __________________ information and give safety tips
and advice on how to prevent and respond to a crime, and what to do in an emergency. In addition,
public alerts on the ________________________ of criminals and information about hotlines and
crisis centres can be made known to the public via mainstream and social media.

Contrary to what many people think, crime prevention is not the responsibility of the police
only. It is everyone’s business. The active participation of police, the media, the community and
all segments of society is crucial in _________________________________.