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Curriculum vitae of

Md Obaidul Islam
Contact : 01884003729

Position Applied For: Safety Officer

To obtain a challenging position where I can maximize my skill, capabilities and

experiences for the continuity of my professional growth, apply the knowledge, talents,
and ideas that I have for the company that offers me the opportunity to work, showing
my integrity, honesty, commitment and excellence, participating actively in activities that
promote continuous success of others and the company.

Carrier Objective:
An enthusiastic and reliable working professional with nearly of experience in the field of
Industrial Safety and full conversant in all aspect of industrial health & safety procedure
and system.

Personal Skills:
 Good communication skills.
 Self-confident and being positive.
 Ability to work under pressure.
 Ability to work in harmony with co-workers.
 Willing to accept responsibility and perform accordingly.
 Willingness to learn new things and flexibility.
 Ability to take quick decision to plan, forecast, make strategy.
 Ability to work in terms and maintain effective communication.
 Familiarity with industrial safety and ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001.

Diploma in Marine Engineering (4 years)
 Board: Bangladesh Technical Education Board
 CGPA: 3.87
 Passing year: 2016

Secondary school certificate

 Board : Comilla
 GPA : 5.00
 Group : science
 Passing year : 2012
Language skill
Bangla : It is my mother tongue
Hindi : I can understand and speak
English : I can understand and speak, also I can write (I got
band score 5.5 in IELTS test)

Professional Experience:.

1. Position : safety officer

Period : January,2017 to till now
Organization : sinamm engineering ltd.
Project : Bibiyana iii 400MW CCPP & Bibiyana south 400MW CCPP

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

 Monitor safety performance of on-site workers to determine vulnerability.
 Identify and remove unsafe or hazardous materials from job sites prior to each
 Inspect workplace at the beginning of each day to make sure it is safe for
 Ensuring compliance with health, safety and fire legislation.
 Identifying hazards and carrying out risk assessments.
 Performing routing site audits and inspections.
 Carrying out incident/accident investigations.
 Preparing and presenting reports for senior management.
 Providing advice and guidance to staff alike on a range of safety issues such as
fire regulations, hazardous substances and noise.
 Carrying out routine workplace inspections.
 Giving expert safety advice to all stakeholders.
 Maintain safety equipment (alarms, first aid etc.).
 Monitor all the job activity at the site to ensure safety compliance.
 Installation of safety sign and other safety promotion posters to remind workers
to work safely and enhance safety awareness among them.
 Reviewing lift plan and permit to work before any complex lift.
 Verifying to confirm that all lifting equipment are trained, competent and certified.
 Advise about prevention of injury to personnel and damage to the plant and
 Inspection of work site daily for any unsafe condition and initiate for immediate
corrective action, refer more complex issues to a senior HSE personnel.
 Insure that healthy work conditions are maintained and complete all submit daily
activity reports.
 Conduct safety trainings and orientations.
Professional Training & Certification:
 Professional Course : Construction Site Safety
Modules : Fire Prevention and Evacuation, Personal Protective
Equipment, Work at Height, Confined Space Entry,
Permit to Work.
Durations : 40 Hrs
Institute : Bangladesh Professional & Skill Training Center
Dhaka, Bangladesh

 Professional Course : Certified Rigger - Level-1& 2, (ASME)

Durations : 24 Hrs
Institute : Bangladesh Professional & Skill Training Center
Dhaka, Bangladesh

 Professional Course : Certified Banksman (ASME)

Durations : 4 Hrs
Institute : Bangladesh Professional & Skill Training Center
Dhaka, Bangladesh

 Professional Course : Piping Inspector

Duration : 24 HRS
Institute : Bangladesh Professional & Skill Training Center
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Personal information:

Name : Md Obaidul Islam

Father’s name : Md Rowsan Ali
Mother’s name : Mst Masuda Begum
Date Of Birth : 24th April 1996
Birth place : Comilla
Marital status : unmarried
Blood group : A+(ve)
Religion : Islam

Preseent address:
B alom road, South halishohor
Chittagang, Bangladesh.

Permanent address:
Village : Deaush
Post office : Mandabag bazaar
Police station : Brahmanpara
District : Comilla
I do hereby declare that all the information stated above in this curriculum vitae
are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Md obaidul islam