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The Earthpulse™ E-Stim is an electric stim the way electric stims are

designed to be administered. It is the only electric stim strong enough

for shoulder, hip, or knee with a DC switch allowing you to not only use
AC (like Beckbut stronger) but also DC (like Becker). There is no other DC
Stim in the market today. Puts the stimulation strong enough where it is
needed especially good in cases of bike spills, dog bites or gun shot
Earthpulse™ E-Stim is designed with two outputs so you can surround
your issue. It’s 9.6 Hz and there is nothing you can do to adjust it. In AC
MODE, it does everything the Beck stimulator does but the E-Stim is
designed with an AC/DC switch. So user can go DC toward end to heal. In
DC mode, you can do vision restoration and/or tissue regeneration.
The inventor Paul Becker’s AVM care giver used the EarthPulse magnetic
stimulator extensively. But it wasn’t until the E-Stim use that his old arm
injury really responded. Now you can barely see where the injury was
but for some surface scarring. And his mobility with that arm is almost so
good that he doesn’t use the E-Stim any longer, you can’t see where the
injury used to be, it used to be visible across the room.

Put the contacts above and below the injury and switch on. And leave it
on as long as you can take it. An hour or you can leave it all night at
lower amplitude. Up to you.

The E-Stim is much stronger than Beck’s. Where the Beck would get lost
in the shoulder (or elbow or hip) the E-Stim uses plenty of power.

EarthPulse™ makes the best equipment there is. E-stim is the best
electric stimulator there is period. The most powerful electric stimulation
there is to get into larger areas and the only one with your choice of AC
to kill or DC to build. is up to you. Research the Bob Beck protocol first
and then see what’s available. There is a lot of TENS out there and this is
not a TENS machine.
While a battery like Beck may work on small areas, a plug in is the the
only choice for large ones. We know from trying to use the Bob Beck
protocol on larger areas that it is simply too weak to work on large areas.

With a plug in, you can rid yourself of even the most stubborn stuff on
knees, hips, and elbows where electric current from a battery can get
lost. It is our recollection that Bob Beck chose 4 Hz for his AC stimulator
due to beta/theta frequency effect, but we found 9.6 Hz AC to be just as

It is the AC current that kills organisms that shouldn’t be there. Use DC

when AC ceases to work and in our experience that will happen when
the infection is gone and you want the body to regenerate.