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VM 3.1
Air Gap Capacitive Sensor

• On-line air gap measurements for:
- generators
- synchronous condensers
- large electric motors
• On-line proximity measurements
• Specified for gaps from 7 to 14 mm (275 to 550 mils)

The VM 3.1 1Capacitive Sensor is a flat, noncontact type
sensor which generates the necessary electric field to • Range: 2 to 20 mm (78.7 to 787.4 mils)
measure the distance between its surface and a target. 5 to 35 mm (196.8 to 1377.9 mils)
The raw signal from the sensor is sent through a triaxial • Used with LINTM Series-300 Linearization Module
extension cable to the LINTM series-300 Linearization and ZOOM® Processing Unit (ZPUTM) or PCUTM
Module to be conditioned and transmitted to a ZOOM® Programmable Monitor
Processing Unit (ZPUTM) or a PCUTM Programmable
Monitor. • Highly immune to deposits of oil, carbon dust, and
strong magnetic fields
Slim design and high immunity make the VM 3.1 a
universal proximity sensor. Its measuring range, accuracy, • Easy to install on stator wall without removing the
and reliability is unaffected by: deposits of oil, carbon dust rotor or poles
and dirt, strong magnetic fields, high shock vibration, • Non-contact, non-intrusive sensor
and EMI-RFI.
• Over 25 years of field experience
The VM 3.1 is a passive sensor, with no moving parts or
active electronic elements and is compatible with most
types of conductive and semi-conductive target material.

Dimensions Coaxial Integral Cable: 50 cm (19.68")

VM 3.1

33.25 mm

220.50 mm (8.68")

SIDE VIEW 3.40 mm (0.13")

1.77 mm (0.07")

VM 3.1
General Specifications Installation
Stator Rotor
• Linear Measuring Range Determined by Rotor Pole Pole
LINTM Series-300 Glued to VM 3.1
linearization module laminations Sensor
• Power Source 455 kHz Sensor
• Frequency Response Limited by the Laminations Wedge
LINTM Series-300
Linearization Module TOP VIEW SIDE VIEW
• Interchangeability ±5%

Environmental Physical Characteristics

• Temperature Range • Dimensions
- Operating 0°C to 125°C - Length 220.50 mm (8.68 in.)
(32°F to 257°F) - Width 33.25 mm (1.30 in.)
- Storage 0°C to 85°C - Thickness 1.77 mm (0.07 in.)
(32°F to 185°F) - Clearance 3.40 mm (0.13 in.)
• Weight 36 grams (1.27 oz)
• Magnetic Field Up to 2.0 tesla
[50 Hz or 60 Hz]
• Dust and Oil
Contamination Small deposits have
no effect on performance

• Integral Cable Type Teflon coaxial
- Connector Male SMA
- Length 50.0 cm (19.7 in.)
• Extension Cable Type Triaxial 100% Shielded
- Connectors Female SMA and ground lug
on sensor end,
Male SMA connector and
ground lug on LINTM end

- Length Nominal 10 m/32.8 ft

Minimum 9.5 m/31.2 ft
- Extended length Nominal 15 m/49.2 ft
Minimum 10 m/32.8 ft
- Minimum bending radius 5 cm (2.0 in.)

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