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 Regional staff workers (RSIs)  no written manual of operation (system) for:

 Well-represented workers per area - Finance
 Graduates with high sense of ownership - Campus (chapter discipline SOP)
 staff team with different talents and skills - IVHome
 very involved RAC - RAC
 Pioneering spirit (visionary) to venture on - etc.
new things  untapped resources (idle assets)
 260 annual ministry partners (MPs)  financial deficits
 Pioneering ministry partners  overloaded workers
development event (eg. MPAL)  spiritual disciplines of the workers
 Ongoing Missions Training  activity-centeredness over focus mentoring
 Well-trained and committed workers and discipleship; imbalance calendar of
 Trainings activities
 Clear discipleship process (more people-  re-pioneering works to most of the campuses
oriented)  revision of materials
 Available curriculum  RSI-staff rep (hiring process, sustainability,
 IV-Home Ministry applicability in the coming years)
 Regular regional publications  No follow ups on pledge for commitments
 MEP  Communication & Transparency among the
 Passing the vision
 Pastoral care
 Punctuality
 Plan implementation


 New school year, new students  Organizational intruders

 Potential GT volunteers (new teachers  Ministry stressors
employed, etc.)  Short-term vision/ unpassed vision
 Staffables  Status-quo (vision, finances, campus work)
 Available resources  Students’ very busy schedule
 enhance and improve regional  Attrition rate of student leaders, volunteers,
curriculum (*Missions Team, etc.) workers, MPs
 church partnership  inner condition of the workers
 MEP  no RD for 6months
 Graduates ministry  Specialized Ministry implications (pulling of
 Specialized ministry in partnership with human resources)
Kalinaw Mindanao  Security of tenure
 ISM and other ministry expansions

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