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Re tell Lecture

● on calcium and vitamin D
● electric car.
● A university competing for students, founds and staff.
● Infinite monkey theorem
● Space photograph
● DNA.RNA , cells in body
● about space and world, for about 1000 years people thought its flat but later in 19th century
Einstein theory proved wrong. .........."/About space, ppl thought its constant but Ein Stein found
its moving in space constantly.
● Female student loan
● A image of galaxy is shown; Why sky is dark at night? The question is still not answered.
● Bar graph - growth in educational spending by various nations on tertiary education. UK terratory
education for the year 2001.Even lower spending compared to denmark and mexico
● Population growth in Britain / Relationship between UK population and resources in 1900-2000
● Human Brain Development (synapse formation) Image given
● U.S. commodities and expenditure
● Laughter
● A graph sales trend of a MNC
● Help from affluent country over developing nation
● rat eating habits and possible diseases
● leadership learning in business and education
● Mega cities
● Some research about sea creatures/ "world we do not know under the sea" with a clip of
jellyfish and a guy is keep talking the creatures under hundreds miles of the ocean. / Image
given about the process of acqua culture in ocean and discussing about the proposed
● Thermodynamics theory Vs Kinetics theory
● school exhibition
● About adult rats and LD i.e Light dark behaviour. Don't worry if you miss the lecture there is quite
good image given which you can use for further explanation.
● Haussmann's renovation of Paris. This was about improvements done by Napoleon 3rd like lit ups
XXX lamps(Changed from oil lamps to Gas lamps), ~18K planted trees, changed sewer line,
painted whole Paris and made a lot of changes which made Paris a very better to live and hangout
for coffee.
● America culture and Europe
● Wilson’s contribution to america’s literature
● Atomic theory
● Global temperature
● How emigrants are sending money to their home country by two channel: semiformal and informal
● Species ability to survival and reproduction
● Economy of Australia
● Type of dimensions. Started from the 1D, 2D, 3D.. then told that in 4D, time is included .
● The government does not inform civilians before making any decision they come to know when it
becomes policy, when asked by the mob, elected and non-elected always throw reasons from
rulebooks.s – something about liberal party of democracy –
● Globalization, it’s effect on natural resources, climate change.
● Women prefer their profession instead of being mother in uk.
● Dolphins and its survival
● Two bar graphs showing comparison of marks secured by boys and girls in maths and english
and impact of Psychology and cognitive development.
● Training given to community health workers
● Changing economy of world affecting graduates.
● the numbers of frog limb deformities in NA.
● Aztecs and cacao ,chocolate and cocoa seeds
● Sound receptors - ear drum ,vibration http://www.pearson-pte.com/pte-academic-speaking-
Summarize spoken text
1. Cow's digestive system.
2. Seeds & Pesticides - Farmers are borrowing money to buy fertilizers; fertlizing companies getting
benefitted ; impact of rising prices of seeds in agriculture. Debt of farmers is increasing due to high
use of pesticides. Subsidy given to farmers.
3. Unlike other animals, humans have the ability to ask unimportant questions and set human oriented-
4. one was about how democracy is being manipulated
5. Shortage of talent and how companies and countries are fighting to recruit the best candidate.
7. Marry Mcllan and her beliefs regarding introducing development of curriculum in schools.
9. Making voting mandatory in democratic country.
10.Increased globalization and global economy. / globalization in South America
11. An author talking about the reason behind writing nobel / about a lady who wrote fictions in her
early life n how she became a novelist through a dream
12. about governmental evolution.. U.S as example democratic and republicans
13. 43rd old lady talking abt her loans and debt; unable to clear, no proper job, debits are more than
income, affects children's education.
14. a man from Colorado
15. Modification/Devolution of government in US (Democrats Vs. Republicans)
16. New Hampshire seashore monitoring systems
17. Some facts about human brain and short time memory
18. about some explanation about some allergy, diabetic basically it's about health related topic
19. Mary Mallon who was born in Ireland in 19XX – migrated to US in 19XX – Was a great cook –
suspected to be died coz of typhoid but no strong evidences – typhoid a contagious disease spread due
to contaminated food – Typhoid took 197 lives in 19XX – Mary never got herself inspected so thought
it’s just FLU
20. Study of Biology and its chain - interconnection with every species
21. Agriculture vs urban area
22. Drug effect on human
23. Saturated and unsaturated oil.
24. University of LSE and all

Describe image –

o Bar graph - rise in traffic in two regions of sydney for 1994 to 2002
o 1 line graph - bit complex. It had two line graphs, one showed the temperature ranges for the
various months and the other just focused on may and showed the average rainfall recorded on
may 1 -16.
o one picture depicting the process of cutting trees and forming paper,
o another image shaped like a pyramid and had 100% healthy life written in center and showed the
transition to being motivated to stay healthy. And benefits linked outside of the triangle.
o Three subject arts, math and english and their mean of GPA.
o Pie chart about where students in the UK fund their college studying
o difference between boys and girls regarding their studies
o one bar graph was a comparison men and women activities
o a map of Africa,
o Multiple line graph showing sales of drinking products
o Circular diagram like life cycle, in which you have to explain how things will change
o Sleeping time of a child in different age ( Table )
o Tutor providing coaching ( process maps )
o Process of downloading song
o Line graph of average total population of 100 large cities
o Diagram of process of learning

Summary Written text –

o how australia has curbed beauty contests and is promoting inner beauty as compared to outer.
o Relationship between cow and grass- Mutually helps each other – Cow spreads seeds of grass
– Manure helps as a fertilizer to grass – cow has Rumen medicine ball like organ which help in
digestion of high protein like grass – also some bacteria helps in digestion
o Nobel Peace prize winner Al Gore – Former US ex vc (Don’t remember his designation properly)
– studied the climate changes – predicted in 2050 there will be deaths due to heat increase –
global warming will save lives
o Storing of knowledge in form of wiring texts have been replaced by recent technology enabled
voice, hand signals, etc.. something about agricultural revolution was also mentioned in the
o benefits of morning breakfast between both children and adults.
o Predicting about the technology like personal computer and communication channel is not
relevant or is a waste of time as it grow as per its own pace like earlier radio.
o Dendrochronology
o Unpredictable development in technology
o Female and male bird singing and listening
o TV watching habits
o Computer technology and programming is easy in India as compared to US
o tourism is beneficial for industry development as well economics as it creates job.
Opportunities for both women and men
o Act regulating use of wines in USA
o Al Gore and another group of scientists who got nobel peace prize and the difference in their
predictions abt climate change.
o About animals and humans. Unlike human, animals never question, they dont think too
much; but humans think too much and think beyond our natural imagination to achieve our
o British Govt passed a law; a policy change in Britain that forced archaeologists to rebury
human remains after 2 years of study. That means the museum in england and wales have to
burry all the dead bodies that are in musuem that are more than 2 years old. That is worrying
scientists and archaeologists.

Answer shot question:

1. between june and august
2. which is bigger country side or ...
3. Person has 3 kids, age related and what is B's age
4. something about weather related
5. Gave image and asked which is 2nd highest population in the graph
6. From graph, which has holiday on some month
7. ASAP meaning
8. One map given and I think asked about which ocean is on west of it..- Pacific Ocean
9. One image given and asked what item is circled: - landline phone was circled
10. Three words spoken and asked which one is odd (Decrease, Increase and Decline) - Increase
11. One big table given with lot of information in it related to export asked which country has max
export - I think it was Atlanta something like that not sure...
12. Once flow diagram given and asked in which step Director takes action - Step no 6 100%cent
13. Index of convex cylinder
14. Shown a timetable and told that this subject is being studied for how much day ?
15. Figure of lady in library and asking what she is doing ?

16 What month is preceded by april?

17. a jellyfish was shown and was asked what is its habitat
18. a picture was shown of some students and asked what day it is - Ans Graduation Day
19. What do people use to go to one floor from another floor? Ans Elevator or stairs.
20. What do you call a decade? 10 years.
21. One image showing Sun, beach, boat,sea and asking what kind of weather you see in the
22. What do you call when birds goes one place to another? Migration.
23. Successfull organization means running under profit or loss?
24. Table was given- asked for the how many classes that students enrolled for ? Ans 4
25. Gave a table and asked for the particular grade that falls for the highest learners.
26. Where do people wait for train to arrive? Platform.
27. Image of a man wearing a glass and asked what he wore?
28. Some data and asked which year the sales are low?