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Yolyn Gonzalez 
15243 Roselle Ave 
Lawndale, California 90260 
July 15, 2018 

Nancy Hipolito 
11321 Bullis Road 
Lynwood, Ca 90262 

Dear Ms. Hipolito, 

Are you looking for an experienced, innovative, and enthusiastic intern 

teacher? One who has exhibited flexibility and perseverance? My extensive 
experience substituting over ten years for Lynwood Unified School District 
would make me a strong special education teacher. I feel a special 
connection to LUSD because it is here where I completed my student teaching 
and where I began working as a substitute teacher. I enjoy the teaching 
environment and working with different age children and grade levels. This is 
where I began proving to myself to be adaptable and patient, a place where I 
love teaching. 

During the past two summers, I have also enjoyed working for LACOE (Los 
Angeles County of Education) as a substitute teacher. I had the opportunity of 
working for Los Padrinos Juvenile center and I am presently working with a 
variety of different schools that provide services for students with severe 
disabilities. I work with diverse groups of students with ADD/ADHD, autism, 
Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities, speech and language needs, vision 
needs and students with deaf and hard-of- hearing. 

My years of experience have taught me the value of patience and 

encouragement in the special education classroom. I work closely with each 
student, and providing the individualized support and praise they require. 

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss how my experience 

and skills. I have attached my resume and references. Thank you for your 
consideration; I look forward to speaking with you soon. 



Yolyn Gonzalez