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Five Signs You’ve Been

Dismissed Unlawfully
Losing your job can be a difficult experience, particularly if you are fired with little or no cause. In this
case, you may need legal assistance. Look for these signs to help you judge the situation.
Some telltale signs of unlawful dismissal include:
 Discrimination – The Ontario Human Rights Code protects employees from unjust
discrimination and harassment, especially in terms of employment. Employers cannot
dismiss you without legal grounds, unless you are in the jurisdiction of a probationary period.
If you are fired, your employer must prove that the decision was based on solely on
performance, not because of race, sex, or disability. If you suspect you were fired for these
reasons, file a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
 Lack of reasonable notice – Your employer is obliged to provide reasonable notice until
your final day of work. Length of service (and the position you held) may influence the
amount of notice required. If you were given insufficient notice, you have grounds to dispute
your termination.
 Improper contractual obligations – Your employment contract is likely to have a
termination clause, which must comply with the rules established by the Employment
Standards Act. The act specifies the requirements for both employers and employees. Read
your contract thoroughly to see if it adheres to those standards.
 Threat of reprisals – Laws in Canada exist to guarantee employees a safe working
environment, adequate breaks, and suitable working hours. If you are dismissed because
you alerted the employer to these types of violations, your termination may be overturned.
 Signing immediately – Your employer may offer a termination package on the day you are
fired and ask you to sign it. Do not sign anything; take a week to review the specifics. If you
are pressured to sign, the package can be deemed invalid and you may be entitled to
additional compensation.
You may be eligible to claim unlawful dismissal. Keep in mind there could be other factors involved in
your firing. Talk to a lawyer who specializes in employment law; many provide a free consultation and
do not charge fees unless you receive a settlement.
For expert legal advice, call Lalande & Company Lawyers. We specialize in personal injury and
employment law. We have over fifteen years of experience helping clients who have been terminated
wrongfully. Contact us at (905) 333-8888; we’d love to hear from you.