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Eric Nduba LONSA

Phone: +243 / 998115754 / 810620684,

e-mail: eric_lonsa@yahoo.fr
09, Rue Uele, Q / Kinsuka-Fishers, C / Ngaliema, Kinshasa / DRC


- Participate in the operation, organization and expansion of the Company.

- Acquire appropriate experience and knowledge in the field of management development.
- Integrate a team of dynamic and voluntary work.


2004: Degree in Public Law, Protestant University of Congo in Kinshasa.


Assistant Human Resources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
of the Democratic Republic of Congo (from 2005 to 2009).

Tasks performed:

- Participation in the recruitment process without the head of the department under the
administrative procedure and contribution to the upgrade of cards and to take account of staff
- Ensure maintainability of personnel records and the collection of all payroll documents for
submission to the Department of Finance.
- Participation in the preparation of minutes of meetings, analysis and summary reports.
- Focal Point on annual performance evaluations and issuing opinions on various legal issues.


.Good oral and written French

• Able to work under stress.
• Able to work in a multicultural environment.
• Knowledge of computers (Microsoft Office, Internet, etc.).
• Dynamic and methodical with a spirit of remarkable synthesis.
• Able to plan work, organize and finish in due time.


• Seminar on the management capacity of programs and projects.

• Seminar on development priorities in the DRC: "definition and
mobilization of external resources.
• Seminar on the management of economic circuit of the DRC.
• Seminar on the management of human resources.

1. French, fluent
2. English average
3. Lingala fluently.


Marital status: Single

Date of Birth: May 20, 1981
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Kinshasa
Nationality: Congolese
Phone: 243 998115754 / 810620684
E-mail: eric_lonsa@yahoo.fr


- 2004: "Legal mechanisms to protect the natural environment during and after armed
conflicts: the case of the Great Lake Region," (Thesis Studies Degree).

- 2002: "Analysis of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949 on the Protection of
Civilian Persons in Time of Armed Conflict" (Work of Graduate end of cycle).


- Bumba MUENDELA, Head of Human Resources Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
International Cooperation, 0999996230;

- Matthias ZANDABUANA, Head of Human Resources Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

and International Cooperation, 0816577770;

- Welcome MAKUANGU Doudou, Head of Computer Department, 081 493 76 22

I certify on my honor that the information given above are accurate, true and correct.

Kinshasa, 20 February 2010.