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Noise & Modulation

51. In tube oscillators, this is the change in frequency due to a change in anode current or anode voltage
a. Drift b. Frequency pushing
c. Frequency pulling d. Any of the above

52. Where is a balanced modulator likely to be used?

a. F3E b. J3E
c. A3E d. G3E

53. When this parameter is increased, AM transmitted power will decrease

a. Carrier power b. Carrier amplitude
c. Carrier frequency d. Intelligence carrier

54. A case of single sideband emission in which the degree of carrier suppression enables the
carrier to be reconstituted and to be used for demodulation
a. Standard SSB emission b. Full carrier SSB emission
c. Reduced carrier SSB emission d. SSBSC

55. A carrier signal ec = 120sin500,000t is fed to a 50Ω antenna. Find the carrier power desired.
a. 144 watts b. 207 watts
c. 414 watts d. 72 watts

56. The Foster Seeley FM discriminator changes FM to

a. AM b. Another FM
c. PM d. FSK

57. Generating FM from PM requires use of

a. A comparator b. A differentiator
c. An integrator d. Any of the above

58. Diagonal peak clipping in envelope detectors happen when

a. Filter capacitor is too large b. Filter capacitor is too small
c. Load resistance is too large d. Load resistance is too small

59. The commercial FM broadcast spectrum is between

a. VHF and UHF b. UHF and microwave band
c. MF and VHF d. Lowband-and highband-VHF TV

60. Power savings for 100% modulation J3E system

a. 83.33% b. 33.33%
c. 91.30% d. 70.76%


MITRC Noise & Modulation

39. The guardband for each FM broadcast channel is.....

a. 20 kHz on each side b. 25 kHz on each side 1. 6 dBm + 6 dBm equals .....
c. 25 kHz on one side only d. 20 kHz on one side only a. 7 dBm b. 8 dBm
c. 9 dBm d. 10 dBm
40. When the envelope of a received AM signal is constant in amplitude, it means that modulation
index is..... 2. Which of the following indicates “no gain, no loss”?
a. 0 b. >1 a. 0 dB b. 1 dB
c. <1 d. 1 c. 0 d. 0 dBm

41. Which determines the number of sideband components in FM? 3. Which of the following operations can be directly performed?
a. Modulation index b. Modulation frequency a. dBm+dBm b. dBμ-dB
c. Carrier frequency d. All of the above c. (dB)(dB) d. dBf - dBμ

42. Which equipment displays the AM signal in its frequency domain format? 4. What is the output after sending a 5 dBm signal through an 85% efficient link and another that contributes
a. Network analyzer b. Multimeter 32% power loss?
c. Oscilloscope d. Spectrum analyzer a. 0.86 mW b. 0.97 mW
c. 1.83 mW d. 3.18 mW
43. Emission B8E involves
a. Baseband modulation b. Independent sideband modulation 5. A 2 dBW signal is fed to a three-output port power splitter. Find the power level at each output port
c. Single sideband modulation d. Vestigial sideband modulation
a. 0.67 dBW b. -1.74 dBW
c. 1. dBW d. -2.77 dBw
44. Envelope detectors perform
a. Companding b. Heterodyning
6. Thermal noise, atmospheric noise and cosmic noise are collectively called.....
c. Mixing d. Rectification
a. External noise b. Indestructible noise
c. Natural noise d. Steady noise
45. High Q preselectors in superheterodyne receivers have
a. Excellent frequency stability b. Low image rejection capability
7. A summary of worldwide atmospheric noise levels is contained in.....
c. Narrow passband d. Wide passband
a. CCIR Report 3 320 b. CCIR Report 321
c. CCIR Report 322 d. CCIR Report 3223
46. An AM transmitter is rated 1 kW at 100% modulation. What must be its rating at no modulation?
a. 600 Watts b. 660 Watts
c. 667 Watts d. 767 Watts 8. A 100 kΩ resistor is connected in parallel with a 100 pF capacitor. Determine the effective noise
47. Increasing the FM modulation index will most likely result in a. 400 kHz b. 100 kHz
a. An increase in transmitter output power b. A decrease in transmitter output power c. 5 kHz d. 25 kHz
c. An increase in the required bandwidth d. A fixed bandwidth operation
9. Calculate the output signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for four identical links if the SNR for any one link
48. The Costas loop is a is 40 dB
a. Clock recovery circuit b. Carrier recovery circuit a. 34 dB b. 36 dB
c. Phase recovery circuit d. Transmitter circuit c. Still 40 dB d. 46 dB

49. A carrier modulation where its positive peak rises to a value twice the maximum unmodulated 10. The noise figure of an amplifier is 4 dB. Find the output SNR when the input SNR is 42 dB
carrier and drops to zero at negative peak a. 36 dB b. 38 dB
a. 0% b. 10% c. 40 dB d. 46 dB
c. 50% d. 100%
11. The ideal noise factor is ...
50. It refers to the emission of frequency/frequencies immediately outside the necessary bandwidth a. 0 b. 1
resulting from the modulation process except spurious emissions
a. Interference b. Noise
c. 10 d. 
c. Out of band d. Radiation
12. Find the noise factor for an attenuator pad having an insertion loss of 12 dB
a. 14.8 b. 15.8
c. 16.4 d. 18.5

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MITRC Noise & Modulation

13. Determine the thermal noise power given a noise bandwidth of 25 kHz at room temperature 26. Thermal noise is said to have.....
a. 0.1 fW b. 0.01 fW a. Poisson distribution b. Gaussian distribution
c. 100 fW d. 10 fW c. Multinomial distribution d. Binomial distribution
14. If the value of a resistor generating thermal noise is halved, then the noise power generated is ... 27. The delayed Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit provides.....
a. Doubled b. Quadrupled a. No gain reduction at all signal strength conditions
c. Reduced by 50% d. Unchanged b. No gain reduction for weak signals
c. No gain reduction for strong signals
15. Which of the following is not an extraterrestrial noise? d. Gain reduction at all signal strength conditions
a. Atmospheric noise b. Cosmic noise
c. Galactic noise d. Solar noise 28. Balanced modulators generate.....
16. For standard broadcast receivers the noise properties are determined by means of the “ensi” What does c. SSBFC d. SSBSC
“ensi” stands for?
a. Effective noise source input b. Equivalent noise sideband input 29. Low- level AM transmitters use .....
c. Equivalent noise suppression input d. Effective noise sideband input a. Linear amplifiers b. Nonlinear amplifiers
c. Class A amplifiers d. Class B amplifiers
17. The unit of measurement of noise power used in the IEEE standard 743-1984 noise measuring set
a. dBa b. dBmO 30. What does the ‘neutralizing capacitor’ neutralize in a Plate-modulated class C tube amplifier for high-level
c. dBrn d. dBrnC
a. Gain reduction b. Low output power
18. This is the noise occurring in the presence of signal, resulting from a mismatch between the exact value of c. Self-oscillation d. All of the above
an analog signal and the closet available level in a digital coder
a. Idle channel noise b. Impulse noise 31. Which of the following is not considered part of the super heterodyne front-end?
c. Quantizing noise d. Random noise a. IF amplifier b. Local oscillator
c. Mixer d. RF amplifier
19. In order to simulate a given traffic load of 120 voice channels, how much white noise power is
required? 32. The AM envelope detector is essentially a .....
a. 7.3 dBmO b. 19.8 dBmO a. Half wave rectifier with a capacitor filter b. Network of diodes, resistors and capacitors
c. 5.8 dBmO d. 5.9 dBmO c. Plain diode d. Purely resistive network

20. A TV broadcast stations effective power is 250,000 watts. Stated in another way, its ERP is ..... 33. Given that the carrier is suppressed, which of the following statements is true?
a. 23 dBk b. 24 dBk a. Fidelity of intelligence is unaffected b. Information cannot be accurately received
c. 25 dBk d. 26 dBk c. Power is consequently wasted d. Transmitted power is unaffected

21. The long term cycle of solar disturbance is ..... 34. In FM, 100% modulation means
a. 20 days b. 8 years a. Actual deviation reaches 75 kHz b. Actual deviation equals the maximum allowed deviation
c. 11 years d. 17 years c. A modulation index of 1 d. Intelligence amplitude equals carrier amplitude

22. Aside from noise, which other important factor limits the performance of a communication 35. Single sideband full carrier, single channel, AM broadcast is.....
system? a. A3E b. H3E
a. Bandwidth b. Sensitivity c. J3E d. R3E
c. Data rate d. Output power
36. Practical value of AM modulation index
23. Thermal agitation noise is.....
a. 0 b. 1
a. Deterministic b. Immeasurable
c. <1 d. >1
c. Predictable d. Random

24. Popcorn noise is another name for ... 37. In AM, the carrier component contains _____ intelligence
a. Burst noise b. Flicker noise a. No b. The same
c. Partition noise d. Shot noise c. A distorted d. All of the

25. In field effect transistor (FET), the primary or the major noise contributor is the ..... 38. Which formula gives the bandwidth for narrowband FM?
a. Flicker noise b. Thermal noise a. 2(  f m
b. 2f m
c. Shot noise d. All of the above

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MITRC Noise & Modulation

c. 2n f m d. 2(1  m f )fm

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