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Bachelor of Secondary Education Students with their Assigned Sections for

World Teachers’ Day

Grade and Section Adviser Student in-Charge

Grade 7
Our Lady of Candies Mrs. Christine C. Undang Joanna Marie Gripo
Our Lady of Guadalupe Ms. Christine Marie T. Baring Michelle Angulo/ Kenny
Lee Alimbon
Our Lady of Holy Rosary Mrs. Daphne M. Legaspino Sherwin Gabutero
Our Lady of Lourdes Ms. Jessiel D. Federiso Princess Jade Malifero
Grade 8
Our Lady of Fatima Mr. Frances Angelica May R. Senate Stefane Toning
Our Lady of Hope Ms. Marvilou A. Gagarino Renalyn Gallindo
Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Mrs. Lucy A. Camus Myle Grace Tambe
Grade 9
OL of Immaculate Conception Ms. Princess Luise Dela Tina Francis Rowell Padillos
OL of La Salette Ms. Ana Patricia T. Grandea Christine Mae Anacaya
OL of Mt. Carmel Ms. Nikki Balonda Lyca Marie Oracion
OL of Perpetual Help Mrs. Mona Liza F. Burlas Ivy Grace Espina
Grade 10
Our Lady of Annunciation Mrs. Dinah L. Nival Angela Robles
Our Lady of Assumption Ms. Sabrina T. Carmona Realyn Jean Quijano
Our Lady of Salvation Ms. Queeny F. Coronel Jasper Racacho
Our Lady of Visitation Ms. Jenelyn A. Babor Klein Mamayabay
Grade 11
ACAD – ABM Mrs. Evelinda B. Lazaga,MA Emerson Gallo
ACAD – GAS A Jennifer D. Suganob Anafe Abasolo
ACAD – GAS B Jennifer D. Suganob Kristine Jane Ole
ACAD – HUMSS A Mr. Raymond Dela Cuesta Yveth Encarnacion
ACAD – HUMSS B Mr. Raymond Dela Cuesta Kriztia Cabanlit
ACAD – STEM A Mrs. Johanne T. Pastoriza Dhell Marie Libaton
ACAD – STEM B Mrs. Johanne T. Pastoriza Sjin Bongan
ACAD – STEM C Mrs. Johanne T. Pastoriza Ciedie Rizhelle Castillo
ACAD – STEM D Mrs. Johanne T. Pastoriza Dina Pongas/Rhia Decano
PR–VOC–TECH – HE A Kyrene Ganap
PR–VOC–TECH – ICT A Romeo Purog Jr.
PR–VOC–TECH – HE B Ruffa Mae Salarda
PR–VOC–TECH – ICT B Brencis Gabriel Macalinda