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Argyle Ave Beef Bánh Mì $12

Beef, cilantro, vegetables, cucumber, jalapeño, Sriracha mayo
V Known as Asia on Argyle located in the Uptown neighborhood and home to many

Vietnamese and other Asian restaurants. Cut in 3 pieces.

Devon Ave Chicken Tikka Masala $12

Tandoori, masala, yogurt, almonds, naan bread
V A one mile stretch of Devon Avenue on the north side of the City is home to a great CHICAGO S
collection of Desi (South Asian) restaurants and shops.

Lakeview Charcuturie Board – FROM PAULINA MEAT MARKET $25

Summer beef sausage, hot & spicy pork salami, bologna,
finocchio dry cured salami, Hungarian salami
V Paulina meats has been a Lakeview institution since 1949. SANDWICHES $12
Pilsen Street Tacos 3 for $12 | 5 for $18 | 10 for $34
Served with salsa on corn tortillas Back of the Yards Meat
CHOOSE FROM: Al pastor pork, pineapple, onion OR Lover Sandwich
carne arrachera steak, onion, cilantro Roast beef, candied beer bacon,
V Pilsen is home to the National Museum of Mexican Art, street murals and Mexican smoked provolone, horseradish
dining and shopping along 18th Street. sauce, onion roll
V Chicago was home to the Union Stockyards
Chinatown Crab Wontons $12 until the 1960’s and earned the nickname
Corn, scallions, aioli, ginger, cilantro, cream cheese, “hog butcher for the world”.
chili sauce, wonton wrap
V Chicago’s Chinatown on the south side is home to 8,000 ethnic Chinese; 90 percent Kedzie Falafel Chicken
of the population.
Chicago Pizza Flatbread $10 Falafel, tahini, tomato, onion,
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, Italian sausage, basil, flatbread cucumber, pita bread
V Kedzie Avenue is located in the Albany Park
V Chicago is known for its deep dish and thin crust pizza and unlike the rest of the country, neighborhood and is one of the most diverse
our number 1 topping is sausage. neighborhoods in the country.

Lincoln Square Jumbo Pretzel $14 Chicken Curry Salad on

Butter, salt, beer cheese, mustard Multi Grain
V Lincoln Square on the northside of Chicago is the unofficial home of German culture Chicken, curry, chutney, aioli
and has great dining, shopping and a few breweries including Half Acre and Begyle.
Southwest Quinoa Wrap
Maxwell Street Split Foot Long Chicago Style Hot Dog Black beans, roasted corn,
& Polish Sausage $10 tomatoes, queso fresco, avocado,
HOT DOG: Chopped onion, relish, mustard, tomato, pickle, relish, cilantro lime dressing
celery salt, poppy seed bun. POLISH: Grilled onions, mustard,
sport peppers, poppy seed bun. POLISH AND HOT DOG SHARE Turkey, Bacon Avocado Wrap
ONE FOOT LONG BUN! Served with Jay’s potato chips Lemon aioli, lettuce, tomato
V A Chicago hot dog never includes ketchup! Vienna Beef first sold hot dogs at the 1893 Word’s
Columbian Exposition. Jay’s were founded in Chicago in 1927 and were Japp’s until 1941.
Greek Town Gyro Sliders (3) $12
Tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, cucumber, pita bread Falafel & Hummus Bowl
V Greektown is just west of downtown Chicago. Flaming Saganaki was invented at the Field greens, heirloom tomatoes,
Parthenon Restaurant. In Greece, Gyro is usually pork or chicken but in the US it is lamb. cucumber, red cabbage, roasted
pine nuts, lemon tahini dressing
Little Village Elote Placero (3) $9
Corn ear, mayo cream lime sauce, chili powder Southwest Quinoa
V Street food sold by street vendors not just in Mexico but in the neighborhoods of Chicago. Grilled lime chicken, black beans,
roasted corn, tomatoes, avocado,
Chatham Rib Tips with Lem’s BBQ Sauce $12 cilantro lime dressing
V Lem’s BBQ in the southside neighborhood of Chatham is known for rib tips and hotlinks –
rib tips are served in Chicago with plain white bread. Who needs Southern BBQ when you Chicken Caesar
have southside BBQ! Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese,
croutons, Caesar dressing
Taylor Street Mini Italian Beef Sandwiches (3) $12
Italian roll, sweet or hot peppers, au jus Greek
V Italian Beef Sandwiches did not originate in Italy but in Chicago. Romaine, iceburg, tomato,
cucumber, Kalamata olives, red
18th Street Chips and Guacamole $9 onion, bell peppers, artichokes,
El Milagro tortilla chips, house salsa feta, pita
V El Milagro is a Little Village tortilla maker
Cherry tomatoes, basil,
31 East Riverwalk South | chicagobrewhouse.com balsamic glaze

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