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Republic of the Philippines)



WE, _________ and _______________, _________ Filipinos, both of legal ages, married
to each other and with address at ____________________ , after having been duly
sworn in accordance with law, do hereby declare that:

1.That we are the biological parents of ___________________

2.That _________________ is a girl/boy.

3.That he/she was born on ____________ in __________________.

4.That at the time of his/her birth, we, the biological parents were not yet married, hence
his/her status in the original birth certificate was entered as Illegitimate.

5.Also, the name of the father was not entered as ____________ and his/her name was
entered only as ________________

6.That at the time of her birth, we, the parents were not disqualified from any legal
impediment to marry each other .

7.That we were married on _________ in ____________, as can be seen in the attached

marriage certificate.

8.That by reason of our subsequent valid marriage, our daughter/son is already

legitimated and should enjoy all the rights and benefits of being a legitimate child by
having his/her father's name entered in the birth certificate and also by having his/her
name entered as __________

9.Hence, we are executing this Affidavit of Legitimation in order to support our

application that the father's name _____________be entered and that his/her name be
changed to ________________in the birth certificate because of his/her legitimation by
our subsequent valid marriage.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands on this _______________ at

Cebu City, Philippines.

Affiant/ Father Affiant/Mother

Passport No. Passport No.
Place of Issue: Place of Issue:
Date of Issue: Date of Issue:
Date of Expiry: Date of Expiry:

BEFORE ME, a notary public for and in the City of ___________, personally appeared
the above named person with their passport who are personally known to me to be the
same person and/or identified through competent evidence of identity as defined by
Rules on Notarial Practice, who presented the foregoing instrument and signed the
instrument in my presence, and who took an oath before me as to such instrument.

Witness my hand and seal this ___________________.

Notary Public

Doc. No.: _______ .

Page No.: _______ .
Book No.: _______ .
Series of ________ .