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<div id="app"> <a v-bind:href="url">...</a>
<p>I have a {{ product }}</p>
<p>{{ product + 's' }}</p> shorthand <a :href="url">...</a>
<p>{{ isWorking ? 'YES' : 'NO' }}</p>
<p>{{ product.getSalePrice() }}</p> True or false will add or remove attribute:
<button :disabled="isButtonDisabled”>...

DIRECTIVES If isActive is truthy, the class ‘active’ will appear:

Element inserted/removed based on truthiness:
<div :class="{ active: isActive }">...
<p v-if="inStock">{{ product }}</p>
Style color set to value of activeColor:

<p v-else-if="onSale">...</p> <div :style="{ color: activeColor }">

<p v-else>...</p>

Toggles the display: none CSS property:

Calls addToCart method on component:
<p v-show="showProductDetails">...</p>
<button v-on:click="addToCart">...
Two-way data binding:

<input v-model="firstName" > shorthand <button @click="addToCart">...

Arguments can be passed:

v-model.lazy="..." Syncs input after change event
<button @click="addToCart(product)">...
v-model.number="..." Always returns a number
To prevent default behavior (e.g. page reload):

v-model.trim="..." Strips whitespace <form @submit.prevent="addProduct">...

Only trigger once:

LIST RENDERING <img @mouseover.once="showImage">...
<li v-for="item in items" :key="item.id">
{{ item }}
.stop Stop all event propagation
</li> key always recommended

To access the position in the array: .self Only trigger if event.target is element itself

<li v-for="(item, index) in items">... Keyboard entry example:

To iterate through objects: <input @keyup.enter="submit">

<li v-for="(value, key) in object">... Call onCopy when control-c is pressed:

Using v-for with a component: <input @keyup.ctrl.c="onCopy">

<cart-product v-for="item in products" Key modifiers:

:product="item" :key="item.id"> .tab .up .ctrl
.delete .down .alt
.esc .left .shift
.space .right .meta

Need help on your path to Vue Mastery? Mouse modifiers:

Checkout our tutorials on VueMastery.com .left .right .middle

Vue.component('my-component', { beforeCreate beforeUpdate
components: { Components that can be used in the template created updated
ProductComponent, ReviewComponent beforeMount beforeDestroy
}, mounted destroyed
props: { The parameters the component accepts
message: String,
product: Object, USING A SINGLE SLOT
email: { Component template:
type: String,
required: true,
<h2>I'm a title</h2>
default: "none"
validator: function (value) { Only displayed if no slot content
Should return true if value is valid </slot>
} </div>
Use of component with data for slot:
data: function() { Must be a function
return { <my-component>
firstName: 'Vue', <p>This will go in the slot</p>
lastName: 'Mastery' </my-component>
computed: { Return cached values until MULTIPLE SLOTS
fullName: function () { dependencies change Component template:
return this.firstName + ' ' + this.lastName
} <div class="container">
<slot name="header"></slot>
watch: { Called when firstName changes value
firstName: function (value, oldValue) { ... }
<slot>Default content</slot>
methods: { ... }, </main>
template: '<span>{{ message }}</span>', <footer>
}) Can also use backticks for multi-line <slot name="footer"></slot>

CUSTOM EVENTS Use of component with data for slot:

Use props (above) to pass data into child components,
custom events to pass data to parent elements. <app-layout>
<h1 slot="header">Page title</h1>
Set listener on component, within its parent: <p>the main content.</p>
<p slot="footer">Contact info</p>
<button-counter v-on:incrementBy="incWithVal"> </app-layout>

Inside parent component:

methods: {
incWithVal: function (toAdd) { ... } Vue CLI
} Command line interface for rapid Vue development.

Vue Router
Inside button-counter template:
Navigation for a Single-Page Application.
Custom event name
Vue DevTools
this.$emit('incrementBy', 5) Data sent up to parent
Browser extension for debugging Vue applications.

Created by your friends at Nuxt.js

Library for server side rendering, code-splitting, hot-re-
VueMastery.com loading, static generation and more.