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7.9 Data sheet

Flume width, B = m Discharge, Q = m3/s

Depth Velocity
y1 y2 V1 V2 F1 Type of jump
(m) (m) (m/s) (m/s)

Verification of total energy loss Verification of efficiency

RHS of energy loss
E1 E2 E2-E1 E2/E1 RHS of
Eq.(7.6) Comment (m) Comment
(m) (m) (m) Eq.(7.8)

Verification of length of jump Verification of height of jump

L RHS of hj RHS of
L/y1 Comment hj/E1 Comment
(m) Eq.(7.5) (m) Eq.(7.10)

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Characteristic curve

F1 E2 hj y1 y2
E1 E1 E1 E1

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