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Act out the preposition game

Split Ss into two teams. Go over possible prepositions and assign an action for each of them (e.g.
clap for on, jump for in etc) The Ss will now take turns reading gap fill sentences to 2 other Ss
from opposite teams. The Ss who manages to remember the matching gesture for each
preposition and does the action + says the complete phrasal verb, wins a point for his team.

1. Edwin and Rosie GOT ON very well together.

2. After a while they started to FALL FOR each other.
3. One day Edwin found the courage to ASK Rosie OUT.
4. Edwin was so happy, he couldn’t believe he was
finally GOING OUT with Rosie.
5. After a few months they decided to MOVE IN together.
6. But then they started to argue and they FELL OUT.
7. One day things got so bad, they decided to SPLIT UP.
8. Edwin was still thinking about Rosie. He couldn’t GET
OVER her.
9. One day, when he was walking in the park, SCOPING
OUT the scene.
10. Edwin BUMPED INTO Rosie.
11. They decided to MAKE UP.
12. They GOT BACK TOGETHER and this time they
lived happily ever after.