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Program Description
The accountancy study program was established in 1992. Since 2000,
the program has maintained an ‘A’ accreditation status from the National
Accreditation Board. The department continuously strives to improve the
quality of its graduates based on the needs of the dynamic business
world. Since the academic year 2005/2006, the department has offered
evening classes for high school/vocational school graduates and for
graduates of the diploma program in Accountancy who want to pursue Facilities Cooperation
a bachelor’s degree.
a. Digital and Manual Laboratories The Accountancy Program has established
b. Center for Accountancy Studies and cooperations with various organizations,
Curriculum industries, government sectors, business
Development (P3A)
The curriculum is designed to produce graduates having communication c. Student Assistants’ Program corporations, institutes and foundations, i.e.
and interpersonal skills as well as social and environmental awareness. d. e-Learning system Indonesian Institute of Accountants (Ikatan
The program offers four concentrations, which provide foundations to Akuntan Indonesia-IAI), Indonesian Institute
e. On-line registration
achieve competencies for the students’ future professions: of Accountancy Management (IAMI), Smart
f. Free Textbooks (Accountancy Principle,
- financial accountancy with a focus on the capital market, Consultant, PT. Marimas, PT. Nikisae, PT.
Intermediate Accountancy, Advanced
- accountancy management with a focus on financial planning, Djarum Tbk., KKS Bongsari, CCF, KAP Jimmy
Accountancy, Managerial Accountancy,
and Jansen, Values Plus, PT. Zamzibar, PT.
- information systems with a focus on system and analysis, and Accountancy Information System, and Polytron, PT. Nufarindo, Budi Darmodjo
- auditing with a focus on fraud and forensic audits Auditing and Assurance) Accountancy and Taxation Firm, Edy Kaslim
Accountancy and Taxation Firm, Hananta
Alumnae Accountancy and Taxation Firm, Institute
of City Language, Ministry of Environment,
The alumnae are spread all over Indonesia and overseas. Most alumnae
State Minister of State Owned Enterprises,
have entered the professional world as financial accountants, public
K-System, Archdiocese of Semarang, Dena
accountants, management accountants, government accountants,
Upakara Foundation, Helen Keiler Indonesia
system analysts, and auditors.

Teaching Staff
Teaching staff consists of professionals and academicians who have Achievements
Masters and Ph.Ds. Winner of various accountancy and sport
competitions at regional and national levels.

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