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10/7/2016 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

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Electronics Projects
 Power Electronics AC to DC Converters 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

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Topic: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC 

said63k  July 28, 2011, 14:56:03 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

How do I make the car you want to get local voltage from the battery

the Adnancosk  Reply # 1 ‐July 28, 2011, 15:30:57 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

You're going to an electronics store and say I want ...... watt inverter, they you 12 volt input
220 volt outlet that ... will give an inverter in watts, already you're getting 220 volts tiny thing
... connect directly to the battery.
If If you want to make yourself inverter scheme, then you find the forum he called dozens, we
will help in making the chosen scheme. However, remember that you only get from making
cheaper malo user is ready.
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said63k  Answer # 2 ‐July 29, 2011, 09:47:55 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

I wanted to make you part of the student sieve‐Wreath I asked for it

said63k  Reply # 3 ‐July 29, 2011, 09:56:54 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…


this circuit is how much power would be what I run

said63k  Reply # 4 ‐July 29, 2011, 10:10:18 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

to divide elaman list, but there are things I do not understand

R1 470 W 
R2 470 W 
R3 220 KW 
C1 100nF 
T1 2N3055

http://elektronikprojeler.com/index.php/topic,1795.0.html?PHPSESSID=1053999e5bcab891e1ac7e9b2f334874 1/9
10/7/2016 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC
T2 2N3055 
TRANSFORMERS 2x12 / 220‐volt 120 Watt 
IC 4047 multivibrator circuit 
Source 12 volt 10 amp DC source 

resistance of the powers granted but values do not supply diyolar 12v 10amp volt dc source
I'm glad if you could answer a few capacitors and I olurmu it 12v 60amp

the Adnancosk  Reply # 5 ‐July 29, 2011, 10:59:22 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

this circuit where you can get the power of 100 watts \ 's not exceed 60 watts a lamp, a TV, y
37 screen .... you can run it alone, if you want to make a more powerful inverter
gonna wrap the power you want 1‐Transformer
You will increase the number of 2‐transistor or stronger you will use transistors,
you say to forget this kind of inverters square wave output data, so that yönbelirlen capacitor
motors ﴾refrigerators, washing machines, etc.﴿ does not run. but the TV, computer, etc .. You
General Moderator can run the drill incandescent lamp
end there, as the value of the resistance ﴾unit﴿ watts ohms not stopped, it is the letter omega

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dhan000  Reply # 6 ‐July 29, 2011, 14:06:27 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

You can try it

3KV ups.zip ‐ 1.5 MB

said63k  Reply # 7 ‐August 1st 2011, 11:44:06 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

I then inverter is 40 baked bread to the circuit 40b of the oven bread yes Seaman can not
I do the times simple bi more bi infrared transceiver circuits 2 months, they will overcome me,
I went to the best b flip flops \ 's effort I

mcsukr the  Reply # 8 ‐August 2, 2011, 21:18:54 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

This simple circuit

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http://320volt.com/12v‐230v‐dc‐ac‐mosfetli‐basit is‐circuit of the inverter /

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musti.1836  Reply # 9 ‐May 26, 2012, 14:55:34 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

I called an inverter, but I salute all Chinese goods and perishable. The event can not we
wonder if it disrespects watt transformer. I could not find the net from the booster
transformer so how can I get something in my viewed wonder.

http://elektronikprojeler.com/index.php/topic,1795.0.html?PHPSESSID=1053999e5bcab891e1ac7e9b2f334874 2/9
10/7/2016 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

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Joseph master  Reply # 10 ‐May 26, 2012, 16:00:06 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

If you wait until evening with strange pictures were simple and everything, you're ready to
install drawing something they beat them Dhaka Failure to do :﴿ but

I have no time now empty. If I install early.

The circuit I load connected to the transformer will use the water and you use ready‐made
Please select the forum instead
from cheap transformers sold in the market is no problem.
↑ of writing a personal message.

cost to 100w transformer 30 pounds and are 10 pounds in the remaining amount of material
and so on a total of 40 pounds. a sensitive circuit to feedback. Yes, everywhere there, but
↓ there's no need to direct something you do to the drawing.

Engineering with no diploma. People who man the information is not good manners.

Joseph master  Reply # 11 ‐May 26, 2012, 16:04:23 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

talking about the spark ignition friends, @ musti.1836,

you talk about how an event, plasma what you're saying?

Please select the forum instead

of writing a personal message.

Engineering with no diploma. People who man the information is not good manners.

Joseph master  Reply # 12 ‐May 26, 2012, 19:39:45 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

The first forum was very slow, I said it. I entered several times until the page is going up and
people today. which used the host, I believe should be made slightly wider network operation.

let's subject,

Please select the forum instead

if you read this statement carefully, you create the simplest most comfortable circuit you can
of writing a personal message.
print directly to any additional files.

Community Login Register If you read the description carefully also know why you're doing what, if anything goes wrong
with because you look where you also need to understand that.

this is a schematic diagram you can find on the net. but I wrote it myself, I'm clarifying. I also
made myself drawing the arrest, did it several times in this circuit. will be peace of mind, effort,
you do not go to waste.

not already given printing drawings, although the simple unfortunately a soul chopped, we
give the rest, let's start then ...


http://elektronikprojeler.com/index.php/topic,1795.0.html?PHPSESSID=1053999e5bcab891e1ac7e9b2f334874 3/9
10/7/2016 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

in place where there is no mains voltage, 12V tools for working devices that operate with the
supply voltage and the battery maximum 200Watt \ 'meets health transformer inverter

the circuit switched mode power supplies are designed for ﴾PWM﴿ is prepared by 3524, which
is the integrated pulse width modulation drive. With integrated output power MOSFETs
connected to 12V battery voltage transformers and transformer windings 12Vluk switched on
220V AC output voltage is obtained. The resulting output voltage waveform is the waveform
of the mains voltage with yakındır.r6 and C3 components output waveform is further
corrected. The frequency of the output voltage is set using a potentiometer RV1. The output
Community Login Register voltage is determined by the potentiometer RV2.

The transformation event, let's open a little before the construction of the circuit:

alternating current on a winding, yet creates a variable magnetic field. And we know that the
other coil inside the magnetic field causes a current accordingly. What we're trying to do here
is to get 220 volts from a transformer to give 10‐12 volts output. But that should be an
alternating current, so that should be a variable voltage, which could occur in other voltage
windings. All of these circuits are made only to create the variable field. Magnetic field
generated by the winding forms we provide a 12 volt voltage in the other coil. And this
voltage is a voltage greater than the number of turns more to our benefit to get done.

So the only thing we tried to do, basically, depending on the number of windings of the
transformer is nothing else to use the feature to increase the voltage. Because variable

http://elektronikprojeler.com/index.php/topic,1795.0.html?PHPSESSID=1053999e5bcab891e1ac7e9b2f334874 4/9
10/7/2016 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

alternating current required for this process that we have established this circuit.

The process is very simple, integrated alternative signal producing us. Negative for foot, we
use an integrated issuing positive square wave from the other foot. And we use two
MOSFETs for us ensure quite strengthen transformer these signals to each signal output.

We are sending a transformer current strength with MOSFETs and we take our exit elevated

After completing the installation of the circuit, we need to run to connecting transformer. In
this case 14, and by controlling the square wave in 11 of the end, we need to set 50Hz with a

↑ frequency of VR1.

↓ We use the output voltage 220 more than a circuit to keep constant the above second small
schemes can provide this feedback. If we do this voltage stabilization work, this circuit can be
set up, we can cancel wolf we're taking wasted integrated No.1 feet.

For to set the frequency in the first operation circuit ﴾cities current 50Hz﴿ set frequency before
connecting the output of the transformer at all.

also to keep the voltage of the saber, the substation will connect to output 220 connect a
little more you can get the transformer side. 2w be 12V. 

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This AC transformer input that you see in small transformer above print image in 2w power
by and connect to the bridge diode winning end.

By connecting the transformer, while output at idle, the output voltage with VR2 220V AC \
'we have had to adjust. In this case, the circuit will draw a current of about 2.

Power MOSFET D and S terminals will draw a current of about 15 from the battery at full load
operation. Assets in the printed circuit board must be strong enough to carry the current of
15 like this way ..

you also get your mind;

http://elektronikprojeler.com/index.php/topic,1795.0.html?PHPSESSID=1053999e5bcab891e1ac7e9b2f334874 5/9
10/7/2016 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

this kind would not be right to expect excellent feedback from the circuit ...

The circuit is built on simple foundations. Feedback is very professional work with this circuit
this way.

‐ The shape of the wave will vary according to uplift drawn through the filter.

‐ Wave is the original frame and the peak value is only related to the battery value. Output
peak value as far as feeding the battery remains constant, whereas the amplitude varies

↑ ‐ We have seen only the peak value of the above types of feedback but can not get the
information essential importance is amplitude.

↓ As a result, work variable depending on the feedback load.

The materials used for the inverter section:


resistance [R1, R8] 10k, ¼ W

resistor [R2, R4] 1k, ¼ W
resistor [R3, R5] 22k ¼
Resistance [R6] 1k, 1 W
Resistance [R9, R10] 2.2k, ¼ W
capacitors [C1, C2] 10 uF / 16 V
diode [BR1] 40V1 bridge diode
Transistor [Q1, Q2] IRFZ44
Transformers [TR1] 220V / 2x12V 150W
transformer [TR2] 220V / 12V 2W
IC [U1] CA3524

are drawing in the appendix. on the value writers. then download and install no need to think.
After working circuits in detail you can read more.

See the pictures I took while printing:

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http://elektronikprojeler.com/index.php/topic,1795.0.html?PHPSESSID=1053999e5bcab891e1ac7e9b2f334874 6/9
10/7/2016 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

Note: figures are 1‐2‐3 on the platen. here the language you found out the power
transformer must be 2x12V. We do 220 by 220, while the connection of the circuit 12 side. 1
where says minus voltage. It would be the end of the three transformers. + voltage from the
battery to the data center. the remaining two ends of direction is not important, connect to
the ground by 2 and 3.

print plakada12v place by just + part ﴾the ground by one number because you already
connect ‐V﴿ give power from the battery. + cable that may be fine. but it should be thick
cable from the battery. also cable to the transformer from the MOSFETs must be thick.

Engineering with no diploma. People who man the information is not good manners.

Joseph master  Reply # 13 ‐May 26, 2012, 19:45:42 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

100W transformer 2x12 not find. There gradual ones. from 0‐48. Get one of them. Use the 0‐
12 and 12‐24 by the end. the rest are empty.

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Please select the forum instead

of writing a personal message.

http://elektronikprojeler.com/index.php/topic,1795.0.html?PHPSESSID=1053999e5bcab891e1ac7e9b2f334874 7/9
10/7/2016 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

Engineering with no diploma. People who man the information is not good manners.

musti.1836  Reply # 14 ‐August 12, 2012, 00:05:46 Re: 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Vo…

greetings normal voltage transformer connected in reverse by lowering the voltage and
frequency, giving rise to bilirmiyim I wonder.

With a 555 line circuit. vltaj rises higher up the frequency.

if you know where to find this kind of transformer substations yu can not reverse our normal
reconnect them to wonder. I will use it instead of sine wave inverter is not necessarily me.

http://elektronikprojeler.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=931.0;attach=1474;imag to

YouTube video:

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http://elektronikprojeler.com/index.php/topic,1795.0.html?PHPSESSID=1053999e5bcab891e1ac7e9b2f334874 8/9
10/7/2016 60amp 12V DC = ^ = 220 Volts AC

HACAs this, and you're watching this video is trying to pass it there are many similar spark.

I'm trying to provide a transformer instead of the inverter. çinmal of inverters both expensive

↑ and durable.

can you help me thank in advance cures.

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