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SAP UI5/Fiori Developer

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Experience Summary

 Currently working in SAP Labs as C employee, parent company Itrosys technologies.

 Around 2.5 years of Experience as SAP UI5 Developer in software Design, Analysis, Coding and
 Good working experience in Web Projects.
 Experience in Web technologies like Java Script, CSS 3 and jQuery.
 Extensively worked on SAP UI5.
 Extensively worked on Models like JSON model, Resource model, OData Model etc.
 Efficiently worked on Ajax.
 Ability to design, coding and analyzing SAP UI 5 Projects.
 Worked on JavaScript technologies.
 Well versed with OOPS Concepts.
 Having Knowledge in SAP HANA express edition, XSJS (server-side java script), SAP
Mobility (Hybrid App toolkit), SAP Fiori, SAP XS Advance, CDS views, Qunit test, OPA
test, Jasmine test, SQL
 Excellent presentation and technical documentation skills and ability to perform under stress.
 Team player with good communication and inter personal skills.
 Working with Itrosys technologies as a SAP UI5 developer from Feb’2016 to Till Date.

Skills in SAP and Other Technologies

Extensively Worked SAP UI5, OData, Ajax

Web Technologies Java Script, CSS 3, jQuery, JSON, XML
SAP HANA express edition, XSJS (server-side java script), SAP
Mobility (Hybrid App toolkit), SAP Fiori, SAP XS Advance, CDS
Basic knowledge
views, SQL, Qunit test, OPA test, Jasmine test, SQL

Organization: SAP Labs India

Name : DOE Australia

Duration : 1 months
Team :7
Technology : Fiori, SAP UI5, Java Script, JSON, XML, jQuery
Client : DOE Australia

Project Description:

 DOE is a Fiori App. Project was already build, it was a customer CR.
 DOE full form is Department of Education for Australia client. Which deals with HR module. Her
college employees use to fill their time sheet, according their cost centers. Based on this
working hours salary will be provided for two weeks i.e. FTE.


 Used date Utils api for date operations like difference of dates, get 5 days ahead to current date
 Used message manger for adding and removing messages globally.
 Used Message popover for notification messages like error or warning messages.
 Validation for input field based on single row and multiple row, so employee should not enter
more hours then entered working hours.
 Created JSON model and all operations linked with one single JSON model.
 Added i18n property file with i18n annotations.
 Maintaining JSDoc for javascript functions.

Organization: SAP Labs India

Name : HZL MII

Duration : 4 months
Team :7
Technology : SAP UI5, Java Script, JSON, XML, jQuery
Client : HZL

Project Description:

 HZL is an application used for zinc production calculations like loss, profit, recovery etc as per
the shift wise.
 For the production of zinc there are some following steps based on which calculations are done.
Steps like Qualitative analysis, Leaching, Solution slurry etc. Based on this step we have built
some screens like report generation, Shift wise production details, Average shift values etc.
 Her the backend technology used for web services was MII(SAP Manufacturing Intelligence


 In this project i am the only SAP UI5 developer who is responsible for each and every thing from
UI5 side.
 From Scratch i alone build this project.
 Her client server was having very low version sap ui5 api’s based on which controls are build.
 Built sap.m.table where edit and update of the records can be done in the table itself.
 Implemented input value help request dialog at required input fields.
 As per the customer requirement single row and multiple row edits are implemented.
 Used reverse date validation for date pickers at search functionality.
 Created reusable ajax file to optimize the code.
 Based on every row data dynamically specific fields are made editable.
 Implemented export functionality for table data into CSV file.
 Following ESlint rules for JavaScript code.
 Preparing JSDoc for JavaScript functions and writing i18 annotation for i18n properties file.

Organization: Merck


Duration : 11 months
Team :8
Technology : SAP UI5, Java Script, JSON, XML, Ajax, jQuery
Client : Merck – Sigma Aldrich.

Project Description:

 SAP NEXT is an ERP application of many modules like Finance, SD(Sales and Distribution),
MM(Material management), Warehouse, CRM(Customer relationship management ), Health
and Environment etc and i have worked on SD, MM and warehouse but mainly on MM then
 SAP NEXT is built on a framework which consist of inbox, personas and multiple actions like
master actions and detail actions for all modules.


 Extensively used JavaScript to provide dynamic User Interface and for the client-side validations.
 Created Form layout in a view and making it Responsive.
 Used Date picker and validated the same, to restrict the date range with respect to requirement.
 Retrieved the data from BAPI calls, HANA services and rendering in UI controls.
 Involved in Client meeting to improve the Functional Specification.
 Build graphs to show the overview of the product at dashboard.
 Adding pickers and binding services to it and displaying the list in fragment.
 Using framework built in methods for Navigation and Ajax calls.
 Using Table control for displaying product list details. And searching particular data by search
 Performance Testing and resolving issues.
 Adding busy indicators as per the situation needed for understanding of user.

Organization: Itrosys Technologies

Name : HR Management
Duration : 1.1 year
Team :6
Technology : SAP UI5, Java Script, Json, XML, Ajax, jQuery.
Client : Itrosys Technologies
Project Description:

 This project deals with Human resource management system. To maintain Employee details,
there leaves, salary detail and HR recruitment process.
 Extensively worked in HR recruitment module. Displaying candidate list, candidate form,
Requirement list, Requirement form, Login page, register page with respect to the requirement


 Understanding Specifications and the modifications required for the system.

 Implementing Master -Detail design pattern and adding different controls to it.
 Retrieving the data from OData model.
 Involved in Client meeting to improve the Functional Specification.
 Adding fragments at required place.
 Adding formatters at required place
 Configuring Manifest i.e. providing routing and Navigation to the views. And configuring base
view and by passing another view for example not found views etc.
 Using Table control for displaying product list details.
 Performing property binding to the controls.
 Using Resource model for required controls.
 Using Aggregation binding in List Controls.

Educational Qualification

 Done Graduation in Bachelor of Engineering of VTU University from BKIT(REC) College, Bhalki
,Bidar District .