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a You Must LOvE ME 1997 ACADEMY AWARD WINNING SONG FROM THE MOTION PICTURE EVITA MUSIC BY ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER. LYRICS BY TIN RICE Hlrne # =a —— = ae Where do we go from This is - n't where = z = = { 2B car ® ia af eB ——— aS a ar a + tended be We mad it al — you be lieved in me,— 1 tee : ; SS —| = > so oe TF ese Bs co ae S= - —_ = BP EB orsocur HER ee be dream = to sur-vi how do we keep— — Deep__in my heart. 'm con - ceal - ing —I— Bw Gn “Se things that I'm Jong-ing 10 say, seared to con-fess what I'm feel - ing — Bs frightened you'll a = way, you must love me, you must love —3 e ee —— eas Verse 2: (Instrumental 8 bars) Why are you at my side? How can Tbe any use to you now? Give me a chance and I'll let you see how Nothing has changed Deep in my heart I'm concealing Things that I'm longing to say, Scared to confess what I'm feeling Frightened you'll stip away, You must love me.