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ATLAS.ti 7.1.

Release date: 2014-03-04
Fixed and Improved:
• Import ATLAS.ti for Android projects
• Audio Video:
• scroll pagewise in non-sync mode
• let Video perforations scroll smoothly
• Ensure side panel splitter in managers to always be
• Inform the user which data source is deleted when
deleting datasources in the library manager.
• Add a progess dialog to the delete datasource
functionality in the library manager
• Do not display already entered codes in the new code
• Mark Codes in side panel of quotation manager
according to selected quotations
• Sliding the splitter between side panel and main list too
far could result in inaccessible manager items
• Closing an unsaved HU could result in removing
documents used by other HUs
• Fix for not unplayable videos (with objects not shown in
the margin)
• RichText printed with margin was sometimes misaligned
• When a pd family was used as a filter the survey import
• Empty NWE throws error when trying to copy nodes to
• In some cases the user was always asked for the UI
language on startup

ATLAS.ti 7.1.7
Release date: 2014-01-09
Fixed and Improved:
• Ctrl-A = select all in object managers now behaves
correctly: cares for pane with focus
• Numerically correct list sort: 1,2,10 not 1,10,2
• Link browsers now object filter aware
• Redundant quotation merge speed
• Dropping a PD on the AssociationEditor with Ctrl-Key
pressed will exchange document reference. This is
needed as a repair functionality for broken document
references in ADocs
• Error when closing maximized or minimized window
• Survey import refused to function with only a single case
• Survey import under Windows XP interpreted the first
row (field names) as an additional case
• Word cruncher Go and stop lists work as expected
• Flicker with side paneled managers when opening with
side panel closed
• Apply on GeneralPreferences will no longer invalidate an
(earlier) choosen code page
• (Embedded)Object menu works
• Merging two HUs with PDF quotations while PDF PD is

ATLAS.ti 7.1.6
Release date: 2013-10-28
Fixed and Improved:
• Codes-PDs Table:
• refresh lists after adding or removing codes and pds in
the HU
• removed unused option (web) and info pane at the
• display title in report text window
• wider columns in output
• Auto completion in open coding dialog now matches
words in the middle of the code name (previous
behavior anchored the search to the beginning, press
ctrl key when opening the OpenCoding dialog to fall
back to this behavior)
• Include quotation numbers in the search filter
• Offer partial Copy Bundle on PDs selected in the PD
• Quotation Manager now with side panel displaying
"families" for quotations (= codes)
• Survey import:
• tab delimted format failed
• cancel button now works as expected
• remember default file filter during session
• QueryTool buttons overlayed labels when resized too
• Wordcruncher crashed with large Excel XML output
• Left mouse button + shift pressed -> PDF error
• Ticket 89669 PDF not loaded
• Quotation picker list now stays quiet when only one
quotation associated with a code
• Family panels size not correctly stored when window
was opened full screen
• Sort side panel families by name
• Handle problems when converting protected Word

ATLAS.ti 7.1.5
Release date: 2013-10-07
Fixed and Improved:
• Rare error [id not understood] when loading PDF
• iPad import: no longer empty quotation names (export
format was changed/extended against earlier
• Flicker when expanding hierarchies
• Setting adoc anchor at document end
• Deleting empty adoc association failed
• After creating a new font scheme switching the code
page could issue an error
• QueryTool top buttons overlapped label when reducing

ATLAS.ti 7.1.4
Release date: 2013-09-19
Fixed and Improved:
• Added centralized Windows crash reporting
• Family side panel menu new option: remove selected
• Try to invoke Word to convert a document to RTF unless
a converter was found
• Quality of 90 deg rotated videos increased
• Loss of ressources when opening the same PD in more
than one region
• Positioning of red dots in A-docs
• Do not assume plain text format if a converter fails on a
Word document
• Filtered state background color not displayed when
reopening a manger
• WordCruncher with empty documents failed
• WordCruncher Excel output failed when xml extension
not associated with InternetExplorer
• Video on secondary monitor could hang
• iPad import could fail
• HTML export without codes failed
• Navigation pane flicker when switching PDF pds
• Filedialog leak
• Improved robustness when saving preview information

ATLAS.ti 7.1.3
Release date: 2013-08-15
Fixed and Improved:
• Random crashes "out of operating system resources" or
"mapToWindow: not understood" happened on some
Window 7 systems

ATLAS.ti 7.1.2
Release date: 2013-08-13
Fixed and Improved:
• Rich edit library load order
• Closing link manager crashed
• Moving PDF quotations (when created by mouse

ATLAS.ti 7.1.1
Release date: 2013-08-05
Fixed and Improved:
• Family side panel settings persisted
• Update-post-processing splash screen
• Document quality dialog menu bug
• Display comment mark (tilde) in margin hyperlinks,
removed space between commented link and mark
• Sort bug
• Spanish language and English typos
• Version 6 projects with a-docs "initialFileExtension:" bug
• Correctly check files > 4GB
• Ensure installation of rich edit control
• Removed unneccessary overhead when opening the HU

ATLAS.ti 7.1.0
Release date: 2013-07-31
Fixed and Improved:
• Selectable user interface language: Spanish
• ATLAS.ti Mobile iPad project import
• Auto rotation of portrait and landscape view for imported
• Geo button for all documents containing geo references
• Ctrl-N opens new HU editor
• Multiselection menu in network editor
• lots of stuff ... relayouted a number of dialogs to fit other
• improved stability of document management
• Revived in-place editing in managers
• PD-Code links drawn in darker gray
• Improved robustness when reading audio preview
• Hyperlink content duplication on double-click in margin
• New Memo Prompter typo
• Memo editor caption reflects type
Known issues (will be addressed):
• iPad imported and rotated videos look suboptimal when
playing but file quality is as configured
• Opening an iPad imported video on a second monitor
might crash the session

ATLAS.ti 7.0.92
Release date: 2013-06-11
Fixed and Improved:
• added M4A to legal audio file extensions
• increased speed of loading documents with large hus
containing adocs
• sample multimedia files to check for applicable codecs
• splitter bar in pd manager was a bit sticky when moving
it horizontally for a while
• endless refresh of dropdown lists when leaving edit
• extended multi media quality check (mov files) could
create stack overflow
• PDF paragraph expansion problem when autocoding
• issue with creating the wrong fallback (plain text) for
multi media data when the needed codec is not

ATLAS.ti 7.0.91
Release date: 2013-05-23
Fixed and Improved:
• problems when Tahoma font is not installed (very
• deployed missing xml stylesheet updates

ATLAS.ti 7.0.90
Release date: 2013-05-15
Fixed and Improved:
• Added support for exporting managed files
• Dialog for deleting library entries
• Merge HUs
• Link to memos error
• Accessibility report threw an error under certain
• Choose correct renderer for memos used as PDs
• Misalignment of rich text files containing section breaks
under Windows 8
• File type images in XML converter

ATLAS.ti 7.0.89
Release date: 2013-04-15
Fixed and Improved:
• Allows a user to reset PDS which are not loadable due to
missing revisions to the latest available revision
• Survey Import: 1 and 0 were not correctly recognized as
family membership yes/no
• sqlite support for reliably detecting Google Drive paths
• Cooc: Adjacent images in PDF documents were
interpreted as overlapping
• Cooc: prevent buttons in selection lists to disappear
upon resize
• Ambiguity of space vs underline characters in file names
• Missing document when comparing PDF quotations (cooc
calculations etc)

ATLAS.ti 7.0.88
Release date: 2013-03-21
Fixed and Improved:
• Relaxed restriction on storing HUs in cloud storage
• Show progress when saving HU
• Performance boost for library manager on large libraries
• Show progress when validating libraries
• Rectangular selections in PDF docs
• Spurious display issue in side panels: items seem to have
• Avoid error when trying to store location of MergWiz after
it was closed (eg. during a long long merge process)
• Accessibility report on video pd opened zombie window
• Merge unnecessarily required accessible documents
• Error "Attribute Value Invalid" when closing a HU editor
after a merge

ATLAS.ti 7.0.87
Release date: 2013-03-15
Fixed and Improved:
• Open new network on all selected nodes (nodes menu)
• Dropping items onto network editor
• SPSS performance
• Comparison of unifiable PDs
• Popup menus in memo dropdown and query tool
• Merge unify preserve identity when merging into blank

ATLAS.ti 7.0.86
Release date: 2013-03-11
Fixed and Improved:
• Warning when copy bundles exceed volume file limits
• Improved feedback for copy bundles and HU saves
• Increased load performance for large HUs
• Prevent saving HUs in cloud drives
• Warn when loading from cloud drives
• Allow D&D from link managers to network editor
• MemoPDs were not correctly migrated
• Concurrent HU access on shared drives
• Large Excel file (> 70 MB) creation failed
• Determining the Google Drive location
• Drag&Drop multiple objects from side panel, also wasnt
• WordCruncher window didnt display options in non-100%
screen scale
• Clip survey rows after last header index
• PDF memory leak
• Only run a 6.2 PDF conversion with locators of version
• Dont try to run post process PDF converter if a document
holder cannot be obtained
• Creating GDI+ font failed in some cases
• Issue with installing a copy bundle containing identical
documents assigned from different paths
• Issue with copy bundles where one bundles data source
names contained underscore characters where the
other contained spaces

ATLAS.ti 7.0.85
Release date: 2013-02-05
Fixed and Improved:
• Coding context menu for text pds was disabled
• Keyboard coding shortcuts were disabled
• Switching users and login threw a bug when displaying
the welcome message
• Wordcruncher removed maximize button and resizing
• On DBCS the search entry field in managers could not
find text after saving and loading the HU
• When remapping linked documents also update the
ADocs references
• Ugly side panel code list background in autocolor mode

ATLAS.ti 7.0.84
Release date: 2013-01-29
Fixed and Improved:
• New: PD Merger lets you merge unifiable PDs. This can
be very practical when PDs were accidentally added
during a project merge. -> PD manager menu
Miscellaneous|Merge selected PDs
• Word Cruncher reloaded: New word recognition for
improved Unicode handling, many more settings:
include word length, absolute and relative counts,
totals, sum only, etc., launch cloud via WC dialog,
stop and GO lists, removing words from cloud adds
them to stop list, sort by size in tag cloud, word count
on mouse hover, and more
• Open WordCloud on selected PDs in manager
• List Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive in
system report
• Moved copy bundle procedures to more prominent places
in the project menu
• Moved side panel toggle button
• Updated manual and on-screen help
• Stability issue under Windows 8
• Memo mix-up caused by XML export
• Auto Coding shifted PDF quotations bug
• Survey Import: CSV import, handling of empty cells,
make cell content truncation a rare thing
• Word Cruncher: only last regex in stoplist was processed
• "Play Selected Text" error when wrong region was
• quotations spannning the complete PD were almost
invisible in the margin

ATLAS.ti 7.0.83
Release date: 2012-12-11
Fixed and Improved:
• Multimedia: Support for M4V and M4A files
• "New" RichEdit control (table support) for all text panes
• Warn user when disarding document edits when
quotations have been created
• Progress feedback when collecting documents for copy
• Warning when trying to move a library into Dropbox
• Removed reload selected PD from manager menu
• Drag text into network editor (from pd pane = creates
quotation, from any other = new memo)
• Wordcruncher: Supports DBCS languages. Eliminates the
nasty dialog that Excel shows when trying to open
tab delimited files.
• Behind the scenes: Create Wordcruncher Excel output as
XML (SpreadsheetML).
• PDF word detection fixed (was a ticket comparing A7
with nVivo showing that A7 split words of a specific
PDF file into meaningless fragments)
• Videos with non-square pixels (fuzzy previews, distorted
video and video frame pds)
• HU crunching bug mixing quotations from other PDs
• Merge HUs: preserve the unique id (guid) for added
documents unless in case of a conflict. This
prevented unifying merged documents when merging
into an empty HU.
• and various additional improvements

ATLAS.ti 7.0.82
Release date: 2012-11-22
New, Fixed and Improved:
• Do not include links to managed files in HTML export
• edited managed documents with spaces in their
pathname were not loaded under certain conditions
• allow "change path" for linked documents which could
not be loaded
• Crawler forgot the last selected query when switching
between the tabs
• Find/Replace dialog was not DBCS aware
• Missing bullets in HTML export

ATLAS.ti 7.0.81
Release date: 2012-11-15
New, Fixed and Improved:
• On URL links in RTF documents display an arrow cursor
instead of a pencil
• Check for modified revisions in the libraries and
synchronize accordingly
• Improved accessibility report
• With open quotation selector window (after double-
clicking a code or memo), deleting a quotation threw
an error
• Rare display bug when merging codes in network editor
• Resolve document fallback correctly when the data
source is added by another machine in the network
• Misplaced text in about box

ATLAS.ti 7.0.80
Release date: 2012-11-07
New, Fixed and Improved:
• SPSS: include author with each quotation, include doc
type, positions reworked, miss val for geo docs
• Resizable quotation selector
• Finer grained speed setting for multimedia
• Admins: registry settings to suppress auto update (for
setup only)
• Improved some messages (edit mode warning for
• Cooc table dropdown list width corrected
• Survey import handles Unicode cell content correctly
using the current codepage
• XML import (codes/memos) handles Unicode (respects
the users current code page setting)
• F4 import - another adaption to changed format

ATLAS.ti 7.0.79
Release date: 2012-10-18
New, Fixed and Improved:
• removed "object" header from all single column lists
• Autocoding stumbled over non-text pdfs
• starting code-pd table from codes menu did not work
• SPSS: replaced PROCESS IF with SELECT IF in job
• Cooc table settings were ignored
• Creating multimedia previews on read only media (CD)
• Merging HUs with A-Docs added documents instead of

ATLAS.ti 7.0.78
Release date: 2012-10-15
New, Fixed and Improved:
• SidePanel families: open network on selected (menu)
• Bring back coloring to link manager, added search field,
open relation editor tool.
• Star and Chain hyper linking workflow revived
• NWE:Restrict topoSort to codes when pressing ctrl, to
quotations with ctrl+shift
• Display expiration date (if any) in main screen
• ReportBundle alyways includes repository data
• Display searched columns in search filter pane default
• Updated manual and F1 on-screen help
• Moving a library with invalid items failed
• Workaround for migrating a version 6 HU when
converting of linked documents to managed
documents fails
• Saving HUs with many documents could take a very long
time - obsoelete checks removed
• AutoCoding: endless refresh after the coding process.
Prevent concurrent autocodes to compromise data
• NWE:
• User defined node sizes usage corrected when saving
network view as graphic and when copying to
• Unsaved NWE changes are not lost when closing the HU
• Close all NWEs fixed
• Bring back help texts in status pane (nlsPrefix was not
set to NET)\n
• Search pane crashes in managed repository browser due
to a typo
• Right click on grafical quotation resizing handle created
• F4:
• curly brackets in transcripts now correctly processed
• Dont ask for companion multi media file\n*
• Dont enable timer backup if any of the regions is in edit
• Fixed tooltips for super family tools

ATLAS.ti 7.0.77
Release date: 2012-09-18
New, Fixed and Improved:
• F4 Import accepts Transana files (changed menu entry
"Import A-Docs")
• Copy docs between my and team library
• Multimedia:
• New shortcuts , and . for start and end selection (should
fit most keyboards)
• Changing selection / current position snaps to each
other. SHIFT key overrides this.
• CTRL key pressed speeds up left/right arrow position
changing 20 times.
• Select code created in AutoCoder
• In-place avtivation of embedded objects deactivated
• Display code colors in side panel
• Allow in-place rename in side panel
• Added 30 days grace period after license expiration
• NWE: reduced gap between arrow head and node border,
brought back some shortcuts (e.g., ctrl-L for auto
• Display time instead of frames for video quotations in
manager and reports
• Dont use temporary folders during document assignment
• Select a newly created code in autocoding dropdown
(not when created elsewhere)
• Extensive preparations for localization
• Prevent using backup of .. HU files directly
• DBCS display in in-place edit fields (network editor,
• Excel import (survey and PD-Families) of tab delimited
• Traversing hyperlinks in multi doc view
• F4-Import with large videos
• Allow super codes to be dragged to side panel family
• Quotations in RichEdit tables were misaligned
• Fix a bug when terminating loading a single document or
the document is rejected
• Copy Rich-text to clipboard for graphical quotations in
PDF and graphics
• Bitmap limitation for very big PDF pages.
• Misc. document management issues fixed and improved
• Side panel drag to margin started hor. scrolling

ATLAS.ti 7.0.76
Release date: 2012-08-14
New, Fixed and Improved:
• improved error message when chosing wrong delimiter in
survey (etc) import.
• increased quotation picker list size
• doc quality check improved
• extended system report (repository info)
• zero brightness jpgs were not loaded
• spurious problems of hu editor during shut down
• multi line tool tips were truncated after first line (e.g.,
query tool hints)
• signed executable (atlast.exe)
• misc. hot fixes

ATLAS.ti 7.0.75
Release date: 2012-07-31
New, Fixed and Improved:
• Ask user for mode to export comments (rich or plain) for
XML codes export
• Cursor right and a few other virtual keys were disabled
with last patch
• NWE: check if entities may link, prohibit linking
quotations to super codes
• Repository access on DBCS systems with DBCS paths
• Fixed false behavior of margin in-place edit for objects
other than codes and memos. Only allow IPE when in
rename mode.
• Ensure loading Multimedia stuff dynamically

ATLAS.ti 7.0.74
Release date: 2012-07-27
New, Fixed and Improved:
• More secure password protection for HUs
• Preparing code for internationalization
• NWE toolbar corrected. Delete entities now really deletes
and does not only remove from view.
• Libraries on NON-NTFS file systems (FAT32, USB sticks,
network drives)
• Crash of code manager when incompatible font was
• Co authors not accepted for saving a HU
• Super codes could be linked in NWEs with families which
are included in their queries (=> cycles => crash)
• Prevent deleting data sources that are viewed by a PD in
a HU
• Fix a bug when loading data source items for managed
files that have no initial revision
• Enhance finding a revision for a managed document
• Locating the library in a folder
• Assigning the same document to two or more HUs and
editing them prior to saving them -> error
• PDF floating point error
• Guarding against out-of-limit parameters in foxit fuctions
leading to protection violation errors.
• Spurious handle error when closing multimedia docs

ATLAS.ti 7.0.73
Release date:2012-07-06
New, Fixed and Improved:
• Improved error message for survey and other table
• Video crash on DBCS (e.g. East Asian) systems
• "Wait not allowed" crash with non standard Windows
display mode (> 96 dpi)
• Codes XML Im/Export failed with super codes
• More room for NWE node label editor
• Repairing repositories not always succesful
• Prevent changes by an edit-session compromising F4-
• Merge from copy bundle ignored non-existing document

ATLAS.ti 7.0.72
Release date:2012-06-29
New, Fixed and Improved:
• Delete button in search/filter fields
• Improved PD selection menu for red adocs region button
• reload repository data in repository browser on activate
when the ini files were changed
• Enhanced repair of managed repository\n\nFixed:
• Merge HUs could create artifacts (family twins) that
vanished after relaoding the HU
• Thumbnail ressource leak could crash the image with >
9000 PDs
• Dont open welcome hu when a specific hu was opened
• F4 hypertext extraction failed with hidden in the
presence of embedded links
• enable delete button in repository browser
• Saving user database
• NWE: Update edges after changing relations
• NWE: Linking codes with code families did only work
• Merging a copy budle whose docIndex contains special

ATLAS.ti 7.0.71
Release date: 2012-06-16
New, Fixed and Improved:
• updated manual and F1 help
• Suport for installing samples in a user sample folder on
first run
• Enhance library validation for finding and solving
document entries that no longer refer to a HU
• Offer migrate to managed when product (instead of HU)
supports managed files feature
• Inform user about loss of compatibility mode for a pre 7
• Draw missing files in lib manager gray not red
• Auto scroll multimedia margin by default\n\nFixed:
• F1 help did not work in some windows
• Tooltips over zoomed timeline selection buttons
sometimes cause buttons to fade out momentarily
• Side panel redraw problems empty lines
• Avoid fallback path (on linked DS) to be burned in into the
PDs original locator