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Introduction – Aims of the Study Introduction – Benefits of the Study

Theoritical Benefits Practical Benefits

To develop a book publishing transaction The results of this study could support The results of this study could be an
theories and models in developing an useful information system to increase
information system and author’s royalty calculation information system for publishing effectiveness and efficiency in
industry especially book publishing Raditeens’ book publishing transaction
at CV Raditeens. transaction and author’s royalty and to improve student skill in
calculation and also value added implementing their knowledge to
scientific knowledge in the field of develop an information system, and as
education in Indonesia. a reference to facilitate future
research about publishing industry.

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Literature Review - Theories Literature Review - Theories

System Information Book Publishing

A group of elements that are closely Data that has been organized, and An intellectual and professional activity to reproduce literature (Syahid,2014)
related to each other, which function already have their uses and
together to achieve certain goals
benefits (Krismiaji, 2015)
(Mulyadi, 2008) Database and Programming Concepts
MySQL, XAMPP, CodeIgniter, Gammu
Information System Royalty
the information system is the organized Remuneration for the utilization of the
System Modelling Concepts
ways to store, manage, control, and Economic Right of a Work or Related
report information in a way that an Rights Items received by the author or
Unified Modelling Language
organization can achieve its intended owner of the rights concerned.
purpose (Krismiaji, 2015)
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