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Unit Two Subjects Sd on lines 3rd in spaces The Interval of a 3rd = = 3rd on the keyboard 3rd onthe Keyboard Beginning a 3rd above or below Landmarks a Tid Jia rezzo forte, aan for mam toud. {RE} mezzo piano, Tian for met sot Ties A tei a curved line connecting to successive noes ofthe same pith. ied nots fon one sud bata as ong a he fro noes together. ll tf Quarter Rest } A quarter rest is a sign for silence 12 45 long as a quarter note, J oS Half Rest = A half rest is a sign for silence = as long as a half note, ‘A whole rest is a sign for silence ~ ‘Whole Rest = ‘8s long as a whole note. ° Its also a sign for a whole measure of silence in any time signature, “4 Sug Nat toast March f Head-Stand With effort a 7 Boogie With moti wv if 3 F