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Bag Filter Details

Location Crusher House

Quantity Nos 1

Type Reverse Pulse Jet

Volume of Dust Laden Air Handled CU.M/HR 18000

Operating Temperature Deg C 40

Air to Cloth Ratio M^3/MIN/M^2 1.5

Dust Confirmation of Air Outlet to

MG/NM^3 <50

Total Cloth Area SQ.M 160

Filter Bags Pleated Type

Filter Bag Material Polyster Woven

Filter Bag Dimensions MM 22mm Dia 1000mm Length

Total Number of Bags Nos 36

Bag weight GSM 270

Max Temperature of Bag Permissible Deg C 110

Type of Cage In Built

Purging Arrangement Throgh Solenoid Valves

Number of Valves Nos 6

Type of Valves Diaphram Solenoid Valves

Size of Valves Inches 1.5

Pulsing Signal From Sequential Timer

Control Voltage V 220

Dust Collecting Hopper

Capacity Tons 3

Type Gate Flow Below Hopper Manual Slide Gate

Inspection Doors ar Required Yes

Material of Discharge Through RAV

Centrifugal Fan

Capacity Cu,M/Hr 18000

Static Pressure Mm WG 300

Static Efficiency % 84.3

Pressure Drop Mm Wg 150

Type Centrifugal SISW

Operating temperature Deg C 40

Absorbed Power KW 17.46

Selected Motor KW 22

Fan Speed RPM 1689

Outlet Velocity M/s 13.05

Full Load On Torque KgM 11.6

Strating Torque at Zero Speed KgM 1.74

Strating Torque at Full Load KgM 4.06

Tip Speed RPM 68.7

Rotor Balancing Statically & Dynamically balanced


Size RAV-150

Capacity TPH 1

Speed RPM 40

Drive Motor Rating KW 0.75

Suction Velocity at Suction Hoods M/s 1-2

Material Construction and Thickness

Bag House Mm 3.15mm thick MS

Hopper Mm 3.15mm thick MS

Top Cover Mm 3.15mm thick MS

Bag Holding Plate MM 5mm thick MS

Support Structure MS

Back Plate Mm 5mm thick MS

Blade Mm 4mm thick MS

Shroud Mm 3mm thick MS

Fan Casing Mm 4mm thick MS

Motorized Travelling Tripper (TTR)

General Information

Material handled (-) 25mm size crushed coal, bulk

density - 0.8 T/Cu.M (for volume
calc.) & 1.0 T/Cu.M (for weight

Location 2 Nos on BC-6A/6B conveyor

Hrs. of operation/day Hr/day As per Manual

Belt fabric Nylon x Nylon

Belt thickness mm 10mm (approx.)

Belt Width mm 1000

Capacity TPH 500

Belt Speed m/s 2

Max. moisture 20% Surface Moisture

Conveyor Mechanicals


Toughing angle deg 35

Nos. of rolls No. 3 (three)

Roll dia. mm 127 OD ERW pipe

Spacing mm 1200 Max.

Shaft dia at bearing 25 / EN-8

Method of lubrication Pressure


Specification As per IS

Min. width As per I.S.

Head pulley
Drum D x L x T Mm 630 D x 1200 L x 12 thk.
Shaft dia @ bearing 125
Rubber lagging Mm 12mm thk diamond grove lagging
Bend pulley
Drum d x l x t Mm 500 D x 1200 L x 10 thk.
Shaft dia @ bearing Mm 90
Pulley material MS confirming to IS:2062
Shaft material En-8
Lagging Mm 10mm thick plain lagging

No. of ways Two (2) way.

Material of construction As applicable for chutes

Type of flap gates Motorized

Plate thickness mm 6mm thick MS

Liner required 8mm Thick Sailma Liner provided

at Material contact Portion only

Liner material As applicable for chutes & flap


Minimum valley angle deg 60

Tripper Details

Type Motor driven type Rail mounted

Motorized (as per standard motor


Rail mounted on rails (90 lbs.

/yard) with double flanged wheels.

Brake type N/A

Travel limit switches reqd. Yes (2 nos. per tripper)

Tripper angle (belt) deg 16 (Max.)

Rail & end stop provided Yes

Tripper travel To suit the bunker length

Wheels Double flanged.

Bunker sealing arrangement Sealing Belt type

Rail clamp provided N/A

As specified for conveyor

Type of scraper
discharge ends.

Travel on both the sides from the

center reeling drum suitable for
length of each tripper conveyor
Cable and motorized cable
(Cable & cable reeling drum should
be suitable to cater for Bunkers for
both the units).

Flap gate Motorized

Walkways mm Both sides, 800mm wide each