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Tallinja Card Registration Form

The tallinja card is a personalised transport card used on the public transport network in Malta and Gozo. Your photo and name
will be printed on your card (except in the case of Child cards). The tallinja card may be topped up with credit online, over the
phone, at any of the sales outlets of Malta Public Transport or at any MaltaPost post office. The credit will not expire.

Different cards and fares are available for Children, Students, Adults, Kartanzjan / 60+ ID Card Holders, Special ID Card Holders
and Gozo Residents.

The tallinja card is subject to terms and conditions, a summary of which may be found overleaf. A full version of the terms and
conditions may be found online at www.tallinja.com.

You may register for a tallinja card online at www.tallinja.com, or by completing the form below in ink and block letters.
Illegible or incomplete forms will be rejected and the applicant may not be notified. For applicable fees see overleaf.

The form must be dropped off at any ticket booth together with all the required documents.

1. Name*

2. Surname*

3. Maltese Identity Card / Residence Card / Passport /

Other ID Document Number*

4. Email address

5. Date of birth* dd / mm / yyyy Affix photo here

6. Mobile number* (if applicable)

7. Landline (if applicable) 8. Photo (Not applicable to

Children between 4 and 10 years,
9. Address – House Name / Number* both included)


Post Code* Country*

10. Are you a holder of a Special ID Card issued by the Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b'Diżabilita' (KNPD)? YES NO

If yes, please include your Special ID Card number.

11. Are you a student attending a full time course with a recognised educational institute in Malta for a
minimum of 3 months?

If yes, please include the Educational Institution which you are attending.

12. Do you give your consent to Malta Public Transport to access your personal information from the National
Identity Card Database or the Driving Licence Database, on behalf of Transport Malta, for the purpose of
issuing your tallinja card? (Only applicable to holders of a new Maltese electronic Identity Card - eID Card.)

If you answered Yes to the above question AND you have a new Maltese eID Card, please provide the
Document Reference Number which is found on the back of your eID card.

For office use only.

Date: Signature: (If under 16 years, name and signature of guardian is required)

Items marked (*) must be filled in.

Check list

1. Attach a copy of your identification document. Copy both sides where required.
2. Attach proof of attendance of a course of a minimum of 3 months if older than 17 years and applying for a Student card.
3. Attach a passport photo. See below for passport photo requirements.
4. Sections 10, 11, and 12 of this application must also be filled in.

1. Children up to 4 years travel for free and do not need a tallinja card.
2. The Child card is available for Children between 4 and 10 years (both included). The Student card is available for persons between
11 and 16 years (both included) and to students attending a full time course of a minimum of 3 months. The Adult card is available
for persons older than 17 years. The Concession card is available for holders of a Maltese Identity Card Kartanzjan / 60+ or Special
ID issued by the Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b'Diżabilita' (KNPD). The Gozo card is available to Gozo residents.

Passport Photo Requirements

Your passport photo must follow these requirements:

1. Must be in colour
2. Must be printed on matt or glossy photo quality paper
3. Must fit in the box labelled (8) in the form
4. Must be taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
5. Must be taken in front of a plain white background
6. Must be taken directly facing the camera
7. Must be taken with a neutral facial expression or a natural smile and with both eyes open
8. There must be no other person or object in the photo with you

Terms and Conditions

1. The tallinja card is a plastic intelligent card which electronically stores pay-as-you-go Travel Credit and which may be used to pay any
Malta Public Transport bus fare in Malta and Gozo.
2. The tallinja card needs to be topped up with Travel Credit by the Cardholder and the equivalent cost of the fare will be deducted from the
Card’s credit every time the Cardholder uses the Card.
3. By touching the Card on the reader, the Cardholder is consenting to the Fare being charged to the Card’s account. If there is no remaining
credit on the Card, the Card cannot be used for any further journeys until it is 'Topped Up', this subject to an ‘Emergency Credit’ facility.
4. The tallinja card will feature:

· The Cardholders name and surname for identification purposes

· A photo of the Cardholder (except for Child Cards)
· Colour-coded cards according to the Cardholders category
· A number of discounted Fare options for special categories including Children, Students, Adults, Kartanzjan / 60+ Maltese Identity
Card Holders, Holders of a Special ID Cards issued by KNPD and Gozo Residents

5. When registering for a tallinja card, the following charges will apply:

Card Registration Fee:


Postage Fee:
€1.14 for local deliveries
€6.00 for overseas deliveries

Minimum Top Up:

€20.00 for Student, Adult and Gozo cards
€10.00 for Child and Concession cards

The full set of Terms and Conditions of the tallinja card are available on tallinja.com.

document number: 001/16