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Principles of Government and Origins of American ...


1.    Which is NOT a type of government power?

A Judicial

B Legislative

C Authoritative

D Executive

2.    Government is...
A Where civilians meet to question the future

B The institution through which society makes and enforces its public policies

C consists of 4 types of power

D not necessary to ensure management of public policy

3.    A characteristic of a state is that it has known and recognized boundaries

A True

B False

4.    a government is a characteristic of a state

A True

B False

5.    Explain the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship

6.    The geographic distribution of power consists of..

A Confederate

B Federal

C Unitary

D All of the above

7.    American democracy rests on an insistence upon the widest possible degree of

individual freedom
A True

B False

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8.    Which is NOT a main concept that came with the English colonists?
A Need for ordered social system

B Idea of limited government

C Favoring the monarchy

D Concept of a government that serves the will of the people

9.    The Articles of Confederation gave the power to Congress to collect taxes

A True

B False

10.    Which was NOT a compromise of the creation of the Constitution?

A The Three-Fifths Compromise

B Connecticut Compromise

C New York Compromise

D Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise

11.    The Constitution was hotly debated between the Federalists and the
A True

B False

12.    All states unanimously voted in favor of the ratification of the Constitution

A True

B False

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