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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region III – Central Luzon
Schools Division of Tarlac Province
Capas West District

I. Name of the Activity

Teachers’ Day Celebration

September 5 - October 5, 2016

II. Persons Involved

GPTA Officers
SPG Officers

III. Narrative Report

“ A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for
others.” For so many years, teaching profession has always been a human
service/mission rather than a job. Therefore, it is just right to give at least a day for
teachers to celebrate their worth.

Every year we celebrate the teachers’ month starting on September 5 to

October 5. It is held annually to commemorate teachers’ organizations worldwide.
Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 242 Entitled Declaring the Period from
September 5 to October 5 Every Year as National Teacher’s Month as Republic Act
10743 entitled Declaring the 5th Day of October of Every Year as National Teacher’s
Day Celebration by the UNESCO.This year’s theme is “Guro Kabalikat sa Pagbabago “.

The celebration aims to:

a. Honors those who are in the teaching profession.

b. Take the occasion as an opportunity in building the image of teaching as an attractive

and fulfilling profession.
c. Acknowledge and give emphasis on the crucial role, loyal service and dedicated
commitment of teachers in developing globally-minded citizen, nurturing families,
strengthening communities and building the nation.

d. Generate widespread support and assistance for teachers.

e. Revitalize the image of and respect for teaching as a vocation by increasing public
awareness on the value of teachers in the Philippine society.

f. Express gratitude for the positive influences of teachers on Filipino learners.

All public and private elementary and secondary schools including the
districts, divisions and regional offices are enjoined to follow the synchronized
programs, projects and activities.

Sta.Lucia Elementary School celebrated the Worlds Teachers’ Day on the 5th of
October, 2016 at the covered court. The event started at around 8:30 am was led by the
General Parent-Teacher Association (GPTA) officers lead by their president, Mr.
Christopher B. Zamora and the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) with the guidance of
their adviser, Mrs. Rosalie Pineda as tribute to the teachers. The program started with a
prayer for the teachers headed by a grade IV pupil, Venus Joyce P. Sumawang, followed
by the National anthem led by Mrs. Corazon E. Mariano.

Our school principal Mr. Carlos A. Lapuz Jr. said the opening remarks followed
by a message of gratitude from Mr. Christopher B. Zamora, GPTA President which
inspired and lifted the teachers spirits more.

Selected pupils from different grade levels performed at the stage to showcase
their talents and dedicate it to their teachers. They sang their hearts out, dance with all
their might as tributes. Everyone greeted the teachers a very happy teachers’ day and
gave them letters, flowers, gifts and tokens of appreciation. To end the day right, the
teachers gathered in the school quadrangle. They send their hopes, dreams and wishes
for the teachers as well as their pupils. Everyone had high spirits and was very delighted
to become part of the celebration.