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SPM 1.0
20kVA - 200kVA
Server Power Management
Power Distribution Unit
Emerson Network Power Delivers The SPM Offers

The Packaged Power Solution Reliability

Creating high quality power is a major step towards protecting the Ÿ Improved Power Quality
operation of a critical facility. But don’t stop there. Once you’ve created a Ÿ Results in optimum equipment
better level of power, you need to make sure that it can be distributed operation, reducing downtime and
properly to each piece of important equipment. extending service life.
Ÿ Computer-Grade Grounding
Ÿ The SPM automatically
Critical Power Distribution Made Easy establishes a single point ground
Network Power designed the Liebert SPM brings you a distribution system to meet major manufactures’
that will close the power delivery loop in your critical facility. The SPM offers recommendations and the
the benefits of a custom- tailored power system, with the convenience and requirements of the IEC
cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory-tested unit. Housed in a single, and Ÿ Monitoring
power monitoring to provide the protection your vital computer or Ÿ Built-in metering and alarm
communications equipment to demands. Available IN 30-250kVA capacity annunciation with communication
systems for raised floor applications, the SPM offers flexible expansion
capabilities to fit growing sites.
Ÿ Handles Non-Linear Loads
Ÿ Fully compatible with the non-
linear loads and other electronic
A Proven System
The package system approach of the SPM is convenient and space-saving, Ÿ Location Flexibility
reducing installation time and cost compared to a conventional approach Ÿ The unit can be easily relocated to
using multiple interconnected components. The SPM is built on a proven protect your investment.
system design used in hundreds of installations, and unlike one-of -a-kind, Ÿ CE Listed as a Complete System
built-up distribution constructed at the site, it undergoes thorough factory Ÿ Meets safety requirements for
testing as a complete system to assure reliable, consistent performance.

Ÿ MCB can be hot-swappable

Hot Swappable Distribution Network

Low Total Cost Of Ownership
This distinctive feature enables Liebert SPM Ÿ Space Savings

to add or replace the entire power Ÿ Compact single cabinet conserves

distribution network right from outgoing valuable floor space

feeder to power cable without need of any Ÿ Easy Installation
power interruption . This dynamic feature Ÿ Single input cable connection
delivers a true peace of mind to data center reduces installation time and cost
Ÿ Low inrush current K13 Isolation
Ÿ Prevents nuisance breaker
Ÿ Low acoustic noise isolation
An All-In-One factory Designed From The Ground Up
For Effective Power Distribution
tested Power Distribution
Several Key features have allowed Emerson to build a packaged power
System... distribution system that combines a high level of power quality
A Noticeable Improvement In effectiveness with a cost that is less than conventional built-up systems
Power Quality
There are a number of integral
features that allow SPM to offer a Designed From The Ground Up
higher quality level of electrical For Effective Power Distribution
power for your critical applications:
Several Key features have allowed Emerson to build a packaged power
distribution system that combines a high level of power quality
Ÿ The main input breaker with low effectiveness with a cost that is less than conventional built-up systems
voltage shunt trip accessory
provides primary transformer Computer Grade Grounding
The Emerson SPM establishes a single point ground for the critical load.
Ÿ Low inrush current(<300% of full Power ground and computer ground points are identical minimizing
load current) isolation Typical ground-loop currents and common mode disturbances. Short output
Transformer that avoids nuisance cables maintain the integrity of the isolation and conditioning.

Secure Distribution And Circuit Identification

Ÿ One or more, individually enclosed
Distribution panels are in the computer room which limits access to
panelboards with panelborad
authorized personnel only. Each breaker has an adjacent identification
main breaker and individual
tag for rapid circuit ID. Each output cable is labeled at each end with
isolated neutral and ground
circuit number, length, type of receptacle and circuit identification.
busbars distribute power to the
Optional Protection Features
Ÿ Output conduit landings are
provided for each output Ÿ A host of options enable you to design the Emerson SPM to your exact
panelborads to accommodate the needs
large number of dedicated branch Ÿ Transient voltage surge suppression(TVSS) is available for increased
protection from damaging voltage surges. Very short interconnecting
wiring provides superior surge clamping performance.
Ÿ Oversized neutral components Ÿ K13 transformer safely withstands high harmonic currents associated
safely withstand neutral currents with electronic loads without derating
of at least 1.73 times full load Ÿ Hot-swappable on-site phase - adjustable
System Monitoring Enhances Visibility and Performance

LOCAL Monitoring
The integral Monitoring display monitors the current and voltage of the SPM. The display includes a monochrome
LCD. power and alarm LEDs, audible alarm, and a silence push button. It provides true RMS measurements and

Monitored parameters include:

Ÿ Monitored parameters include: Ÿ Output Voltage-Line-to-Neutral
Ÿ Phase & Neutral Current Ÿ Output Frequency
Ÿ Phase Power Factor
Ÿ kVA & kW per phase
Ÿ kWh per phase
Ÿ Output Voltage Total Harmonic

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Advanced monitoring is available through the integral Branch Circuit Monitor (BCM) display. The monitored
parameters are Shown in the Local display that allows viewing of monitored information for the panalboard as well as
each individual branch circuit breaker. Alarm data may be viewed from the display for up-todata breaker status. It

Monitored parameters include:

Ÿ Phase current Ÿ kW
Ÿ kW-hours Ÿ Percent load
Ÿ Current Total Harmonic Ÿ kVA
Ÿ Breather ON/OFF status(FOR MCB Ÿ Power Factor

Centralized Monitoring
Emerson SPM allows monitoring through a Building Management System(BMS). Through Modbus or SNMP.

Ÿ Output Voltage-Line-to-Linr Ÿ Output Frequency

Ÿ Phase Neutral Current Ÿ Phase Power Factor
Ÿ kVA & kW per phase Ÿ Branch Circuit Breaker ON/OFF Status
Ÿ Branch Circuit Current Ÿ Branch Circuit Percent load
Ÿ Branch Circuit kW
Ÿ Branch Circuit kWh

kVA 30 60 100 150 200 250
Capacity (kVA)
A 60 100 160 250 320 400

Main Parameters Capacity

3-phase,3 wire plus ground 380,400 or415volts;
Input 50Hz (Transformer less system requires 3-phase, 4W&G)
Output 3-phase, 4 wire plus ground 220/380, 230/400, or 240/415 volts; 50Hz

Efficiency Up to 98%
Grounding Single-point reference on separately derived systems.

Power distribution Individually protected panelboards with Miniature Circuit Breakers(MCB)only

Double-Shielded, all copper windings.

Class H 220C insulation with inrush current <330% full load current.
Voltage Adjustments -5% of nominal in 2 1/2% increments

Noise Attenuation & Sound level 120dB coomon& mode/ <50dBA respectively

Output over-and under-voltages; output over current;

Alarm Conditions
transformers over temperature; frequency abnormal& phase loss


Number of 42pole Bolt-on type* 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3


Branch circuit and on/off status

monitoring Available on local YES YES YES YES YES YES
display and Modbus/SNMP

Dimensions and weight**

Width(mm)(with K13 rated

1150 1700 1150 1700 1150 1700 1150 1700 1150 1700 1150 1700
low inrush current transformer)

Depth(mm)(with K13 rated

1000 1200
low inrush current transformer)

Height(mm)(with K13 rated

low inrush current transformer)

Weight(kg)(with K13 rated

650 850 1150 1400 1650 1800
low inrush current transformer)

Width(mm)(with no transformer) 1150 1700 1150 1700 1150 1700 1150 1700 1150 1700 1150 1700

Depth(mm)(with no transformer) 800 1200

Height(mm)(with no transformer) 2000

Weight(kg)(with no transformer) 300 400

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