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Kindah Kablawi

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CAREER FOCUS: Elementary Education

Supportive, energetic, caring and enthusiastic educator
with strong commitment to students’ development and the learning experience. Great skills
in combining challenging and fun experiences to stimulate social, emotional, cognitive and
physical growth. Demonstrates a caring, positive and student-centred approach, which
promotes self-esteem and confidence in students laying the foundation for lifelong learning.
Expertly tailor curriculum-based lesson plans to address varying learning levels, interests,
cultures and linguistic backgrounds. A strong communicator and relationship builder who
collaborates effectively with other teachers and parents to explore and implement strategies
for future learning successes.
Core Competencies

• Classroom Management • Classroom Management

• Curriculum Development & Implementation • Curriculum Development & Implementation
• Curriculum-Enriched Lesson Plans • Curriculum-Enriched Lesson Plans
• Assessments, Planning & Evaluation • Assessments, Planning & Evaluation
• Parent-Teacher Relations • Parent-Teacher Relations
• Play-Based Teaching Strategies • Play-Based Teaching Strategies

Professional Development
Master of Science in Education | Medaille College, New York, USA
2017-Present (Expected Completion: May 2019)
Concentration: Elementary Education
GPA: 4.0
Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Early Childhood Education, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON,
ECE Diploma (Honours), Sheridan College, Oakville, ON – 2005
Early Childhood Education Experience
Designated Early Childhood Educator in a kindergarten classroom
2013 - present.

• Plan and implement the Full Day Kindergarten program, maintain a healthy physical,
emotional, and social learning environment.
• Collaborate in observing, monitoring, and assessing the progress and development of
the children in Kindergarten.
• Communicate with families regarding their children’s progress and share with them
any concerns the educator team might have.
• Implement and plan play-based learning program that is challenging and geared to
each child’s level of development.
• Planned and implemented lessons that addressed specific learning outcomes for
each area of the Ontario curriculum and the individual child’s developmental level,
abilities, special needs, interests, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


2012 – March 2012
Parenting and Family Literacy Centres, Brampton, ON
Commissioned for placement at this literacy centre and supported language activities for
families and children of different cultural backgrounds and varying ESL standards.
• Enlivened the centre with increased activities such as circle time, reading, and art
activities which accelerated literacy rates for participating families.
• Took the lead to develop reading templates and picture books for children, photographing
activities for a book in English and other translations to help with comprehension.
• Implemented a range of methods (puppets, songs, finger plays) to motivate and engage
ELL’s and other children’s interests in literacy
• Approached children and their families as a rich resource to foster a culturally diverse
classroom environment that reflects the children, their families and the community.
• Created activities that encouraged students’ social interactions and group work to
enhance their problem-solving skills.
• Consulted with the manager of the program for the Peel Board and made successful
recommendations for increased daily activities in the different centres of the classroom.
September 2010 – June 2011
Mini-Skool, A Child’s Place, Mississauga, ON
Joined a senior kindergarten classroom and volunteered to plan and implement curriculum-
based lessons tailored for individual developmental levels, special needs, interests, cultural
and linguistic backgrounds.
• Modified programming and materials to capture, engage, and reduce barriers to learning.
• Conducted objective observations to help evaluate children’s progress and development
in all domains and to develop lesson plans that reflect their individual interests,
experiences and previously constructed ideas
• Worked closely with the teacher to address special needs in the classroom and enhanced
objective observations to meet developmental domains for each child.
• Modified, adapted and extended the planned, learning activities for both children with
and without special needs
September 2003 – June 2007
ISNA Elementary School, Mississauga, ON
Recruited to assist in a junior kindergarten classroom and refined lesson planning to address
children’s development in all domains namely social, emotional, cognitive and physical.
Formulated lesson plans for differentiated learning activities catered to needs, interests and
learning levels including children with special needs.
• Oversaw shared reading activities in large and small groups which encouraged social
interaction and problem solving.
• Applied an integrated curriculum approach, incorporating arts education with other
curriculum subjects such as language, math and science.
• Planned and implemented lessons that addressed specific learning outcomes for each
area of the Ontario curriculum and the individual child’s developmental level, abilities,
special needs, interests, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
• Exhibited a commitment to teamwork by taking the initiative to collaborate effectively with
teachers and parents.
• Ensured that children with autism and anxiety disorders received extra support and
assurance and created opportunities to build self-esteem and confidence.
September 2002 – November 2002
Caring for Kids Child Care Centre, Mississauga, ON
Selected for placement in a pre-kindergarten class with children aged 3-4 and in a junior
kindergarten class with children ages 4-5. Augmented classroom management skills and
managed large and small group activities with a child-centred approach to help children
develop social, communication and problem-solving abilities.
• Observed children during free play and recorded their play behaviors & interests to help
in developing age-appropriate activities, lesson-planning, evaluations and completion of
daily logs.
• Guided children from various age groups via classroom routines and strategic transitions
in ways designed to enhance social learning while at the same time establishing
harmonious classroom management.

• Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Training

• Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (New York)
• School Violence Prevention and Intervention (New York)
• Geneva Centre for Autism, Charting a Path to Success in Your Classroom, 2016.


- Smartboard, Google Classroom, Google Docs, Seesaw.


• Fluent in Arabic