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Welcome to 7​th​ grade Accelerated Academy! We look forward to meeting you.

We anticipate a fun-filled, exciting year of learning.
Meet the Teachers​: 
Ms. Tosi (Math): ​stosi@pcboe.net   Mrs. Shavers (Science): ​mshavers@pcboe.net  
Ms. McCollum (English): ​cmccollum@pcboe.net   Mr. St. George (History): ​jstgeorge@pcboe.net   
Website​: ​www.acceleratedacademy7.weebly.com   
Contacting the Teachers​: 
The best form of contact is through email. However, you can contact us by phone at 
Supply Lists​: 
Recommended Supplies  Supplies we are always in need of: 
o Notebook paper 
o Markers 
o 8 composition  o White or Colored 
o Highlighter  o Kleenex 
notebooks  Printer Paper 
o Pencils  o Clorox Wipes 
o Colored Pencils  o Hand Sanitizer 
o Ink Pens  o Paper Towels 
o Glue sticks  o Index Cards 
o Wireless  o Expo markers 
o Tape 
o Headphones 

Classroom Rules:  School-Wide Discipline Procedures: 

1. Be Respectful  1. Warning  
2. Be Responsible  2. Silent Lunch 
3. Be Safe  3. Parent/Guardian Contact  
4. Be Kind  4. Detention  
5. Office Referral 

Grading Policy​: 

65% Major Grades (Tests and Projects) 

25% Minor Grades (Quizzes) 
10% Classwork/Homework Grades (includes Class Participation) 
10 points will be taken off every day an assignment is late. After 5 days of an assignment being 
late, we will not accept the assignment. It will be the student’s responsibility to turn in late 
assignments, as the teacher will not remind the student continuously during the 5-day late period. If 
you have multiple occurrences of turning in late assignments, parents/guardians will be contacted.  
Restroom Policy: 
Students will receive 5 restroom tickets each nine weeks from their homeroom teacher. These 
tickets may be used any time students are doing silent work, with the permission of the teacher. 
Students may use all 5 restroom tickets each week. All tickets handed in for the week will be 
given back the following Monday for students to use the next week. Do not lose restroom tickets, 
because they will not be replaced! 

If you are absent​: 
It is your responsibility to obtain your missing work. You will be given 3 days to turn in all 
assignments when you return to school. Your parent/guardian may call or email a request to the 
office to pick up your work; please allow 24 hours.  ​Please be aware any assignment in STi labeled 
as ABS is counting as a zero. Even if your absence is excused, your child is still responsible to 
make up missing assignments.  
Progress Reports: 
Progress reports will be sent home every Tuesday to make sure you are updated on your child’s 
progress.. ​We ask that a parent or guardian sign the progress report each week..  
Cheating Policy​: 
Definition​: Cheating is the unauthorized giving or receiving of information on homework, class 
work, quizzes, tests, projects, research papers, or exams as specified by the teacher.   
If a student is determined to be cheating, the following consequences will be enforced:  
● First Offense:​ “0” for that activity and parents will be notified by the teacher.  
● Subsequential Offences:​ The student will be referred to an administrator for disciplinary 
action, in addition to the above consequences. Teacher will make a note on the referral if 
2nd offense, 3rd offense, etc. 
Students may be placed on probation if any of the following occur: 
● 2 or more grade averages between 60 and 70, during any given 9 week grading period 
(each 9 week will be considered independent of the other) 
● More than 1 Class II or greater office referral per school year 
Students may be removed if any of the following occur: 
● 2 or more grade averages between 60 and 70, during any consecutive 9 week grading 
● 1 or more grades lower than 60 in math, language, reading, science, social studies, during 
any given 9 week grading period (each 9 week will be considered independent of the other) 
● More than 2 Class II office referrals per school year 
● Any Class III office referral per school year 
Community Service​:   
Each student will need a ​minimum of 5 hours​ of community service during the school year. These 
hours need to be completed by May 10th. Below is a list of suggested activities. 
Suggested Activities to Earn Community Service Hours 
● Sports and School Related Activities  Students will also be able to redeem supplies 
(volunteering with sport practices or games,  for service hours, if necessary. These supplies 
school productions and concerts, etc.)  will come from the Optional Supplies list. 
● Assisting a Teacher  Students will receive 30 minutes of service 
● Assisting a Non-Related Neighbor with Home  hours for every 3 supplies they bring.  
and Yard Duties   
● Volunteering at Charity Events (Relay for  *Please make sure that if you are bringing 
Life, Reindeer Run, etc.)  supplies that your child’s first and last name is 
● Visiting a Nursing Home  written on them! 
● Volunteering at Church Events 

Ways for US to keep in touch with you!  
Parents and students, please sign 
up for our  
team's Remind101 for team 
reminders! See this information 
to the right to sign up!  
STI Parent Portal:  
Parents, you have access to view 
your student’s grades through STI 
Parent Portal at any time. You 
can find a link on our team 
website or ​www.pcboe.net​. If you 
do not have your log in 
information, please contact the 
front office at 334-298-8744. 
Parent Contact Form: 
Fill out our electronic “Parent 
Contact Form” by clicking on the 
link on our team website or the 
link below. 
Link to Contact Form 
Parent Conferences: 
To schedule a parent/teacher conference, contact Ms. Tosi. Please be mindful that if you would like 
to meet during our planning period, the meeting will need to begin and adjourn in a timely 
manner as we will have to return to teaching shortly thereafter.