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Dear Mr.

Kilmer – Characters & Characteristics

Based on the novel ‘Dear Mr Kilmer’ written by Anne Schraff, write about a character who
stands up for what is right.

Based on the novel ‘Dear Mr Kilmer’ written by Anne Schraff, a character who stands
up for what is right is Richard Knight. There are many events that Richard portrayes this
character trait.

Firstly, it is portrayed when Richard purposely misses shooting a buck (Evidence 1).
Richard thinks that hunting is not important as he feels sad of killing animals. Gus, Richard’s
elder brother, is upset with Richard because he purposely misfires the buck. Richard’s father,
Pa, is also disappointed with Richard. When Pa asks Richard why he purposely misses shooting
it, Richard tells his father that he has no right to kill it and he feels painful and sad to kill an
animal. Pa tells Richard not to go hunting anymore if he does not like it. Eventhough Pa
disagrees with Richard’s opinion about hunting, he does not force Richard to do what he hates
(Elaborations). In my opinion, Richard stands firmly with his principle about killing animals by
telling the truth to his father (Opinion).

Secondly, Richard stands up for what is right when he becomes the only student who
signs a sympathy card for the Schermers (Evidence 2). When the Schermers’ tavern is vandalised,
Mrs Hansen asks her class to sign a sympathy card for them. The troublemakers like Abner,
Harry, Blanche and Peggy refuse to sign the card. They warn other classmates not to sign the
card. The boys are afraid Abner and Harry will hit them. The girls worry that popular girls like
Peggy and Blanche will not speak to them. However, Richard braves himself to sign the
sympathy card for Hannah Schermer (Elaborations). In my point of view, Richard knows the truth
that the Schermers are discriminated by some Turtle Lake people because they are Germans.
Therefore, signing the sympathy card is hoped to reduce their sadness and motivate them.
Richard does not care what other classmates might have said as long as he knows that the
Schermers are not bad people (Opinion).

Thirdly, it is portrayed when Hannah declines the role of Lady Liberty (Evidence
3). Hannah and Richard have won the roles of Lady Liberty and the Doughboy respectively
because they write the best essays. Mrs Hansen asks the class to write an essay as one of the
activities for a patriotic programme. Many students are angry when Hannah wins the role.
They regard Hannah as an unpatriotic German although she is an American citizen. Hannah
tells Richard that her essay has started a little war in Turtle Lake. She does not want to cause
more problems. So, she declines the role of Lady Liberty. Richard wants to support
Hannah. Therefore, Richard declines his part as the Doughboy. His family, his schoolmates and
the Turtle Lake people criticize him for turning down his role. They call him unpatriotic and a
traitor. These criticisms never stop Richard from standing up for what is right (Elaborations). In my
own view, Richard has done the right thing by turning down the role and ignoring all the
criticisms shows that he stands firmly with his principle (Opinion).

In conclusion, Richard is truly a character who stands to his principles to do what is right.