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What could lifting TABOR limits pay for?

Below is a sample of possible items that Lakewood could pay for if the TABOR limits were lifted. If TABOR limits are left unchanged,
Lakewood would continue to refund the money to Lakewood property owners.

Safe Community - $4.6 Million

Location Description Purpose
Police Dept. 10 Police Agents, 1 Efficiently manage increased demand for police services.
Sergeant, 6 Vehicles Calculation includes benefits.
Police Dept. 4 Investigative Technicians Perform investigative support functions to allow sworn
police investigators to focus on criminal matters. Calculation includes benefits.
Police Dept. 5 Community Service Allow sworn police agents to focus on higher priority calls for service.
Officers, 3 vehicles Calculation includes benefits.
Police Dept. Patrol Car Lighting Improved visibility and officer safety
Police Dept. License Plate Readers Augments Colorado Metro Area Auto Theft Task Force enforcement
Police Dept. SWAT Vehicle Current vehicle nearing obsolescence
Police Dept. Personal Protective Miscellaneous Equipment ‐‐ Sworn Personnel
Police Dept. Police Training Facility Repurposing Former Communications Center into a Police Training Facility @ Public
Safety Center
Police Dept. Police Mobile Computers Mobile Data Computers ‐‐ Investigative Division vehicles.
Current functionality is not installed in these vehicles.

Quality Living Environment - $4.5 Million

Location Description Purpose
Parks Playground Replacement Taft Park ‐‐ Originally built in 1985 ‐‐ Not ADA Accessible
Parks Playground Replacement South Simms Park ‐‐ Originally built in 1965 ‐‐ Not ADA Accessible
Parks Playground Replacement Jefferson Green Park ‐‐ Last replaced in 1985 ‐‐ Not ADA Accessible
Parks Park Development Union Ridge Park ‐‐ Add play features, shelter, shading,
landscape and other amenities ‐‐ near residential housing.
Parks Park Development Year-Round Restrooms ‐‐ Bear Creek Greenbelt, Kendrick Lake Park, Daniels Park,
Morse Park, Lakewood Park
Parks Open Space Purchase vacant land for open space

Quality Transportation Options - $4.4 Million

Location Description Purpose
Transportation Union Blvd. Area Plan Two Pedestrian Crossings Between 4th & Cedar ‐‐
Improve pedestrian safety with mid‐block crossings.
Transportation Union Blvd. Area Plan Sidewalk segments constructed along Van Gordon (west side) @ 4th Ave.
Improve pedestrian safety and add landscaping.
Transportation Union Blvd. Area Plan Added Turn Lane ‐‐ Northbound to Eastbound at Alameda & Union; Improves congestion.

Transportation Union Blvd. Area Plan Intersection/Lane Modifications ‐‐ Union Blvd. & 2nd Place. Improves pedestrian safety.

Transportation Traffic Signal West Florida Ave. & South Union Blvd. ‐‐ Improvement needed due to motor
vehicle volumes.
Transportation Traffic Signal West Belleview Ave. & South Jellison Way ‐‐ Improves vehicle capacity as the intersection,
due to motor vehicle volumes. Assumes cost sharing with Denver and Jefferson
Transportation Downtown Lakewood Virginia Ave. & Center Ave. Improvements ‐‐ Pedestrian connectivity to create a
Connectivity gateway to downtown Lakewood per plan.
Transportation Sidewalks Supplement Lakewood’s Annual Sidewalk Program.

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