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Application brochure

Wilo systems for wastewater treatment.

Solutions for wastewater treatment plants.
2 The promise

Wilo –
Pioneering for You.

We are there for you worldwide.

Since 1872, we at Wilo have been turning We have continued this tradition ever since
visionary ideas into intelligent solutions that with pioneering innovations, such as the
regularly set new standards in the industry. world’s first high-efficiency pump in the
The goal of our company founder, Caspar heating, air-conditioning and cooling sector,
Ludwig Opländer, was to use his Kupfer- und and at the same time we have proven our
Messingwarenfabrik to improve and facilitate commitment to using valuable resources such
the supply of water to people. It was not long as energy and water responsibly. Today, with
until the decisive step was made: In 1928, his its headquarters in Dortmund, the Wilo Group
son Wilhelm designed the world’s first circula- is a complete system supplier of pumps and
tion accelerator. pumping systems for water management with
worldwide presence.

Cooperative support on which

you can rely on.

With over 7,500 employees and 60 produc- “Pioneering for You” is our commitment to a
tion and sales companies all over the world, clear customer focus, strict quality orientation
we personally see to it that the desires and and strong passion for technology. In times of
requirements of our customers and users – dwindling natural resources, the responsible
whether specialist consultants, operators, or management of water is an extremely impor-
general contractors – are optimally met every tant task, which is why we are committed to
day. This means making your life and work as providing pioneering developments, sustaina-
easy as possible with the help of our products, ble product solutions, and cooperative support
solutions and services. to ensure you can rely on our solutions for the
daily management of water. That’s what we
call Pioneering for You.

“Coming up with the

best solution in close
that‘s what I call Pioneering for You.”

Daniel Busuioc, International Projects Coordinator

Group Competence Team, WILO SE Hof/Germany
4 The applications

Intelligent solutions
for the wastewater treatment circuit.

You can rely on that.

Our experts provide you with personal support

in every phase of the project, from design and
configuration, through to commissioning and
maintenance. And our systems and product
solutions set new standards in terms of tech-
nical performance, cost efficiency, security
standards, and durability – in all applications
relating to wastewater treatment.

Wilo – the right partner to address your


With regard to world climate change, low

energy consumption is a key market topic.
The cost pressure on municipal or private sup-
pliers is rising. Challenges are growing. These
include an increasing amount of solids in
wastewater, a growing number of regulations,
and stricter legal requirements. Against this
backdrop, Wilo is a partner on whom you can
fully depend in all areas.

This brochure introduces a selection of appli-

cations relevant to the topic of wastewater
treatment. This is only a section of our entire
portfolio. Just ask us what we can do for you.

1 Stormwater retention tank

2 Intake pumping system
3 Mechanical cleaning
4 Primary treatment
5 Biological treatment/ sludge activation
6 Secondary treatment
7 Discharge pumping station
8 Sludge treatment
6 Stormwater retention tank

Stormwater retention tank.

Protection for the subsequent processes.

Ceram – effective protection against abrasion and corrosion

Just like a second skin, the two -component Wilo Ceram coating protects against
corrosion and abrasion.

ƒƒ compared with other coatings it offers the best protection against a­ ggressive
ƒƒ actively prevents wear and chemical attacks
ƒƒ thus ensures optimum functionality and performance at all times
ƒƒ significantly reduces maintenance-related downtimes
ƒƒ considerably increases the service life of pumps and units
ƒƒ exclusively protects Wilo pumps

Wilo-Rexa PRO, the reliable one

- S ubmersible sewage pump

Application: Wilo solution: Application:

When supplying sewage to the Our Wilo-Rexa PRO runs whene- - F or the disposal of discharge water or waste­
wastewater treatment plant, ver it is needed. The sewage pump water or sewage from pumping stations,
two different systems are used. series is available as a standard sumps, and basins
The major difference between product and configurable system - S tormwater retention tanks
them: The mixing system directs for individual requirements. Due - F or intermittent or continuous operation in
waste and rainwater to the was- to the optimum harmonisation wastewater treatment plants
tewater treatment plant together of the motor and hydraulics, high
in a single channel, whereas in the reliability of all components and Volume flow:
separation system, separate low energy consumption, it can max. 95 m³/ h
channels are used. The mixing deal with different tasks reliably.
system usually has to be relieved One of its greatest strengths is its Delivery head:
by a rain overflow or a storm- ability to completely empty the max. 29 m
water retention tank so that the basin.
wastewater treatment plant isn’t Special features/product advantages:
hydraulically overloaded. -R
 eliable vortex hydraulics with large free ball
passage for operation that is non-suscep­
Challenge: tible to clogging
The incoming rainwater is extre- -H
 eavy-duty design completely made of cast
mely contaminated after long dry iron
periods and the solid material also -O
 ptionally with energy-efficient
settles due to its long residence IE3 motor technology
time in the stormwater retention -P
 luggable, longitudinally watertight
tank. Owing to increasing inci- motor cable for maximum safety
dents of heavy rain, the sudden, with minimal effort
rapid intake of large quantities of -E
 x-approved in accordance with ATEX as
water also plays a role. Therefore, standard
after long downtimes the pumps -O
 ptionally with installed external sealing
need to be able to function reli- chamber control for the oil barrier chamber
ably and reach peak performance
8 Intake pumping station

Intake pumping station.

One step higher.

First class impeller geometries

Effective and reliable - that is how
­SOLID works, the innovative Safe
­Operation Logic Impeller Design by Wilo.

ƒƒ combines the advantages of a

­non-clog impeller and a vortex
ƒƒ increases the reliability of the
­pumping of untreated sewage with
high solids content
ƒƒ available in closed design for low
vibration, very smooth running and
efficiency of up to 82%
ƒƒ or as a half-open variant for increased
operational reliability in smaller
­nominal sizes

The intake pumping station raises the sewage from the
wastewater treatment plant to enable it to be fed into
the pre-treatment facility, usually through downstream
rakes, sieve drums, sand and grease collectors. Submersible
sewage pumps are often used in addition to screw systems
for pumping sewage. There are two types of installation

With wet well installation, the pump is installed in the fluid
to be pumped, which cools the motor during operation.
The advantage is that this type of installation has low
investment costs. The disadvantages include the lacking Wilo-EMU FA, the solid one
ease of maintenance and the upkeep of a water level to
ensure engine cooling. Design:
With the dry well installation of submersible pumps, a se- - S ubmersible sewage pump with self-cooling
parate pumping cellar is required, however, this offers a or non-self-cooling motor
number of advantages such as easier maintenance under
hygienic conditions, controllability during operation as Application:
well as flooding security and reliability in the event of an - F or pumping sewage with solid constituents
accident. - In wastewater treatment plants and pumping
Wilo solution: - F or local drainage, water control, and process
We are oriented towards your requirement: The modular water extraction
system of the Wilo submersible sewage pump is designed
for wet and dry installations alike. The variety of different Volume flow:
possible motor and impeller combinations ensures a wide max. 7,950 m³/ h
range of applications. The hydraulic pump output can be
optimally adjusted to your desired duty point. In particular, Delivery head:
the FKT motor technology allows permanent operation max. 95 m
in wet and dry well installations thanks to internal active
cooling. Special features/product advantages
Wilo-EMU FA:
 road range of applications thanks to variety
of different possible motor and impeller
 ydraulic pump output optimally adapted to
the desired duty point
 ptionally with energy-efficient IE3 motor
 ptional special materials and Ceram coating
for protection against abrasion and corrosion

Special features/product advantages

FKT motor technology:
-P  rocess reliability thanks to comprehensive
monitoring facilities
- Optimal
 motor cooling thanks to the effici-
ent heat exchanger with a two-chamber
- L ow vibration and long service life thanks to
high-quality components
10 Mechanical cleaning and primary treatment

Mechanical cleaning.
On the way to cleanliness.

Application: Challenge:
1. Cleaning stage: Mechanical procedures The collected sand is regularly emptied and disposed of.
This removes approximately 20 – 30% of the The most common method in use today is pump-based
solid floating and suspended matter that could collection. The pumps are attached to a movable cham-
be collected mechanically from the sewage. ber bridge and draw in the sedimented particles from the
The grit chamber is a settlement pond for the sedimentation channel at the bottom of the grit chamber.
removal of inorganic constituents from the Emptying the grit chamber places high demands on the
sewage. By reducing the flow velocity, heavy wear resistance of the used pumps. Deposits such as sand
materials such as carried-along particles of must be stirred up and pumped out.
sand and grit fall to the ground.
2. Cleaning stage: Primary treatment Wilo solution:
The next step uses a process for settling The special grit collector pump Wilo-EMU FA…WR with
undissolved, organic materials in the form of mechanical stirring apparatus is most suited to this ope-
primary sludge or coarse materials. The sewa- ration. In these pumps, the sand is only stirred up in the
ge pumps feed it to further sludge treatment. area of the pump intake. Solid deposits are loosened up
and can be transported. The sand can freely settle due to
the constricted flow area. As the mixer head and impeller
are subject to very high wear, chilled cast iron with extra
chrome such as Abrasite is often used. Ceram additionally
prevents wear of the pump housing.

Wilo-EMU FA, the meticulous one

- S ubmersible sewage pump with mechanical
stirring apparatus

 umping sewage and sludge in water treat-
ment applications
Abrasite – special material for sewage pumps
We decide on the best material for you and for a lifetime
Volume flow:
that is seven times longer.
max. 72 m³/ h
ƒƒ reduces risk of breakdown
Delivery head:
ƒƒ extends maintenance intervals
max. 27 m
ƒƒ all in all it offers excellent overall economy throughout
the entire life cycle
Special features/product advantages:
-M  echanical stirring apparatus mounted di-
rectly on the impeller avoids deposits in the
suction area of the pump
-M  ixer head made of Abrasite (chilled cast
-O  ptionally with energy-efficient IE3 motor
-O  peration in stationary and portable wet
well installation
-O  ptional special materials and Ceram coating
for protection against abrasion and corrosion
- L ongitudinally watertight cable inlet (depen-
ding on motor)
-H  eavy-duty version made of grey cast iron
- S elf-cooling motors with two-chamber
12 Biological treatment

Biological cleaning.
Not clean, but pure.

Application: consumption. The modular design of compo-

After mechanical cleaning, about 60 – 70% nents reduces planning and maintenance con-
of the dirt in dissolved form can be found siderably. Individual stands with lowering and
in the sewage. Microbiological methods are auxiliary lifting equipment guarantee optimal
used for the degradation of this sewage with placement in virtually any basin.
organic material content. Here, the degradable
organic sewage constituents are mineralised Save even more:
as completely as possible, which means that in By introducing process air with Wilo-Sevio AIR,
aerobic wastewater treatment the sewage is the overall efficiency of your system can be
degraded down to the inorganic end products further increased.
water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Mixers
have become an essential element of modern
Reliability is boosted
wastewater treatment due to their universal
With our Wilo-EMU Megaprop
TRE 326-3 you play it safe three times.

ƒƒ spreads the blade load across three
Despite the different types of applications
such as suspension, homogenisation, or flow
ƒƒ ensures smooth operation even if
generation, all slow running submersible mi-
inflowing conditions are unfavourable
xers face the same big challenge: They run in
ƒƒ ensures the longest duration of use
energy-intensive permanent operation.
with heavy-duty GRP blades (fibre­
glass reinforced plastic) in one-piece
Wilo solution:
laminate manufacturing
An optimal design, innovative blade geometry,
ƒƒ guarantees minimal maintenance due
and energy-efficient motors in accordance
to replacement of individual blades
with IE 3 is the Wilo formula for low operating
ƒƒ gains points with a self-cleaning
costs. The large propeller diameter and low
­effect due to backward-curved blades
rotation speeds make it possible to achieve
enormously high thrust values with low power

Wilo-Sevio AIR, Wilo-EMU Maxi- and Maxiprop,

the system optimiser the enduring one

Design: Design:
- Aeration system with disc aerators - S low-running submersible mixer

Application: Application:
- For the biological treatment of municipal and - For energetically optimised mixing and circu-
industrial sewage lation of activated sludge, suspension and
- Specially designed for the ventilation of homogenisation, nitrification and denitrifi-
activated sludge cation
- F or the generation of flow rates in circulation
Special features/product advantages: channels
- Reduced energy costs and increased cleaning
performance since it is compatible with Wilo Thrust:
submersible mixers 390 N – 4,950 N
- Efficient aeration thanks to flow-optimised
design Special features/product advantages:
- Optimised air entry thanks to perforation -O  ptimum efficiency thanks to highly effici-
across the entire diaphragm surface ent motors with maximum thrust
- Robust construction through the use of GRP - S elf-cleaning effect – backward curved
- Easy on-site installation without the need blades prevent clogging
for special tools -V  ery quiet running and extremely heavy-
- Minimum maintenance work duty propeller blades
- Cost-efficient control range from 1.5–6.0 - L ongest service life with minimum mainte-
Nm³/h per aerator nance costs
- For air temperatures up to 100 °C -E  nergetically optimised, design tailored to
Pro-active replacement: -M  odular construction system for the in-
- Suitable for optimising existing plants dividual combination of motor, gears and
-T  ype “TRE” with IE3 performance optimised
motors (derived from IEC 60034-30)

Pro-active replacement:
- S uitable for optimising existing plants
14 Sludge activation

Biological treatment
with activated sludge tank.
Gets things moving in the cleaning process.
Application: Challenge:
In the activated sludge tank the majority of Firstly, classic sludge activation needs a lot of
the dissolved organic pollutants and fine, space, and sedimentation in the secondary
non-settleable particles are removed from clarifier often constitutes a challenge. Another
the wastewater. Then micro-organisms such problem is the uniform distribution of the
as amoebae, paramecia, and bacteria go into organic load in the activated sludge tank and
action. They absorb the pollutants and break fixed-bed reactors. The innovative process
them down. In addition, nitrogen compounds with biomass carriers can play out its strengths
are broken down into ammonia by special here, because it uses the advantages of both
bacteria which is then converted to nitrate classic sludge activation and the well-known
nitrogen (nitrification). biofilm process.

Sludge is produced from these biological Wilo solution:

processes, which is composed of bacterial Wilo-Sevio ACT. This innovative system sucks
mass. This sludge settles in the subsequent in biomass carriers and gently feeds them into
secondary clarifier. Part of it is fed back to the the biological process again below the water
denitrification tank as return activated sludge surface. This leads to uniform mixing and
to enrich the bacterial mass there. improves cleaning performance.

Always professional and quick to respond

Supporting all the phases of your projects is of paramount importance to us,
from design through to maintenance concepts.

ƒƒ accompanied by competent experts

ƒƒ working out exactly the right solution together with you
ƒƒ supported by a comprehensive software package
ƒƒ comprises the choice of pump and machine technology in the municipal
­wastewater treatment

Wilo-Sevio ACT, the process optimiser

- S olids diffuser

- F or all types of biomass carriers
- F or the biological treatment of municipal
and industrial wastewater, for example in the
areas of nitrification and denitrification

Circulation output:
1,872 m³/ h – 4,176 m³/ h

Special features/product advantages:

-G  entle input of biomass carriers into the
fluid to optimise the cleaning process
-H  igh energy efficiency and process reliability
-C  an be retrofitted at any time
- S uitable for different basin depths and geo-

Pro-active replacement:
 specially for wastewater treatment plants,
which cannot expand in terms of space
16 Secondary treatment, discharge pumping station, sludge treatment

Secondary treatment
and discharge pumping station.
The final steps back into the water circuit.
Application: Challenge:
The purpose of secondary treatment is to se- If the separation between the cleaned sewage
parate the treated sewage from the activated and activated sludge is not complete, a part of
sludge using sedimentation. A part of the se- the biomass will end up in the receiving water,
dimented sludge is fed back into the activated with detrimental effects on the environment.
sludge tank as return activated sludge in order This sludge discharge can result in violations
to maintain a steady concentration of micro- of legally permissible outflow values. This can
organisms here. The surplus sludge (growth of have financial and legal consequences.
biomass) is removed from the system and is
fed from the primary treatment of the digesti- Wilo solution:
on together with the primary sludge. After this The modular design principle of our products
final step in the cleaning process, the treated enables us to provide needs-based and ef-
water is re-introduced back into the water ficient solutions that meet both your specific
circuit. Many wastewater treatment plants also requirements as well as all statutory requi-
now use a fourth stage, which removes con- rements. The flexible installation of the Wilo
taminants such as drug residues by chemical recirculation pumps and submersible mixers
means. provide you with the appropriate installation
for virtually any required situation.

IE3 motors – high efficiency is

The more intensively our pumps are
used, the higher the savings in operating
the wastewater treatment plant.

ƒƒ secure from breakdowns also when in

operation around the clock
ƒƒ educes power consumption with high
ƒƒ significantly reduces operating costs

Wilo-EMU RZP, Wilo-EMU Mini and Uniprop, Wilo-EMU KPR,

the circulating one the modular versions the flexible one

Design: Design: Design:

- Recirculation pump - Directly driven submersible mixer -A
 xial submersible pump with glanded
motor for use in pipe sumps
Application: Application:
- For pumping sewage/constant circulati- - For swirling deposits and solids Application:
on e.g. between equalisation, nitrifica- - F or pumping cooling or rainwater and
tion-and denitrification tank Thrust: treated sewage
- For pumping raw, treated, and cooling 185 N – 1,100 N
water Volume flow:
Special features/product advantages: 9,500 m³/ h
Volume flow: - Self-cleaning propeller with helix hub
max. 6, 800 m³/h - Propeller in cast iron, steel or PUR ver- Delivery head:
sion 8.4 m
Delivery head: - ATEX and FM versions
max. 7.0 m - Stationary installation on walls and Special features/product advantages:
floors -E  asy adaptation to different plant con-
Special features/product advantages: - Flexible installation via lowering device ditions on site by hand using adjustable
- Individual combination of motor, gear propeller blades
and propeller - Special materials and coatings against
- Flexible installation via lowering device abrasion and corrosion
- Vertical or in-line installation possible - Self-cleaning blade for use with long-
- Self-cleaning propeller, in part with helix fibrous elements in the fluid
hub - Longitudinally watertight cable inlet
- Propeller in steel or PUR version
- ATEX and FM versions
18 Partnership

For us, partnership means

that you achieve more with us as a partner.

Customer service always starts with a personal

consultation. On this basis, we develop tailor-
made individual solutions precisely for your
demands. Our service then goes far beyond
this. With fast and reliable repair and mainte-
nance concepts, we also assist you in the long
Wilo means “all-round service
from one source”.
Plan with our consulting.
We are here for you and will draw up an exact
assessment of what you require. From this, our
specialists will work closely with you to find an
individual solution.

You can count on our selection of pumps.

With the help of a modern selection program-
me, we can offer you the most economical

You can rely on our pump installation.

The installation and complete connection, as
well as an extensive testing and training phase
of our pumps is done for you by skilled workers
with many years of experience.

Your complete service package

-O  n site support
-D  esign support
-P  roduct selection
- S elect programme
-C  FD simulations
- F low calculation
-P  ipeline calculation
- Installation drawings
- Documentation

- Certification
-A  cceptance testing at the plant
- Commissioning
- S tart up

- L ocal service in 60 countries
- More than 1,200 Wilo technicians worldwide
- Individual maintenance concepts
- Customer-oriented replacement solutions
- Efficiency check
- Training

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