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G & W No. 487/2016

Mst. Hira Siddiqui Zeeshan

D/o Shahid Azhar siddiqui

Muslim, Adult,
R/o 96/I/II, 8th Lane,
Phase-VII, DHA,


Zeeshan Hashim Najmuddin

S/o Mohammad Hashim Najmuddin
Muslim, Adult,
R/o House No.5, Star Centre
Ayesha Manzil, Block-17,
F.B. Area,

1) Manahil Zeeshan
D/o Zeeshan Hashim Najmuddin
Muslim minor age about 8 years

2) Mohammad Rafay Zeeshan

S/o Zeeshan Hashim Najmuddin
Muslim minor age about 4 years……….…Wards/Minors

Date Order with Signature of Judge


Mr, Mobin ul Haque, Dr, Shahid Azhar Siddiqui for the Applicant.

None is present for the Respondent.

Mr, Shahid hayat, Director FIA Sindh

Mr. Yaseen Farooq, Director Interpol, FIA


Application for Settlement is granted.

An application for settlement is preferred by counsel on the

behalf of the applicant, as that the applicant is withdrawn from
the failed application G&W No. 487/2006 before this Hon’ble
Court and is not willing further proceed this matter on terms
and conditions settled between parties.


1. That the first party has no claim, if the custody minors

would remain with the second party without any pressure and
coercion from any corner.
2. That in future the first party shall have no right to claim
the custody of the minors before any Courts of law.
3. That the second party being father of the minors, will be
responsible to lookafter & maintain (food, education, residence,
clothes, medical, other necessities/requirements including
entertainment etc..) the minors at his own cost & expenses,
and the first party will not be liable to contribute in that regard
at all.

4. That both the parties have agreed to act upon & abide all
the terms and conditions of the instant settlement deed and
they undertook that the same has been executed in accordance
with their directions.

a) That Mst, Hira siddiqui Zeeshan D/O Shahid Azhar

siddiqui is permanently withdrawing G&W No. 487/2016
from Guardians and Wards Family Court 1 Central at
Karachi filled under Section 25 Guardian and Wards Act
for the custody of children.

b) Hira is withdrawing has request to place children father

Zeeshan Hashim Najmuddin and children, Manahil
Zeeshan and Muhammad rafay Zeeshan from ECL. Hira
is requesting removed of the names of father and
children from ECL, reason of request removed of names
from ECL is due to her filing incorrect facts and that the
father and children being resident of USA.

c) Hira is requesting this Hon’ble Court to remove red

warrant for Zeeshan, Hashim Najmuddin and
remove/recall recovery Order for children, reason to
request withdrawal is due to her filing incorrect facts and
that father and children are in USA and established with
us Court Orders with sole legal and physical custody.

In view of the above stated facts and circumstance

application moved by the counsel on behalf of the applicant it
is allowed for the welfare of minors and Order passed on dated
5-04-2016 is here by recalled.

The Court here by cancels/recalls the red warrant issued

against the respondent to FIA and the Court further directs to
Ministry of Interior to exclude the names of respondent Mr.
Zeeshan Hashim and two minors Manahil Zeeshan and
Mohammad Rafay Zeeshan on the exit control list.