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Age of Culture v1.5 [beta] - Readme

1:How to install?
2:How to play?
(2.2: Units and buildings - information)
3:How to get cheats?
4:How about the campain?
5:Upcoming stuff/features?

1: installing instructions
Requirements: -Ti 83+ or Ti 84+
-15000 bytes or more free ARCHIVE MEMORY
(recommended): Mirage OS - to be able to run the game while its archived and sav
1: Send the file "Age of Culture v1.5.8xl" to the archive-memory of your calcula
2:(to play the game): Open mirage OS and pick "AOC"!
That's it! It's highly recommended that you start playing 24 hours a day and
Beat the campain ten times right now! ;o)

2: How to play?
2nd - pick building, next page (like the A-button whe you play on a c
ENTER - cheats
MODE - pause menu
ARROW KEYS - move cursor
numbers - select an option (in menus)
-> To start a match you can pick one of the levels you've already beaten or star
a Skirmish-session with your own settings!
At first you should spawn a few workers in the main-building for gold and wood s
If you have about ten workers (The number of workers is displayed on the top-rig
ht of the screen)
you should build a house and wait until you have enough ressources to build the
If you have build the barracks you need to start to spawn soldiers - if you thin
k you have enough
soldiers; Attack your enemy!
If you win: Your soldiers will decrease the enemy live points.
If you loose:The enemy soldiers will decrease your live points.
The game ends when you or your opponent has no live points anymore.
Have fun!

2.2: Units and buildings
Unit 1: worker
cost: 50 gold, 10 wood, one house place
use : produce one gold or one wood per second
(If you advanced to the feudal age they will produce two)
Unit 2: Infantry
cost: 10 gold, 50 wood, one house place
use : A soldier which takes part in a war.
Attack value : 1*
Defense value: 1*
Unit 3: Cavallery
cost: 100 gold, 20 wood, one house place
use : A soldier which takes part in a war.
Attack value : 2*
Defense value: 1*
Building 1: house
cost : 50 gold, 250 wood
use : provides ten house places.
Building 2: main-building
cost : given at the beginning
use : used to spawn workers, set workers, build houses and to build other bu
Building 3: barracks
cost : 150 gold, 500 wood (upgrade to lv2: 500 gold , 150 wood)
use : used to spawn soldiers (Infantry/Cavallery), attack the enemy and to r
Note: The option to research is only available if you upgraded the bar
racks to lv2!
Building 4: outpost
cost : 250 gold, 300 wood
use : Defends your village if you are attacked by enemies.
Attack value : 5*
Defense value: 5*

*: In a war the attack-value and the defense-value of all your soldiers will be
added together!
More units and maybe buildings will be included in some time!
3:How to get cheats?
Here are all currently included cheats; more will be integrated soon!
GIMME GOODS - Gives gold and wood
I NEED WORKERS - Filles houses with workers
MANY,MANY HOUSES - 999 houses
AN APPLE A DAY - Recoveres all lost live points
THIS IS MY POWER - 100 cavallery-units
BE MY FRIEND - Get all units of your opponent
(remind - cheating suckz and mostly destroys the gameplay)

4:How about the campain?
The campain ist currently 21 levels long and gets from level to level harder.
You can also play levels you have already beaten,
A story will be added soon!

5:Upcoming stuff?
These features will be integrated soon:
-story for the campain
-*not thought about, yet*
I am still thinking of many ways to provide more stuff.
If you have an idea and think it could be useful in this game,
feel free to mail me your personal advises/oppinions/critisism,
whatever you want^^

The whole game was programmed by Jesko Roos 2006 and is compatible
with Ti 83+, Ti 83+ Silver Edition, Ti 84+ and Ti 84+ Silver Edition calculators
Version: 1.5 [beta]
Email : lolje222@abacho.de
Thank you for downloading and playing my game! I hope you had (and have) much fu
n with it!
Thanks to: Joris Roos and UTI Forums for tips
in beta testing and perfecting the game.